Newsweek: McConnell Plays The Long Game With Trump

UPDATE: Amazon is banning books now that are critical of transgenderism. According to the free market theorists at National Review, the entrepreneur should respond soon and build their own Amazon. That’s about as likely to happen as the Republican base going back to being a “center-right” pro-business party of rugged individualists. We’re galloping away from Reaganism now.

How delusional do you have to be to believe this?


“McConnell has it right. He realizes that normalizing crazy theories and excusing Trump’s behavior are not in the best interests of the GOP in the long term. His “long game” involves constructing a party broad enough to compete for votes in states where Trump was never popular, and diverse enough to win constituencies Trump never cared about. McConnell’s political organization will be a safe haven for Republicans, centrists and business organizations who still want to be involved in an outward-looking Republican Party. …

McConnell’s long game involves constructing a GOP broad enough to respond to America’s needs and desires in the coming years. It would encompass cutting-edge ideas and a regionally and ethnically diverse candidate pool capable of speaking to a center-right coalition of Americans. It is difficult to tell what a winning policy portfolio might look like, but McConnell is smart enough to know that it won’t be found looking to the past.”

There isn’t any “long game.”

The Republican base isn’t even where it was a year ago under Trump. Even in the short run, people like Mitch McConnell are either outright dying out or shifting over to the Democrats.

Note: Look at the Harris poll numbers below.

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  1. Lol at that old guy. He looks like some ancient animal going extinct because he can’t adapt to the new conditions heh, playing the long game, he doesn’t look like he can live that long

  2. “According to the free market theorists at National Review, the entrepreneur should respond soon and build their own Amazon. …

    “How delusional do you have to be to believe this?”

    Gee, Mr. W., I don’t know. Delusional enough, I guess, to click the following, which is in the very-first sentence of the article you linked:

    $15.63 for the paperback, if you’re interested.

  3. To be quite blunt: the Republican base will EASILY be moved in the direction that their media leads them.

    All they need to do is drum up some “controversy” – probably about AOC or the Muslim woman – and hammer it 24/7 for months.

    All of a sudden that “controversy” will start showing up on polls as Republicans repeat what the media tells them and accepts it as an “important issue.”

    This is why they are cracking down so hard on alternative media.

  4. McConnell thinks Jewperson “Merrick Garland” is just wonderful. I wonder what Merrick Garland’s real name is…Shitovitz or Lipsshitz? LOL.

  5. Today after Garland’s alternating bumbling and implicitly threatening testimony, McConnell and Tillis have announced their support for his confirmation. Not much can be done to save people who don’t grasp that within the lexicon of the left “white nationalism” means in practice the Republican party and “white supremacy” means conservatism or patriotism. What Garland was promising was essentially a reign of terror against the Republican base. Add to this Garland’s thinking that insurrections can only occur during office hours, supporting him is a prime example of Republican establishment stupidity. No wonder that they are useless in saving the republic or anything else.

  6. “: Amazon is banning books now that are critical of transgenderism. ”

    Fine. We can still stone these abominations in the street, as an expression of ‘solidarity’ with God’s law.
    The Liberals wanted Muslims to invade our shores? Let’s just adopt Shari’a law… for a about six months, until they are gone.

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