Wokes, Anti-Wokes and Institutions

Rod Dreher makes an interesting point.


“The real power in this country, and in most countries, resides in institutions, and in the networks of elites that run them. The sociologist James Davison Hunter, in his 2010 book To Change The World, addressed his fellow Evangelicals, and told them that they are mistaken to believe that convincing the masses is the way to change the world. In most instances, you have to convert elites and their networks; change follows that. In other words, elites and their networks are the ones who lead the masses. …

In just about any mainstream institution you can think of, if you held woke beliefs, and weren’t shy about advertising that, not only would it not hurt your job application, but it would likely help it. If you held even mainstream conservative beliefs — not alt-right ones, but mainstream ones, such as being one of the 70+ million Americans who voted for Trump last fall — you had better know that you should make sure that is scrubbed from your online profile before you apply for a job at a university, a media outlet, or a corporation. …

This is what we face. There has, so far, been no meaningful political opposition to it. By “meaningful,” I mean politicians who are willing and capable of doing something about it. Don’t insult me by claiming Trump was that politician. Judge him by the results. If we on the Right put our trust in a champion shitposter, as opposed to political leaders who know how to get things done, we will keep getting our heads handed to us. And if we keep thinking that the problem is essentially political, as opposed to cultural and economic, we will make no progress. We will elect ineffective performers like Trump, while the doers on the Left continue to march through institutions and change them — and by changing institutions and networks, change America. …”

Unlike the Wokes, the Alt-Right was totally suppressed by Conservatism, Inc. and has zero institutional power on the Right in America. The movement has no real institutions, organizations or sources of funding. The hammer of state repression and corporate censorship came down on the Alt-Right, not the Wokes, because of the elite consensus that “antiracism” is good and “racism” is evil and supporting political correctness, modernism and cosmopolitanism are what makes a person good or bad.

Do you really need networks of elites embedded in institutions to have influence and power though? David French was installed in power as a vetted and respectable conservative elite in National Review and Time before taking up his current work at The Dispatch. Michael Gerson is a vetted and respectable conservative elite who was George W. Bush’s speechwriter and has a gig writing for The Washington Post.

Does anyone listen to David French or Michael Gerson though?

Is their influence on the Right receding or advancing in 2021? How about the Alt-Right? Does anyone under the age of 45 care what George Will has to say about anything?

Charlie Kirk is the vetted and respectable face of young conservatives:

Boss Baby has been banned from CPAC for anti-Semitism:

Who is really winning though? Kirk or Fuentes?

Are the vetted and respectable conservative elites gaining or losing influence? In spite of all the censorship and the proliferation of these new outfits like the “Digital Forensic Research Lab” and the “National Contagion Research Institute” which employ Wokes, the polls are clear that Trump voters are trending more toward people like Nick Fuentes than Charlie Kirk in their views over time.

Rod is more worried than I am about Woke elites being embedded in institutions. He thinks it will lead to something like the Soviet Union rather than hastening their downfall and galvanizing their opposition. Whether it is professional sports, video games, Hollywood movies, Big Tech, Corporate America, the DSA, science fiction, the mainstream media or national politics, Wokes have a talent for confusing, alienating, dividing and repulsing far more people than they attract to their brand of extremism. In the last year or so, they have become the Terror of the newsroom at the New York Times and their cultural toxicity has succeeded in alienating White people from “antiracism” and outright reversing the long term trend of the softening of White racial attitudes. Once Wokes are embedded in institutions, they tend to destroy their hosts and narrow their appeal like the Star Trek community or the Ghostbusters franchise.

How long will America put up with the Joke Police which has declared that the comedy industry is “a pipeline to far-right extremism” micromanaging their private conversations, demonizing them over their “white privilege” and policing their thoughts before they look to us for relief? As offensive as we might be sometimes to get our point across, we genuinely don’t care what other people think or believe.

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  1. @ woke = brain washed, mentally contaminated, condesending , pretentious , morons, who have zero authority and are boring, who have lost and dark souls, hiding behind their facade of enlightenment, they also dress very poorly, no manners or style, really they are to be pitied, poser’s pretending to have an intellect, remember to take notes as we watch the ” woke “, wreck themselves.

  2. Rod dreher tends to over emphasize the importance of such intuitions, because he came up in them. Controlling institutions is nice but a powerful enough populists movement will get their attention. The Left destroys everything it touches. They came into institutions they did not create, and are now in the process of making such institutions a great stink into the nose of the rest of society. Other institutions will replace them over time. Controlling institutions can be just as much a trap to the Left as it is power. Rod Dreher is basically a yuppie with strong religious belief. He is sometimes not the best judge of what ordinary folks want. See his own families reaction to him. Read him, but with caution

  3. The American Conservatives aka the Right Wing has been changing and that’s a good thing. I was no supporter of President Trump because he ran as a Republican and he supported the removal of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. He was all talk when a bunch of Anarchist Thugs, Black Lives Matter monkeys, and brainwashed White Liberals went on a Violent Race Riot and turned directly into Terrorists in 2020. He was nothing but a coward afraid of being called a Racist while his own party, Fox News, and himself was directly involved in racial politics over the Border Wall and so forth. The Republican Party and the right wing as a whole are nothing but a bunch of worthless cowards. The only positive thing is many of them on the right wing now know what Nationalism is. They just can’t understand that Conservatives, Libertarians, Libertarians, and others are all our enemy…..We Nationalists have the solutions….it’s called stop being scared of “Political Correctness” and embrace being Southern and White. Stop being a coward and if somebody calls you a Racist….be proud of it. We get nothing from the average Conservative. These idiots argue over how much Covid-19 Relief money should be going out knowing we’re still in a World Health Pandemic. These scum are nothing more than mass murders who’s own policies resulted in many White People being killed by Covid-19. Nothing but worthless cowards that watched as Confederate Monuments was destroyed by Domestic Terrorists and Cucked and wouldn’t use the National Guard and put them down. Nothing but absolute cowards. We The Nationalists and I’m talking about extreme White Nationalists should be running this Country and all White Nations in the World. We solve the problems! Deo Vindice !

  4. The problem with backlash politics is that it is usually always wrong and blind and wails with blows. It does not seek power, does not seek to consolidate, and does nothing in the end.

  5. Dreher is almost right, but he is still focusing on the SJWs who are right in his face waving their arms, rather than the people standing back, telling the SJWs what to do.

    The actual elite is woke to an extent, but not in the same way that an earnest progressive or blue haired SJW is. Progressives and SJWs are tools (and/or gullible dupes, even victims) of that elite.

    The actual elite has a more cynical version of wokeness, it’s more like anti-whiteness and it’s more like desire to tear down and remake the world. It understands how identity politics can benefit it… or harm it.

    The actual elite appears to have a good understanding of power and what their actual interests are, in contrast with the hypothetical idealistic woke liberal, who would happily undermine his own position for moralistic reasons.

    While the actual elite may not be exclusively Semitic, it’s more accurate to think of them as malevolent, cynical Semite-like actors, with a global perspective and loyalties. It’s not accurate to think of them as naive, earnest progressives.

    The actual elite can and will make of use of both wokeness and the reaction against wokeness. And it is capable of discarding those tools and moving on to something else when needed.

    We didn’t get a BLM candidate for president and we didn’t see the system overreach and try to defund the police. Instead, BLM wasted their energy, alienated potential allies and ended up benefitting some other faction.

    We got (puppet) Joseph Biden, winning due to black voters, doing boring, evil, centrist neoliberalism and continually disappointing the left. Supporting our police… and using them to do evil (but “centrist”) things.

    The elites who are entrenched in the institutions represent an evil, anti-white centrism. The left and right are their tools and the scripted, limited conflict between the two is part of how they maintain their power.

    The attitudes of the populace on specific issues aren’t that important, because in democracy, the people often do not get what they want. The attitude of the populace towards the elite is potentially important, if people start to recognize it as illegitimate.

    In this respect, the populace seems more confused in 2021 than it was in 2016. Back then, it was understood that both sides were bad and the system was broken. Now faith has been restored in the red team and it is understood that the biggest problem with the system is that the blue team “cheated”, otherwise we’d be making America great again, right now. The red team is now satisfied with itself again and believes it IS the alternative, meaning it won’t be outflanked from the right again any time soon.

    TL/DR: Trumpism has stabilized the system. Trumpism (like BLM) was so bad that it made regular people beg for boring evil centrist neo-liberalism. And it made people who see themselves as dissidents buy back into the system and function as a controlled, intentionally repulsive opposition.

  6. we have no elites
    there is no division in elites to exploit (no path for populism)
    all elites want white genocide
    local groups are the only viable path forward, and that will only equal survival
    there is no way to save the nation, it is already gone

  7. “””….He thinks it will lead to something like the Soviet Union….””


    To create Soviet Union, you must convert revolutionary madness into working dictatorship. This need Stalin who kill lunatics after the revolution and replaces them with technocrats who keep the dictatorship running. They do not have Stalin and they do not have technocrats.

    It will play out very much like French revolution. Short madness.

    There will be massive woke brat attack on the institutions. I think woke brats win because rotten and corrupt Swamp is too old and too stupid to fight back.

    So in short term, lunatics take over but this freaks out normal people and convinces them that something must be done and unacceptable things will be acceptable.

    Then there will be real backlash. And it will be done not by voting but it will be something like Romanians got Ceausescu out of office.

    “””….they are mistaken to believe that convincing the masses is the way to change ….”””

    Army knows this too. And in some places there is no point for understanding. For example, workers in TV are not elected. So to get news back on track, people must do what Eastern Europeans did back in the 1980s end. Just go to the TV HQ and kick communists folk out of house and but truth speaking people in.

    Enemy of course want their house back and then people must defend honest media. Like we had those TV tower battles, 30 years ago, Lithuanian one probably most known.


  8. It is also a big problem in Germany that institutions have been captured by leftists. Maybe it is even the main reason why everything here is going downhill. Leftists are dominating everything now, from the schools, universities, police, authorities, to the highest courts. And not for good. If there ever was a real Democracy here, it has been destroyed by those leftists. These days the course of politics is no more determined by majorities or reason, but by the shrillest, most brazen, most fancy minority organisations. As a result trillions of taxpayer money have already been wasted for useless shit. And instead of solving any problems, leftists only create unnecessary new problems. Recently they even managed to destroy the important german car industry, just because of climate change hysteria. And this is only one example of the damage those people are causing. The major population still consists of normal people. They and their descendents have to pay the price for the insane politics. Leftists also dominate the medias and the public discours in Germany. So there is a constant indoctrination with leftist bullshit-ideas. There also is an overall atmosphere of hypocrisy, which is sickening.
    Commenter “sullivan” above pointed it out very well: “The Left destroys everything it touches”.
    Thats how it is. Beware of the leftist parasites!

  9. “How long will America put up with the Joke Police which has declared that the comedy industry is “a pipeline to far-right extremism”

    A Jew or a Guido bashing Dixie and talking about his five year old daughter’s genitals, is hardly “a pipeline to far-right extremism.” Or even comedy.

    They must mean Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and company. Comedians who are Southern, don’t bash whole regions and segments of the population of the formerly United States®, or sexualise little girls. Which makes them evil. And awful comedians, too.

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