March Against White Nationalism

Have you heard about the White Nationalists in New York City who are attacking Asians? Apparently, there has been a crime surge there since they defunded the police.

UPDATE: Trump’s rhetoric is responsible.

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  1. The Jews are at war with the Chinese and the Jews are responsible for the attacks and the deaths, who is the go to scapegoat of the chosen? Do you honestly think for a second that a Jew would take responsibility for their own misconduct?
    Exhibit A—–We didn’t kill Christ, the Romans did. Two thousands years of that line of crap and still nobody is buying it.

    • You see the Jews wanted to move on to China and do to the Chinese what they have done to America and the Chinese said no. India is the Jews second choice and the Jews are going to start getting all lovey dovey with the Indians now.

      • A willingness to tell Shlomo to go f*** himself is proof of superiority, (Personal, national or cultural).

    • @Robert
      I don’t like the Jews or the Chinese. The latter tortures animals to death in the belief that makes the meat tastier. They’ve also thieved all our manufacturing, and are invading the West en masse. They don’t give a shit about the environment. Did they cause Covid? Might be too early to be certain……..but it makes no difference to me.
      Different races are hurting us in different ways. We should multi task and be awake to all of ’em.

      • 1—The Jews out source American jobs to China for profit.

        2—The environmental issues have turned into a Jew mechanism of control. I don’t care about the environment and I hate everybody that does.

        3—Obama and Fauci set up the Wuhan Lab with American tax dollars. Congress banned viral research on American soil out of fear of a release of harmful pathogens, so the operations were off shored.

        4—Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. If you want to be like a Jew, a Christ killer then by all means attack the innocent. But don’t expect God to be with you.

        • @Robert
          You’re probably more up with the inner dynamics of the Jewish establishment than I am but I will say this:- I do care about the environment and I do care about animal welfare. That’s why I oppose more immigration, oppose foreign aid, and support birth control in the third world.
          My hatred of the white left is a result of them not only being ignorant of the destruction of our race, culture and environment, but how they actively push for it.
          Everything happening to us right now…… happening because we just let it happen.
          If the Jews are causing all this……then we need to stand up to them. When you’re being bullied, do you blame the bully, or yourself? You partly blame the bully because he’s a nasty wretch, but you mainly blame yourself for not standing up and repelling his nonsense. A bully is only as bad as you let them be.
          We must stand up!!

      • The Chinese insects aren’t doing anything we didn’t allow them to do. “Western” open societies are insane and suicidal.

  2. These people are so fucking stupid.

    The rationalization is that historical oppression of Africans forced Africans into committing violence against other people of color. A byproduct of white supremacy. Or the internment camps, Chinese exclusion act, oppresses Asians and this points to how white supremacy, not Africans, is the biggest threat to Asians.

    Whatever it takes to unify disparate minority racial groups (who have schisms) into rallying against the white majority by whatever means possible. Doesn’t matter what group does what to another group. It all can and should be tied back to white people as an effort to attack and tear down the majority.

    Ironically, these people make the best case for White Nationalism. That all minorities, even if they’re being attacked by each other, will always see white people as the enemy and threat, and thus mobilize against them using every situation that occurs as a catalyst for such politics. White Nationalism should be using this situation as a weapon to bash these morons.

    I swear there’s something in the water making people dumber by the day.

    • The most infuriating thing however is the people being against it not actually articulating any of the points and confronting these people (no twitter for me probably be banned again) head on.

      Essentially all minority violence against other minorities can be absolved due to historical oppression [by white people]. All minorities should rally against the majority and the society of the majority that has forced minorities to attack each other.

      That is what is being argued by the proponents.

      Why isn’t anyone actually taking this head on? That’s right. Because the people opposing this are reactionaries will just say “Ha ha you dumb. The person isn’t white.” Yeah, no shit. But you’re not addressing their deeper points about what is being said.

      Very rage inducing.

  3. Does any of this propaganda sound familiar?

    USSR, 1951
    “Comrades, the recent crop failures and spate of hooligans committing crimes in the Soviet Union is a result of Western Capitalist war-mongers and anti-socialist elements sewing hate and division among the workers and peasants. Those who believe in social justice and equality must stand with Marx, Lenin, and Comrade Stalin against the forces of darkness and hate.”

    America, 2021
    “Comrades, our black transgender, Asian, and Native American brothers and sisters are being murdered and oppressed by White people and the enemies of equality and diversity. We must destroy the idea that there is any differences among the races and we must bow and worship George Floyd; the Holy Son of God, who showed us the way to resist and fight the oppressive rule of law, which was created by systemic White racism to enslave People of Color.”

  4. The only thing that keeps the Democratic Party coalition together is enthusiasm for the mass extermination of the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY.


    Voting for Trump won’t protect you from WHITE GENOCIDE…..

  5. The gooks deserve whatever they get for siding with their enemies. They know damn well it isn’t Whites attacking them, it’s the dusky hued ones. They shouldn’t be in the country anyway, they should be back Making Asia Great Again.

    The Asians in SF know how dangerous it is riding BART because the blacks come over from Oakland and prey upon them. Denying the truth won’t make them safer but hopefully it will open the eyes of foolish Whites who believe we can have non-White allies, especially Asians.

    Highest IQ people supposedly yet they can’t figure this shit out? Good grief, fuck ’em.

  6. New York has really suffered under the leadership of the CDC (Cuomo-De Blasio-Covid). Have the people suffered enough? The 2021 New York City mayoral election will be a good indicator of that.

  7. Why don’t the Orientals point out that it’s the coloreds, not white people, who are preying upon them? Because they are not our friends, that’s why. Get ’em outta here.

    • I guess the gooks have the same fear as Whites and that’s being called “racist” if they state the facts. In their minds, if they blame Whites, the attacks will stop. The gooks in America have been brainwashed just as their White counterparts.

    • What are doing here making trouble kyke? You are not like us kyke, why aren’t you in Israel with your own kind where you belong?

  8. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT

    A direct road to


    • “When are all these “minorities” gonna figure out it’s the Jewish Supremacists and the Super Rich in general that keep everybody down?”

      They won’t. Good goyim speak in social justice jargon that give upcomies and monetary rewards. There’s no money in calling out Jewish Supremacy nomatter how real it is. Quite the opposite; they won’t dare criticize the hand that feeds them.

  9. If that be the case how can they explain black on black massacres in sub-Saharan prior to the age of discovery?

  10. If they’re non-White, their primary motivation is hatred of Whites. Period. They will pretend to overlook the rabid niggers actually killing them to blood-libel us.

    They are mortal enemy scum. And there’s the proof.

  11. This should serve as a reminder to all the people that think there are “based” non-white ally groups in white countries. In nearly every instance where a non-white group could choose between helping out their own (but also helping whitey), or hurting their own (but hurting whitey), they choose the latter over the former. You can see this with asian support for affirmative action explicitly to deny whites places in universities, even if it means there are less asians as well, but why is this behavior present?

    I think it’s rather clear: the contempt that non-whites have for the white race in America is the only thing holding their potentially fragile coalition together. As the country grows less and less White, anti-White racial animosity will see an even more rapid upswing. This won’t just be because of the inherent anti-White sentiments most non-whites have, it will also be because of the necessity of the White supremacist boogeyman as a glue to hold together a diverse coalition of asians, blacks, jews and hispanics against White people.

    I have very little sympathy for the asians despite the grievous crimes they’ve endured at the hands of a largely black group of criminals, and seemingly neither do they. They’re more than content to bloviate about how white people are the problem, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

    As somebody else put it so succinctly on twitter, these non-white grievances only really matter insofar as they can be used to attack or de-legitimize white people as a collective.

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