House Holds Hearing On Media Disinformation

Why shouldn’t social media be censored?

Why shouldn’t a political litmus test be imposed on the military?

Why shouldn’t the federal government launch a domestic “War on Terror”?

Why shouldn’t FOX News, OANN and Newsmax be deplatformed by cable companies?

These things are all dangerous to the preservation of “our democracy.”

Note: BTW, Blumpf was the “fascist.” He did “fascist” things like allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to riot for six months before Big Tech banned him from the internet.

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  1. The cognitive dissonance. In NYC 96% off the murders are perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics. But you know, white people are the problem.

    • These things are all dangerous to the preservation of “our democracy.”

      It their democracy, not “our democracy.”

  2. If disinformation is their concern, they should start with FOX, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Those are the true disinformation platforms.

  3. It seems like all of these “trial balloons” that they are floating are a dress rehearsal for something much bigger they have in mind. That’s just a guess.

    It’s worth remembering that Lenin and the Bolsheviks lived in a similar disconnected upper-class bubble that our current class of PMC are living in. Lenin, after “winning” the 1917 revolution (actually a coup) almost lost everything in the ensuing civil war from 1919-1922.

    Lenin and Bolsheviks, (like our liberal, PMC) badly misjudged the temper of the Russian nation outside of Moscow and Petrograd. This is easy to do when you live apart from normal people working for a living and immerse yourself in abstract ideas like Marxist theory.

    Our PMC rulers are similar.

    They immerse themselves in abstract theories about “systemic White racism” while never socializing with the “average American Joe” at the local bar or discount store.

    • “like our liberal, PMC badly misjudged the temper of the Russian nation outside of Moscow and Petrograd”:

      Read accurate history on the “civil war” 1918-22. It was the opposing forces who lacked the support of Russian people outside as well as in the cities. They were doomed from the beginning, despite Western military intervention and other support.

      “Our PMC rulers are similar”

      …to the reactionary forces, elitist, oligarchic/plutocratic, fake democratic.

  4. It’s a safe bet that the occupation regime always wanted to unjustly repress dissidents and censor the internet.

    But the Trumpist right gave the regime a fig leaf of legitimacy by… actively promoting socially harmful disinformation throughout 2020, with COVID and the rigging narrative. The Trumpist right made the case FOR censorship quite effectively; what Trumpists did throughout 2020 was exactly the same kind of thing a hostile regime’s propaganda arm would do to a country it wanted to destabilize.

    Similarly, with the January 6th tantrum, the Trumpist right gave the regime a fig leaf of legitimacy to expand the use of unjust, immoral and illegal war on terror style policing tactics. Just think about how the event was effectively a made for TV spectacle, with the Trump-tards playing the bad guy role for the gullible viewers.

    It seems like you aren’t being fair to your readers by minimizing what happened over the last year. The Trumpist right got manipulated by Judas Goats and set themselves up for the exact future that they supposedly feared.

    • After Charlottesville most dissidents worth anything at all kept physical distance and critical analytical distance from any type of Trump activism, while maintaining support for any practical policies that they hoped might still be enacted. The Trumpianical voices in his activist base like QTards actually came as a shock. Even to many right wing people paying close attention to the factions in the rightwing.

      Q IS sui generis and makes almost no sense a popular movement. Like Hunter said the Left knows more about it than the hard right. All the hallmarks of a Jew Op. I do not expect the FBI are going to find out the ID of Q nor try very hard in finding out.

      The right and whites in that mileu can’t control something it never had authorship of. Can’t control well placed Jews in various hasbara roles.

      • I agree with your assessment of what happened with Q. (And Q-anon is just the most obvious and overt example of a pervasive disinformation campaign that dominated and corrupted the entire right wing throughout the Trump administration).

        “White populism” was acted upon by some outside force, likely of Semitic origin, which tapped into pre-existing weaknesses and effectively used propaganda to divert / corrupt / mislead it, ultimately leading it to a very bad outcome. It’s hard to overstate how bad the outcome was. It almost seems unreal, if you wrote it into a work of fiction it would seem trite.

        It’s true that there wasn’t much chance for earnest and well meaning people within the Alt-Right to prevent this outcome, it’d be like a few hundred well meaning bloggers or social media posters trying to compete for narrative control with some powerful state level entity with nearly unlimited resources.

        But that means that there is nothing preventing the next wave of populism from being derailed by another Q-anon like campaign. That hints at the limitations of populism as a vehicle for positive change. Or at least, hints at a major hurdle that would need to be overcome.

        That’s why I’m surprised to see this site essentially hyping people up for the next wave of GOP populism and ignoring what went wrong, instead of doing a post mortem on what went wrong last time and trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

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