Rep. Paul Gosar Addresses AFPAC

Good for Nick.

Why wouldn’t Steve King or Paul Gosar speak at AFPAC? Is there any difference now between Nick Fuentes, AFPAC and the Trump base since Trump lost the 2020 election? They all believe the election was stolen. They all hate “journalists.” They have all developed explicit White identity.

The Trump base has more in common with Nick Fuentes than Charlie Kirk. We were correct that Trump losing by a small margin would be better for us in the long run because the methods that were used against him would backfire. The correct “strategy” was to do nothing and let events run their course. Neoliberal Joe is now in power and the brats will continue to polarize their coalition and alienate working class Democratic voters which they have been successfully doing for a decade now. In the last election, they nearly cost the Democrats the House of Representatives and locked in gains for Republicans for a decade due to redistricting. Joe Manchin is king of the Senate now thanks to them and the progressive agenda stands no chance of being enacted due to their toxicity with rural voters.

Note: As I said on my last podcast with Richard Spencer, it looked to me like Nick was collapsing on the 5 yard line. If he hadn’t have gotten himself into so much trouble at the Capitol Siege, it would have been a good year for him. Conservatism, Inc. was on the verge of demographic collapse.

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  1. We need some unity here. Since we have no one representing us, it’s worth a listen to these people. What they are saying isn’t new, and they’ve been saying this stuff for a long time. We need to support them.

  2. Gosar advocating $10,000 stimulus checks.

    Good for him!

    That will essentially eliminate federal income tax for the lower-middle class.

    This is essentially the best tax-cut that any Republican has ever advocated.

  3. I am 26, Nick Fuentes is nothing like the average conservative I’ve met around my age.

    He is far left on economics, ultra religious, obsessed with race, etc. The only thing in common is that both worship Trump

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