Donal Tron Figured Out How To Win Latinx Voters

How can the Republican Party win Latinx voters?

It is as simple as changing their antiquated ideology and messaging.


“If Hispanics swung for former President Donald Trump in some states and against him in others in the 2020 election, is there such a thing as a generic Latino vote? Among the most unorthodox answers—which is not for that reason mistaken—is that of Miami writer Alex Perez. He argues that his hometown is unique insofar as traditional polling, policy wonkery, and ideological point-scoring fail to capture what appeals to its voters: not “‘serious’ politics,” but rather aesthetics that reflect the city’s tropical, party atmosphere, in itself a result of a blend between Latino culture and the “classic American idea of ‘work hard, play hard.'”

Perez attributes the former president’s success in South Florida to a “Trumpian aesthetic” that projected “a carnivalesque, raucous good time: where the energy of a tailgate, and not of politics, carried the day.” Trump’s showpiece was a salsa song by Cuban group Los 3 de la Habana, whose video highlighted Latino families living “the good life” due to a booming, presumably pre-COVID economy under Trump (pronounced in its Latinized version: Tron). Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s dreary campaign reflected the Democrats’ conversion into the party of H.R. department scolds. The maximum expression of this worldview is the use of the term Latinx to refer to Hispanics, who are mostly confounded by the word’s meaning. …

Latinos in South Florida and the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas showed similar swings toward Trump, who gained 23 percentage points in Miami-Dade County and flipped Zapata County, Texas, for the first time since the 19th century. The difference, Garza points out, was that the Republican Party invested heavily in mobilizing Hispanics in South Florida, where it has a well-oiled political machine. That is not the case in the Texas border area, where Latinos mobilized spontaneously and educated each other around the key issues: the Second Amendment, energy policy, economic opportunity, school choice, and the importance of constitutionalist Supreme Court justices who would uphold the freedoms of worship and free speech. 

Like the rest of Americans, Garza says, Latinos tend to distrust the media and political parties, whereas their neighbors, fellow churchgoers, and other parents at their children’s schools have much greater credibility. Garza, a Rio Grande Valley native, noticed that these communities, which are united by “the shared experience of scraping their knees on the economy,” began to turn against efforts to impose a cancel culture, dismantle the nuclear family, or defund the police. As in Florida, this hurt candidates who had supported Black Lives Matter. A Miami Democrat told Politico: “We came out strong for BLM and then saw the Hispanic push back and went lukewarm and got killed.” …

In Florida, a strong stance against Latin American socialism was important. Overall and contrary to the media narrative, however, immigration was not among the top seven issues for Hispanics in the 2020 election according to the Pew Research Center. …

But there seems to be a fine line between relying on Reaganesque charisma and descending toward Latin American levels of caudillismo. In March 2016, David Luhnow of The Wall Street Journal compared Trump to a number of caudillos, leaders who use superior showmanship skills to “confront an ossified political establishment, develop a strong bond with their followers and attack their opponents and the media with no holds barred—sometimes even encouraging violence.”

American Mind:

“Everyone’s been writing about Miami and Cuban-Americans, trying to figure out why this perennially pesky demographic went hard for Trump last November. One favorite explanation: Miami Cubans are distinct from other Hispanics on account of their disdain for anything resembling socialism. A more woke account is that Cuban-Americans identify as white, unlike other Hispanics.

These takes aren’t wrong, but they miss the larger point of what happened in 2020. Many Cubans identify as white—but so do many other Hispanics. And from my experience, as a Miami Cuban who was born and bred in the 305, I can tell you that most Cubans identify as Cuban-American, with an emphasis on American. …

The Democratic Party, increasingly the party of technocrats and woke bureaucrats, is one in which the work is never done—you are always on the clock. When you are not at work, you are expected to do “the work” of ridding yourself of your privilege, incorporating new woke words into your vernacular, and policing the attitudes of your friends and family. The Democrats are the party of the scold and the HR lady, which is why, unsurprisingly, it is now run by scolds and HR ladies. Its aesthetic and sensibility cannot possibly deviate any further from the aesthetic and sensibility of a place like Miami, a city that primarily operates on feel and fun. …

It is no surprise, then, that a party which caters to spiritless woke commissars will continually fail to misunderstand the spiritual good-timers. But if you must poll people in order to understand them, here’s the question to ask working-class Hispanics, as well as blue-collar whites: which party is the party of partying?

Now that’s some Miami shit, bro.”

BLM made it easy for Trump.

The truth is that no one likes these people and working class Democrats put up with them. The polls show that Hispanics aren’t motivated by immigration and don’t understand wokeness. The polls are consistently skewed now because the political correctness is SO INTENSE that the election was closer than it was thought to be because lots of White people were lying about not supporting Trump.

Hispanics don’t care for True Cons ideology.

That’s why more Hispanics voted for Donal Tron in 2020 than Mitt Romney in 2012. He was more interesting and Democrats were more culturally toxic.

Donal Tron was still hamstrung by conservative ideology.

Specifically, health care is the reason why Trump couldn’t break out and flip more of the working class vote. He loses lots of moderate voters to the Democrats because health care is a higher priority for them. This isn’t just true of Hispanics. It is also true of black and White voters. Trump could have won the 2020 election by running as an immigration restrictionist with a better health care plan.

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  1. Biden did very poorly with the “Latinx” in the Democratic primaries too. I guess a lot of these “Latinx” simply hate Biden because of his association with the “Deporter-in-Chief” Obama, who deported them in record numbers and put their children in cages.

  2. This is a great example of how professional propaganda tries to distract people from their material political interests and instead stage fake “arguments” over abstractions and superficialities – and in the case of Trump, the Cult of Personality.

    Perez attributes the former president’s success in South Florida to a “Trumpian aesthetic” that projected “a carnivalesque, raucous good time: where the energy of a tailgate, and not of politics, carried the day.”

    Unlike Republicans, Democrats pretend to be about “serious issues” – but Democrats have spent decades saying that “Hispanics” want open borders and mass immigration, which is not true at all.

    It is the “Hispanics” that are most scandalized and offended by the “woke” cultism, like “Latinx,” and they really hate Black Lives Matter. But obviously they aren’t going to call “Hispanics” “racist” – the slur “racist” means only people they racialize as “white” – but not “Jewish.”

    “Wokeness” is very stupid, but it is not particularly difficult to figure out. But no one actually takes any of it seriously – least of all, “Hispanics.”

    Or Black people for that matter. Or really anyone outside of academia. “Woke” is an academic cult that the Fortune 500 uses to fire employees that may form a union – just call them “racist.”

    “Woke” is used to obscure the real power relationships. People like Perez are paid to find various slogans and talking points to get votes without actually discussing the people who are actually powerful and control the government.

    I mean, right? It seems very obvious to me.

  3. Hispanic/Spanish supremacism is a real thing and its taking over the USA. No one ever had to learn Italian or Polish but everyone has to learn Spanish. And if not everyone in media gives a Spanish pronunciation to Spanish names. This does not happen for any other non English names. PBS and all media feature Hispanic/Spanish segments; all pro. Revisionist history is occurring where Spanish /Latino replaces other histories. So the famed caves in France have been replaced with famous caves in Spain, on the history Chanel. Mexican art is elevated while at the same time, French art is denigrated on PBS and museums. Same for food. The American revolution , we now learn from PBS and academia. was aided and abetted primarily by Spanish. Even new Orleans is considered a Spanish city. St Augustine Florida founded by the French is now said to be founded by the Spanish. The name is French ; Augustine not Augustino. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has been replaced with our lady of Guadalupe as the patron of the USA, not just Mexico. E American tourists all now go to Spain, and not a peep about anti Americanism there which is as rife there as it ever was in France; the Spanish are the new French in anti Americanism but you’ll never hear that in the media. Hispanic/Spanish motifs are everywhere; on Jeopardy and in the news. Everyday for weeks we were told about Covid response in Spain, more then any other EU country.

  4. We moved from Chicago suburbs to WVa years ago – I’m lucky(unlucky?) to see 2 Mexicans in a month as opposed to swarms of them in NE IL which is fine by me – it’s depressing just to look at Mexicans.

  5. I wouldn’t call Trump’s 30% of the Latrino vote a big victory. LOL. Although, he did better with Latrinos than he did with Jews or Blacks.

    Trumps loss by 6% of the “White” Catholic vote i.e. Irish, Italian, Polish, etc. is interesting. It’s also reflected by the fact that “White” Catholics polled pro-abortion by 6% according to your pals at Pew. So, the anti-abortion Trump didn’t do well with Catholics, whereas the pro-abortion Biden did. 6% is a big number when you are talking Catholics.

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