Rick Wiles 2024


This is exactly what needs to happen.

Rick Wiles could be a modern day Father Coughlin.

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  1. Just another great step in the right direction. The fact that some people actually defend Corporate America and the Jews and Super Rich that rule it is a shame and a disgrace. We get nothing positive from having a giant gap between the Super Rich, the Middle Class, and Working Poor. We should all be wealthy or at least comfortable in life. Deo Vindice !

  2. Step back and see the whole picture: a Papist, and thus, an enemy of the people. Studying the history of Coughlin, a Papist priest, is unhelpful, a sidetrack, dead end.

    • Believe me. A pre-Vatican Two ‘papist’ who loved Europe, European culture, music, art, architecture, etc. who spent eight YEARS after his H.S. diploma, to become versed in Thomistic theology, history, and biblical exegesis

      ….compared to a Fundie Dispentionalist whack job of the 1980’s or today, who can get ‘ordained’ after only a lousy 4-year ‘Bible major’ degree at one of the ‘denominational’ schools some of these cults/sects have around, and you wonder who would be a better warrior against the Jews? Besides the lousy music they have?

      I’d take the Papist any day! And, for the record, modern Vatican II ‘catholics’ are neither catholic, nor priests, but merely sodomites recruited over a fifty year period, by those same (((interests))) who sought to destroy Roman witness, rather than let Rome alone.

      Both modern Evangelicals and Modernist Fagpriests are cut from the same cloth. Jewish made and owned.

  3. Wiles could have what it takes to be another Fr. Coughlin – if he can figure out a way to stop cucking to the jews. But having some outsider run for president is a stupid, unprofitable waste of time and money.

  4. Mr. Wiles is not a CZ (as far as I can tell) but he is not CI, either. Yet, he INFURIATES the J-Left.

    SO, just for that, (and the fact that he believes that Christ is King) with this prophetic call to take the unearned gains of the oligarchs – who should be ASHAMED for being so ungodly rich- and a call give it to the poor (anyone not making $200,000 a year or less – because, that is what is needed in some of these bloated insane liberal cities to just make ends mee- and including WHITE folks, and not just Darkies by this forced largesse, we empower ourselvest!), we would wrest control from the Jews in one single election cycle. Listen to Fash the Nation and their podcast of FTN 382: Mega Satanic Pedophile Cabals, and LEARN who America’s REAL Enemy is!!!

    What a BRILLIANT idea. Even if he’s merely joking, I’d vote for him.
    Just to piss off the Talmudics, who deserve to die, anyway. [Romans 1]

  5. Rick Wiles is no Father Coughlin. Wiles went from it’s the jews to it’s the Chinese. He also compares Hitler to Stalin.

      • He stopped campaigning but still wrote some newspaper columns with political content (anti-communist propaganda) that were widely read. But I generally agree with you. And Coughlin is really not important.

  6. Rick Wiles’ son made an expedition to Turkey I think to find out where Noah’s arch had landed. His daughter did “missionary” work in South America, probably Equador, where she adopted a dozen kids and transported them to the US.
    They think it all started 6000 years ago with Adam and Eve
    And probably they are the most intellectually sophisticated evangelical family in the whole of US.
    It’s so hopeless dumb that’s difficult to blame the so called Jews for using and abusing of such fools

    • 1) Where’s Stephen Dalton when you need him? (To answer Krafty’s cavil)
      2) White Men DID only appear on the earth around 6-10,000 years ago. Deal with it.
      Just because those evangelicals have a THEOLOGICAL rationale for that ‘sudden appearance,’ doesn’t negate the fact that older simians were around for much longer, and didn’t have culture, until ‘BAM!’ White culture appears full-orbed, full-grown, and fully literate. cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygenism
      3) Why would you WANT to equate yourselves, your families, your children as somehow, CONNECTED to an N-word, or a Squatemalan? Have you drunk the Jewish kool-aid that much?

  7. I reckon if Mike Huckabee can he a governor & Raphael Warnock can be a Senator why can’t fellow pastor Rick Wiles be President?!

    P.S. The Trunews guys are running a Drudge Clone called NewsCoup.com that has a lot of potential!

  8. Never heard of him. He’s speaking the right language, but anyone who runs for president on it needs to be someone substantial, not a bible/kike-worshiping evanjewlical goober.

  9. After watching this train wreck for decades, I am beginning to come to the conclusion, that White people will go the way of the DoDo Bird. What will it take before White people realize that their “vote” means absolutely NOTHING. What will it take for White people to grasp that while they try to play games by rules set by those who want White people dead, they have already lost. Perhaps you should just believe in Q and Trump, if you think you “vote” your way out of this. Or, maybe just find a brick wall, and beat your head against it.

  10. When he got popular for saying the J-word, I listened to a couple of his shows. He’s a standard issue conservatard. Standard issue Christian. Rush Limbaugh, but more religious.

    I find it kind of hilarious when “WNs” talk about Christianity, or Christian Zionism, or the Evangelicals, as if they matter.

    Most people are “Christian” in the sense they may go to church a few times a year. Some people are regular church goers.

    The number of people who are hard-core Evangelical Christian Zionists is tiny – and they are mostly really, really old people.

    The same 74 year old Evangelical Christian ladies are also really into saving Medicare, and probably would support a federal regulation to bring back Matlock and Murder She Wrote.

    The idea these people have any influence on politics, or any influence on culture, is laughable. They are just proles who listen to Christian radio.

    Why hate them? Or even care particularly?

    This guy is just a radio host with VIRTUALLY NO AUDIENCE – except he used a bit of “anti-semitism” to get some play on these new fangled social medias.

    If you are into this stuff, for real, there is Chuck Baldwin, a great man, and the people from WHTT.org.

    But caring about this stuff is like complaining that your grandma isn’t “based on the JQ” or whatever.

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