Neoliberal Joe Authorizes Air Strikes In Syria

I didn’t support it when Trump did it either.


“President Joe Biden ordered an airstrike on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in eastern Syria on Thursday night in response to three separate rocket attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq, according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

The strikes destroyed several facilities at a border control point used by a number of Iran-backed militia groups linked to the attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq, including Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement. …”

We need to start minding our own business and focusing on our own problems at home instead of trying to police the world. We need to be moving away from imperialism.

Note: What happened to pivoting from the Middle East?

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  1. “instead of trying to police the world”:

    Policing!!! That’s Tucker Carlson language. It’s not policing, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Syria did nothing wrong. It is nothing less than criminal aggression, the very opposite of policing.

  2. Biden like Trump, like Bush, Like Clinton, Like Reagan, like Obama, etc do what Israel and the jewish lobbies tell them to do. It’s not rocket science.

    • Long ago, if someone would have said that the US would be going into every Middle East nation and destabilizing them in the future, no one would have believed it.

  3. Richard Spencer is a liar
    Richard Spencer is a failure
    Richard Spencer is a slimeball
    Richard Spencer is resentful
    Richard Spencer is petty
    Richard Spencer is not as smart as he thinks he is
    Richard Spencer has no future

  4. Of course he wasn’t going to pivot!

    If it was about military-industrial complex profits, he would have pivoted.

    If it was about petrodollars, he would have pivoted.

    But it isn’t about MIC, or petrodollars, or any other ridiculous red herring.

    This war is a war for Israel, because we are cursed with a Jewish ruling class.

    Anyone who tries to obfuscate this crucial fact is an enemy of the American people.

    Dissident Right figures who try to obfuscate this fact are not just enemies of the American people, they are the WORST enemies of the American people. They are the tip of the blue-pill spear.

    • I’m done keeping my words stifled. I let the truth flow to my family tonight, and will do the same to anyone who asks me about this from now on. This bombing was done for one reason. The U.S. is Israel’s dog.

  5. No $2,000 check for you – we had to spend it on more wars for Israel.

    Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for Israel.

    This is what happens when you have a Biden cabinet with all the important positions filled by Zionist Jews.

    Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box. Israeli Jews thank you for your support. Onward Christian soldiers!

    • Most Americans are too concerned with “racism” and buying new toys and having fun. Why be concerned about what the US is doing, when they can have all the casual sex they want, all the beer they want, loud music, trashy sports bar food, and gambling.

      • Yep….the willfully ignorant, pathetic people who will party themselves into oblivion. Americans deserve what is coming for them.

  6. The US’s purpose in the MidEast is to destabilize the region in order to prevent the formation of Shia super-state of Syria, Iraq and Iran that would sit atop vast deposits of oil and NatGas and pose a threat to Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which have shown themselves to be military incompetent. This Shia State would be able to ship oil and NatGas via Syrian ports and pipelines up into Southern Europe and then onto the rest of Europe. This would have serious implications for Saudi Arabia and the US Dollar(Petrodollar). The wildcards in all of this are China and Iran, both of whom have a vested interest in not having a Zionist puppet in charge of Iran. It’s the 21st Century version of The Great Game and it still features Afghanistan as a key component.

  7. When Trump ordered the Tomahawk missile strike I thought he was doing it for greater diplomatic reasoms: Show Rocket Man Kim that he was willing to use force and Kim should come to the negotiation table.

    Biden appears to be doing this to just in general appear to be a strong leader. Biden has cuckolded to much to Iran and China thar he risks being labeled a ‘wimp’ like H.W. Bush.

    When it comes to the Biden Bus I just want him to secure the $1,400 bag. Once that is done I am hoping off!

  8. It begs the question:- the forces in Iraq that were attacked in the first place………what the fuck are they even doing there, and why are they still there??
    Oh yes………to make America free or something.
    Spread peace as well maybe?
    They should be at home on the southern border……..that would help Americans!

  9. Ever wonder why our Protestant ancestors referred to Roman Catholics and their Church as whores? Now you know.

    • Cardinal SIN, yes that was his real name. (In another language it doesn’t mean what you think.) Today is the 35th anniversary of the populist revolt in the Philippines, and Cardinal Sin was at the center of it – cheating the people out of a real revolution. For decades, he was the “kingmaker” (actually dealmaker) setting up dictators for the benefit of the elites. Roman Catholicism is still a potent political force for evil.

  10. All these posts about Joe “doing things” are silly. He is a mere puppet figurehead without understanding, morality and volition. But that is true of other U.S. Presidents and almost all other U.S. politicians….

      • But he’s not boss. Even “straw boss” would be stretching it. The establishment would never have invested so much in him, to make him win the primary and general elections and become the new puppet figurehead, without complete confidence that he would never dare to act independently.

  11. White American soldiers kill brown people in the ME while those same White American soldiers are subjected to “white supremacist” inquisitions at home.

    • Beliefs and words matter more than actions do under American liberalism. Saying a racial slur is considered to be a more serious crime than killing thousands of brown people with wars and sanctions.

  12. Watch how Tucker Carlson will approve of this or at least have people on who do . He opposed Neo Con wars only when it became clear to him that we were not gonna genocide all Muslim Arabs. Same for all Fox pundits. The promise made to the heart after 9-11 in the build up to those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But dropping bombs on them periodically is not something he will oppose.

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