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  1. Look at these idiots wearing diapers on their faces breathing in their own expelled C02. He may be a grifter but he’s not a mindless fool when it comes to ‘covid”

  2. It’s not based to not wear a mask. These people are just reactionary out of spite. Their politics always revolve around “owning the libtards.” N95s work.

  3. I also think it’s hilarious that Nick who worships Trump is barred from the conference that Trump is now the leader and attends. Wouldn’t his Fuhrer want his most loyal most diehard supporter, Nick Fuentes, to be at his side?

    Imagine simping for a guy so hard, and yet that guy won’t greenlight your entry into his CPAC conference, where he is the main speaker, and you have to build a parallel conference, where you praise the guy who throws you under the bus while chanting America First.

    • The entire “Alt Right” did that for Trump since day one. David Duke was all but fellating Trump while Donald Trump Jr. was calling for Duke’s assassination.

      Richard Spencer shilled for Trump only to be demonized by the other “Alt Lite” fans of Trump.

      Now Nick Fuentes is showing his True Conservative Republican nature by bending over and asking “thank you Mr. Trump may I have another?”

      F— Trump I never voted for him. It was obvious what he was before we let him in.

      Have any of these people ever thought, “wow, maybe Trump’s just not that into me.”

      Trump likes ’em Jewish, like his “big daddy” Benjamin Netanyahu.

      • Not that it matters all that much in the current year, but it was Eric Trump calling for Dr Dukes assassination, not Don Jr. Don Jr has been the one who leans towards based; posting Pepe’s, showing that video of Trump shooting the media at a fundraiser, etc. Just saying for brevity’s sake

    • Exactly. Trump is basically a Reaganite conservative (though, even less socially conservative than Reagan) and not aligned with Groyperism at all.
      Yet Fuentes still sucks his dick in hopes of being accepted by the Normiecons

  4. Where is that dickhead Charlie Kirk? He is hard to miss, his head is about three sizes too big. Is there a pill he can take on an operation to fix his head so it’s a normal size? Hard to believe Charli Kirk would miss an opportunity like CPAC to do some serious grifting.

    • Smallface Charlie’s jew handlers may be deliberately keeping him away from public view so that they can tinker with his image and message. Perhaps they want him to tone down all his pro-Israel and pro-fag rhetoric in order to make him appear more “populist”?

  5. We definitely SHOULD be giving these backstabbers shit. They are misleading people into the dead-end strategy of GOPism, while taking their money from them. This perpetuation of Trumpism ultimately keeps the mask on, by encouraging faith in this system. “If America First could just get the right guy in there, everything will be fixed!” This braindead thinking is incapable of understanding all the tentacles from outside this government, that are wrapped around this government.

    There are no federal solutions, only local ones.

  6. I have got to give credit to Nick the Spick. Just when I think he is over and done with he comes back stronger than ever. But I suspect he is downplaying the seriousness of the Federal investigation into his role in the January 6 incident at the US Capitol. I have just finished listening to his AFPAC II speech on Bitchute and I must say it was very good.

  7. Just like Alex Jones and all Southern and White Nationalists…shunned by the established. So why keep Voting Republican? Don’t. Deo Vindice !

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