Wokes Detect Subliminal “White Supremacy” In CPAC Stage

Is it a secret dog whistle?

They are striking a different tone this year.

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  1. “Populist Trump vs Corporate Biden”
    That’s a good one, Biden is way to the left of Trump on economics. Social issues are a different story, of course.

  2. Imagine CuckPAC/ClownPAC or Donald Trump doing anything remotely pro-White. These “woke” types crying about “White supremacy” and “racism” have driven themselves insane and detached from reality.

  3. Mike “the kike” rothchild knows Cpac is a shabbos goy plantation for true conservatives willing to sell their souls to be a career politician in either party as demonrcat or RINO. He will blindy lie to his lefty twatter audience and say cpac is white supremacy

    Every mofo not living under a rock, knows cpac is nothing but 100% Israel worship, war cheerleading, and the big nose cocksucker and the phony Odinist occultist expert knows it!

  4. So they disinvite a black rapper – who knows why he was invited in the first place – but then cancel his because of his weird Black Israelite beliefs – they are “anti-semitic”‘ beliefs because racist rabbis won’t accept him as a True Jew. The ADL says he is an “anti-semite” and not a “real Jew.”

    Now the Progressive Left is suggesting that there are secret “runes” in the graphic design at CPAC. The font they picked has some resemblance to something related to old Germanic history from 500 years ago, so therefore it’s a “neo-nazi dog whistle.” They cite the “NSM” – a hilariously fake group run by the FBI – and everyone plays along like it’s serious. They play along because the ADL told them too.

    Meanwhile – back on planet earth – the entire CPAC convention is run by Zionist Jews and their close political allies in the conservative Republican movement – their allies they racialize as “white” but not “Jewish.”

    Anyone who offends any Jewish sensitivity – or doesn’t swear complete loyalty to the foreign state of Israel thousands of miles away in the Middle East – isn’t even allowed to be a guest at CPAC, much less a speaker.

    These “progressive leftists” on social media don’t have any point to make they are just there to scream abuse. Most of them are strong supporters of racial apartheid and Jewish supremacy in Palestine.

    • Well he isn’t a Jew.

      He’s just a retarded Black Israelite. I found his comments on how more melanin proves your superiority and is linked to IQ by being attached to sun particularly distasteful of all the things I’ve seen so far from the guy. He wasn’t just “weird.” The guy was an asshole. Period. Full stop. (and a moron to boot).

      But I think you’re right. It’s quite something when the thing that he gets banned for is probably the anti-semitism. But I would have to push back. We don’t know *for sure* as CPAC didn’t state exactly what it was. They just give some vague shit about how it’s not aligned with our values. But he kinda is what their values are about. Their values is to try to get any minority, no matter who it is, to deflect any attack of racism. I wish he was condemned for some of his other more odious comments.

      There also comments on Christians that the the Young Pharaoh guy made. I wonder if that had any weight? As I saw that Lauren Witzke person do a 180 due to that.

    • “NSM” stanfd for “National Socialist Movement. When I see the word “Movement in that context, I do not think “bewegung but rather Lumf.

    • I looked for the Rune completely missing that it is the shape of the runway that looks like the Edal Rune. I was looking at everything else trying to see something.

      So subliminal that a Nazi esotericist would miss it. The left are batshit crazy. Trump isn’t Hitler!

  5. “””….Is it a secret dog whistle?…”””

    Might be . Trolling enemy into complete lunacy is good method to deal with left.

    And maybe some younger career politicians also understand that times are changing and it is time to change the sides. Serving those 80 to 90 years old psychos is not good long term investment in political career anymore.

    Very few of those people are true believers. Most are common spineless sellouts without principles whatsoever.

    Soviet communism also ended this way that younger members of the system understood that it is time to jump the sinking ship.

  6. The ACU who own CPAC has always been about consulting contracts from Washington. So in the great war we are in, Washington versus the rest of us, they will side with Washington always. Anything that would annoy the swamp or possibly cause consulting contracts to disappear will be cancelled.

    Trump is pure swamp. But he insulted a lot of swamp dogs so they don’t like him. I would wager this is Trump’s last gig at cpac. He will be swallowed up in litigation and scandals, and the zombie right will begin to wake up and realize he was never one of us, never.

    • The edel rune is about home, your property, your people. It means you should take care of them. Eldred Thorson’s rune books have the details. That’s the message, though -build boundaries and protect what’s yours.

  7. It actually looks like the Odals Rune. But surely it happened unintentionally. Those greasy politicians would never ever annoy their jewish handlers.

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