Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy

I have mixed views on Woodrow Wilson.

There is Wilson’s belligerent foreign policy record which embroiled us in World War I with Germany and nearly got us into the League of Nations and before that he sent American troops into Mexico to chase after Pancho Villa in addition to ordering the U.S. occupation of Haiti.

There is also Woodrow Wilson the Southern historian who wrote his five volume A History of the American People. This is the Wilson who resegregated the federal government and praised D.W. Griffith’s film The Birth of a Nation which was based on his old friend Thomas Dixon’s book The Clansman. I was reminded of this in reading Colin Woodard’s book Union which is a long diatribe about how Wilson brought the South back to power and revived the ethnonationalist conception of American national identity with his critique of Reconstruction and overall narrative of American history.

Theodore Roosevelt’s four volume The Winning of the West is a similar triumphalist account of American history. Roosevelt and Wilson shared many of the same flaws and virtues. TR was more eager to get into World War I than Wilson. I’ve written at length about how Wilson embroiling the country in World War I and Prohibition caused the rise of modernism in the Lost Generation which began the long arc of moral and cultural decline that has degenerated the country into what it is today.

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  1. Wilson gave Jewish interests priority over American interests.

    He dragged America into WW1 for Zionist reasons, he ceded control of American currency to the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve, he opposed immigration restriction, the clause of his “14 Points” relating to Russia implicitly praised the Bolsheviks, and he appointed Brandeis to the Supreme Court.

    He was not an American ethno-nationalist. He was a race realist in the mold of Ian Jobling: anti-Black, but not pro-White.

    • Woodrow Wilson prioritized Jewish interests because he was an Anglophile. Britain and world Jewry had already been joined at the hip for a long time at that point, so the Anglophiles all served as a trojan horse for Jewish power (and continue to do so even today).

      • @Dart and @,BTI,

        I wholeheartedly agree with what both if you wrote about Woodrow Wilson.

        If you pay attention to the overarching theme on OD, any betrayal to the jews by Anglos whether they be on cuck island on in america is irrelevant as long as the South benefits even slightly.

      • Woodrow Wilson was a staunch Anglophile who believed that America made a mistake fighting the British in the Napoleonic wars. He was also a Germanophobe in the sense he saw German and Austro-Hungarian Empires as forces of evil that stood in the way of global democracy. His actions during the WWI were based on these beliefs.

          • The Zimmermann Telegram was a plan for Mexico to attack the US and regain territory lost during the US-Mexican War, if and only if the United States declared war on Germany.

            Henry Ford Sr. a righteous Anglo-American knew the score on the AngloZionist Empires and their subservience to international jewry in getting into the First World War and well beyond.

            No country needs to abide by the proto-globalist dictates of the Monroe Doctrine.

          • Yes, it a pretty big deal at the time. Germany offered to assist Mexico in retaking the American Southwest. Imperial Germany had repeatedly interfered in Mexico and was pressing its claims in the Caribbean and Latin America which the U.S. foreign policy establishment at the time considered our own backyard and sphere of influence. BTW, it was the Kaiser that literally sent Lenin into Russia and fomented the Bolshevik Revolution there. In contrast, the Wilson administration deported anarchists and communists from the United States and intervened on the side of the Whites. Jews were far more powerful at the time in the Kaiser’s Germany than Wilson’s America.

          • Not completely true. The (((Bolshevik Revolution))) was already in motion when Lenin and Sverdlov who had congregated along with other jewish revolutionaries in Zürich Switzerland for a decade, after fleeing from the Tsar’s secret police.

            The plan was put in place in Vienna by the German and Austriian High Commands the autumn of 1915 to send Lenin and the other radical jews in a sealed train to Petrograd where the marxists had made a inroads. The reasoning was two fold: 1. To knock Russia out of the war (Imperial Russia was aligned with both France and England in the Triple Entente Alliance). 2. With Russia out of the war, Germany could get much needed food from Ukraine for the starving populations in the Central Powers.

            What many historians intentionally omit is that a ship that left the US and sailing to Russia during this same time period and was filled with hundreds of jewish revolutionaries including Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky). This ship was stopped in the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the port authorities were shocked to see on the ship’s manifest the names of so many leading Marxist radicals. The Canadians eventually allowed to ship to continue on its destination, after the (((media))) made the situation into an international stir, and “higher up” in Washington intervened.

    • I disagree.

      1.) Wilson dragged America into World War I because the country at that time was becoming a great power and had cemented an alliance with Britain against Germany that predated the Wilson presidency. Germany was challenging American influence in the Caribbean and Latin America. This is the reason why Wilson occupied Haiti.

      2.) Wilson sent American troops into Russia to fight the Bolsheviks and deported communists and anarchists during the Red Scare.

      3.) “Immigration restriction” is misleading. Yes, it is true that immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe declined after 1924 because business interests dropped opposition to it, but this only spurred the migration of blacks from the South to Northern and Western cities and began the large influx of Mexicans in the Southwest. Immigration from Latin America was not restricted.

      4.) Wilson resegregated the federal government and his A History of the American People was highly influential and had the biggest impact on defining American national identity since George Bancroft’s series in the 19th century.

      5.) Populists supported the creation of both the Federal Reserve and the income tax because the hard money economic policy of the Gilded Age had impoverished Southern and Western farmers.

      6.) Finally, Brandeis is best known for his support for free speech and breaking up large corporations and monopolies.

      • Wilson didn’t try very hard to stop the Bolsheviks, assuming that was what he was doing. Here are the total US casualties for the Russian intervention per Wikipedia: 83 killed, 84 died of disease/accidents, 29 missing, 12 captured.

        From Moldbug:

        So, when you ask: why were there American soldiers in Russia in 1919, anyway, if what Hoover says is true? The answer is the same in all cases. They were fighting a partial war. They were not intended to win, and in fact they didn’t. This, too, is not an isolated event. Nor is the demise of the regimes who made the mistake of getting to the right of American “public opinion.”

        For example, during the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, Stalin did not become an enemy, like Mussolini, or even a neutral under intense pressure, like Franco. He was a loved friend who had made a terrible mistake. America’s goal in interacting with Stalin during the years of the Pact was, as usual, to convince him of American friendship and woo him back to sanity.

      • 1. Wilson didn’t intervene until after the overthrow of the Czar removed the taint of “anti-Semitism” from the allies, and he didn’t endorse the basic war aims of the allies until after the Balfour Declaration committed the allies to support for Zionism. I think this was because Brandeis was to Wilson as Kushner is to Trump.

        A purely American foreign policy would have insisted on British respect for the Declaration of London, allowing unrestricted export of American food and cotton to both sides. America’s most important foreign interest at that time was securing markets for our agricultural surplus, and Britain and Germany were our top two customers. America’s immense wealth and industrial strength (greater than Germany, Britain, France and Russia combined in 1914!) should have been able to command respect for our true national interests, if that had been the presidents real priority. If Germany had been stupid enough to launch unrestricted submarine warfare despite being supplied with food and cotton by a truly neutral USA, our real national interests would have dictated a limited, purely naval war such as John Adam’s 1798 Quasi-war with France.

        2. Wilson did eventually turn against the Bolsheviks, despite having been shockingly naïve in 1918. However, the limited American intervention in the Russian Civil War did more harm than good, and I read an article in the Occidental Quarterly which convincingly argued that this was deliberately so. Mitchel Palmer was eventually unleashed foreign-born leftists in the USA, but only after a series of terrorist attacks by disproportionately Jewish anarchists and communists.

        3. From an economic point of view, the immigration restriction legislation of the 1920s was the greatest populist victory in American history. It wasn’t just Blacks who benefitted. Plenty of Southern Whites moved to fill the jobs formerly taken by European immigrants (moving on the “Hillbilly Highways”), and over the long term the tight labor market created by immigration restriction pushed real wages towards the eventual all-time high of circa 1970.

        From a racial and cultural point of view the results were even more profound: It encouraged the assimilation of the European Christian immigrants already in the country by cutting of the influx unassimilable quantities of non-English speakers; it drastically reduced the immigration of hostile, unassimilable Jews; it almost completely blocked immigration from Africa and Asia; and it explicitly established the goal of maintaining the existing ethnic balance.

        Latin American immigration wasn’t completely unrestricted. Poll taxes and literacy tests reduced the amount of legal immigration from Latin America, which is why there was such a thing as illegal immigrants from Mexico for Hoover, Roosevelt and Eisenhower to deport.

        I agree that immigration restriction didn’t go far enough, but even the limited success it had was won against the opposition of Wilson and other politicians beholden to Jewish interests. (Wilson explicitly explained his opposition to immigration restriction as the fulfillment of promises made to Jewish supporters.)

        4. Wilson’s history placed too much emphasis on politics while deemphasizing the true driving forces of real American history: White American ethnic identity and Protestant Christianity.

        5. Wilson and his court-Jew Brandeis do deserve credit for making the tax system less regressive by cutting the tariff and introducing an income tax for the top 5%, and they do deserve credit for providing the nation with a non-deflationary currency. But even here the record is mixed. The income tax had broad popular support at first because it was intended to apply only to the rich, but Wilson’s decision to intervene in WW1 foisted this incubus on the entire population and began its transformation into the regressive monstrosity it is today. Also, there is a right way and a wrong way to provide ample currency. Bryan’s bimetallist proposal, or even a true fiat currency issued by the Treasury Department, would have benefitted everyone equally. The Federal Reserve’s debt-based currency, on the other hand, is a massive permanent subsidy given to New York City’s financial industry, with plenty of scope for favoritism. Thanks for the ZOG-bucks, Woody!

        6. When the real histories are written after our victory, Brandeis will be best known for his role as Woodrow Wilson’s Jared Kushner. Good old New England anti-Semites such as Oliver Wendell Holmes saw him for what he was.

        7. Which leads to the question, who is more based, the North or the South? On race realism, the South has always been better. On religion, New England was better at first, but was eventually surpassed by the South. On the Jewish question, the North has always been more red-pilled. In 1762 a Rhode Island court nullified Parliament’s 1740 naturalization act, at the very time Charleston was nurturing mainland North America’s largest Jewish community. The constitutional clause forbidding the Federal Government to restrict immigration before January 1 1808 was inserted at the insistence of South Carolina and Georgia delegates who had links and ties to the Jewish slave traders of Charleston and Savannah. This is the dark side of your much-admired Golden Circle. It was Caribbean planters, not Cromwell, who *first* undid the good work of Edward Longshanks and Philip the Fair. Barbados and Martinique provided the Jews with a point of entry back into openly permitted residence in English and French communities after a hiatus of three and a half centuries.

    • Woodrow Wilson was a TRAITOR, not just to America, not just to Western Civilization, but to the entire White race. We all know who ran his cabinet, who created “his” policies, who he protected. He was just another controlled parasite.

        • No, he was a traitor because we all know who ran “his” policies. And, don’t forget, he is the one who signed off on the central bank take-over. As for Germany trying to work with Mexico, that was little more then wartime desperation.

        • I forgot to add, he tried to shut Henry Ford up, when he was running the Dearborn Independent, telling him he could not expose Wilson’s owners.

  2. Woodrow Wilson was pro-Confederate/pro-South at least in an incident that Julian Carr spoke of in his speech at the dedication of the Confederate memorial known as “Silent Sam” over 100 years ago on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill:

    Permit me to refer at this point to a pleasing incident in which that distinguished son of the South, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, had the leading part. A year or two ago diplomas were given by our University to all the students who had interrupted their studies to enter the military service of the Confederacy. Mr. Wilson, then President of Princeton University, delivered these diplomas. One man only of the Class that matriculated in 1862 wearing the Confederate uniform, came forward to receive that highly prised token. It was the humble individual who now addresses you. At the dinner, later in the day, Professor Wilson greeted me with the remark that in many years nothing had so much touched and warmed his heart as the sight of that Confederate uniform.

    The “old gray” always awakens sad and tender memories, glorified more and more by the receding years. Those of us who donned it and brought it back tattered and torn after the final battle had been fought, and our banner had been furled at fateful Appomattox, and who are yet here to recall those days that tried the souls of the men and women of the South, bow in profoundest gratitude before you, Daughters of the Confederacy, for this tribute of your love, for this token of your devotion to the spirit of the South, the spirit that animated all those who for four long years fought against overwhelming odds, and to whose unflinching valor their whilom adversaries bear fervent testimony to-day…

    • “Professor Wilson greeted me with the remark that in many years nothing had so much touched and warmed his heart as the sight of that Confederate uniform”:

      U.S. politicians are chameleons, and will tell you anything you want to hear.

      • Actually there seems to be more pro-South in him than just complimentary small talk…

        “It was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war waged against states fighting for their independence into a war waged against states fighting for the maintenance and extension of slavery…and the world, it might be hoped, would see it as a moral war, not a political; and the sympathy of nations would begin to run for the North, not for the South.”
        — President Woodrow Wilson, A History of The American People, page 231

  3. So many White Americans and White Brits who should have known better, went hook, line and sinker in to World War I – slaughtering our White German kinsmen and so many of their great allies in some ridiculous crusade for American style democracy… What the F*#&$?

    Wooddraw Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt even Rudyard Kipling (For All We have and are, for all our children’s fate, take up the sword, the Hun is at the gate”, these great White men should have known better, they should have known that our German cousins weren’t “Huns” they were the European White defenders of Europe from the mongrel, Asiatic hordes of Huns and later the same against the Asiatic J Bolshevik hordes. But, they all signed up for the Anglo Brit, Anglo American World War I and that war pretty much everything except the NS revival, miracle of the 1930s – it’s been all down hill since then.

    What were they thinking?

    • Imperial Germany posed no threat to Franco-Anglo-American world domination, they merely wanted to be respected as a major power. Apparently that was something Paris, Washington and London found completely unacceptable.

      • The Big Crime Bosses never want anyone else horning in on their game. It wasn’t the War to Save Democracy, it was the War to Preserve Empires, and Whites everywhere ended up as the big losers.

    • The German government shares the blame for the tragic fratricide.

      Their “sealed train” for Lenin and their support for the Ottoman Empire are by far the blackest stains in German history.

      • “Their sealed train for Lenin and their support for the Ottoman Empire are by far the blackest stains in German history”:

        Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) was not unwelcome to the Russian people, and without his leadership hundreds of thousands more Russians would have been herded to the front to kill and be killed by the Germans – and without his brilliant and charismatic leadership the Revolution could have failed.

        As for Germany’s alliance with the Ottoman Empire, although wrong in itself, it was necessitated by Allied support for the Arabs and the Allied effort to conquer and colonize Syria, Lebanon, and oil-rich Mesopotamia, and betray Palestine to the Zionists. Incidentally, for those who care: Although Lenin’s father’s father was “Crypto” (Jewish, but converted to or nominally Russian Orthodox) it was thought he was never aware of his Jewish ancestry. Josef Stalin was a full-blooded Gentile, but many of the other early Bolshevik leaders were secular Jews.

        • Great Britain aligned with the Ottoman Empire in their War against Russia during the Crimean War. They never had any qualms of using alliances with Muslims or using POC from their many colonies in darkest Africa or India to shed the blood of of other Europeans for the sake of their crowd, aristocrats, and jewish banking elite.

          The Anglos are the 13th tribe of Israel.

          • November,

            You never did tell me how your dog saved a woman’s life.

            I am not going to get involved too much with the Wilson Legacy in keeping with my resolve to avoid politics on this website but I think Wilson was wrong in getting the USA wrongfully involved in WW1. To fight an unjust war under obvious false pretenses is to commit and endorse legalized mass murder.

            I understand Mr. Wallace liking Wilson because of the South but the legitimate welfare of the rest of the world is more important than the South.

            I will definitely only deal with you on this comment otherwise it is too easy to get drawn back into this website. It is both addictive and interesting.

          • @ november, would you please be.so kind as to pass on a message to your friend thee senora? I quote ” thee legitimate welfare of the rest of the world, is obviously.not as important, as thee great american southland.”. Thank you november, i appreciate your assistance.

          • @ november, please pass this on to thee senora kind sir, ” as thee fair and comely maidens of thee spanish nation, with their beauty , their charm and virtue their unyielding passion and devotion too who and what they love, serve as a shining example of womenhood to all thee daughters of men.” Thee american people of thee noble southland serve as a example to the nations of thee earth to aspire too.

          • November,

            I salute Mr. Terry Smith with his kind charm and his loyalty to the South. I of course would be called a senorita not a senora. His kindness is of course noted and appreciated.

            There are many versions of this song and I did not know which one to attach.

          • @ november, i ask of your assistance once more kind sir, if you would be so kind as to convey to thee lovely miss christina romana alva.h., my warmest regards and sincerest thanks for her kind words, her linguistic counsel and thee fine musical selection, it is so refreshing , too hear from her again, if even at a distance, her presence alone, add’s so much to thee, occidental experience.

      • Whatever the faults of the Ottoman Turks, they were much better than Arab Islamist fanatics and Jewish Zionists. The British and the homosexual T. E. Lawrence supported and armed the Wahhabi Arab terrorists (whom the Ottomans suppressed) which gave rise to modern Islamic terrorism and the Zionist takeover of the world.

        In light of what happened to the Middle East and the world after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, I think the Germans were indeed justified in their alliance with the Ottomans.

    • It was all one big fuck-up. When House visited Germany, the Germans with their literal minds thought a man who went by the name “Colonel” House would want to see a military parade. After seeing the parade, the only thing House could think was, “we’ve got to stop this German militarism!” Of course, at that time, Germany had absolutely NOTHING on the other Euro powers when it came to starting wars.

  4. And don’t forget the Wilson regime’s military intervention in Russia supporting reactionary forces, delaying the Revolution’s inevitable conclusion at the cost of more Russian lives.

    • The American Expeditionary Force in Russia seemed as if it wasn’t intended to defeat the Bolsheviks, that it was merely a token show of force. But I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe the Allied campaign in Russia failed because they were burned out from fighting in the recently concluded World War.

      • “seemed as if it wasn’t intended to defeat the Bolsheviks, that it was merely a token show of force”:

        There is a Birch-ite explanation similar to Vietnam: Conspiracy to pretend to fight communism in Russia and really let it win, and “none dare call it treason.” But the correct view is that the U.S. and its allies received intelligence that the “White” (reactionary) forces could not win, so they gave up on military intervention and began to try other methods.

  5. The anti-German hysteria that was whipped up by the jewish press in the Allied countries during the Great War was shameful. It showed that America, France and Britain were already on the road to self-destruction. By contrast the Germans showed no such frothing-at-the-mouth hatred towards the Allies. In fact the Kaiser ordered his Zeppelin crews not to bomb any poor neighborhoods or Royal properties in England, although navigational problems made this order difficult to carry out.

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      Lest we forget that the three imperialist empires of the Entente Treaty (English, French, and Russian) literally surrounded Germany on land to its east and west, and at sea to its north prior to the breakout of hostilities.

      It sort of reminds me of that illustration of all the US military bases that surrounds Iran, but we keep hearing from the zio-whores in the White House and congress how Iran is an aggressive terrorist state that wants war with its neighbors to become the dominant nation in the region.

  6. Wilson was an absolute dirt-bag piece of shit….your average Evangelicuck. Don’t be mislead by what he said, look at what he did. Anyone lifting a finger against fellow European white people is an enemy. And oh yeah, per actual archeological evidence, the Lusitania was, in fact, carrying ammunition.
    The Germans were the good guys…once again.

    • The German government tried to print warnings in American newspapers that American passengers making the Atlantic crossing on British ships risked being torpedoed. But the Wilson Regime ordered those warnings not to be published, so that innocent civilians could be killed and get America into the War after the 1916 election.

  7. Wilson is a microcosm of the WASP culture. His political opinions — anti-black, pro-immigration, pro-jewish, pro-war — are what most Southerners have always believed. The South was pro-immigration because immigrants were allies in the Democratic Party against Northern WASPs. Northern WASPs were allied with blacks against Southern WASPs. Northern WASPs were isolation, protectionist, critical of Jews in many cases and sympathetic to blacks.

    Another interesting aspect of Wilson is the he hailed from an era when WASP Evangelicals and WASP liberals were in the same churches and were still in the process of diverging.

  8. Wilson got the US into WW1 because he wanted to protect the billions France and England owed the US. He is also responsible for getting us on the federal reserve notes. He was a jew puppet.

      • He entered WW1 because if was afraid that if England and France lost to Germany, the US would be out billions in loans. He entered to protect his investment to those countries.

        “Wilson swore in secret that if elected President, he would support the banker’s Federal Reserve scam and push for the first ever progressive income tax on the American people.” You have the jew run federal reserve and the IRS thanks Wilson.

        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit… all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world, no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”_Woodrow Wilson.

        • 1.) Populists supported both the income tax and the Federal Reserve because the hard money policy of conservatives in the Gilded Age systematically redistributed wealth to the bloated Eastern oligarchy while impoverishing farmers in the South and West. What was it like before the Federal Reserve and the income tax? BTW, Carter Glass created the Federal Reserve and later was the co-author of the Glass-Steagall Act which separated commercial and investment banking during the Great Depression.



          2.) Tensions had been building between the U.S. and Imperial Germany for nearly twenty years before World War I due to the Kaiser’s foreign policy toward Latin America and the Caribbean


          • 1. The populists had traditionally opposed hard money, but they certainly hadn’t advocated for an abomination such as the Federal Reserve. The Greenback Party advocated for a true fiat currency issued by the US Treasury, and Bryan advocated for bimetalism.

            2. Previous Democrats, particularly real populist William Jennings Bryan, deplored the Republican embrace of imperialism and the resulting war scares over issues completely divorced from American national interests.

            Wilson changed the direction of the Democratic Party on foreign policy, making it *more* interventionist than McKinley, Roosevelt or Taft had been.

          • Have you ever heard of the Balfour Declaration? Germany was winning the war and offered England a a deal to get out without any concessions. England was going to take the offer when the jews in both England and Germany offered England a deal and that was get the US into WW1 and when the war was won, they get Palestine. Watch and learn.


          • Re: “Populists supported both the income tax and the Federal Reserve because the hard money policy of conservatives in the Gilded Age systematically redistributed wealth to the bloated Eastern oligarchy”:

            Notice how conservative Populism was, supporting a capitalist cure for those symptoms of the capitalst disease, instead of fighting for true public banking that would have turned the world upside down.

          • @ during the spanish/american , philipino/american wars, there was quite a bit of tension, friction between thee german navy and thee american navy very similiar to the current situation in the south china sea , thee provocation of thee american by the german navy, was.so intense , that thee brit’s had their naval forces make a public demostration of their support of thee american cause.

          • We can’t have any interference with American butchery of Philipino natives, right, Terry? Just like today it’s pure evil for the Chinese to be standing up to American shenanigans in the SOUTH CHINA SEA….right, Terry?

          • Good, I’m glad it’s fake if it really is. It just goes to show what a POS Wilson was. He had no regrets to what he did to this nation. The downfall all started under him.

      • A president whose closest advisor was a Zionist Jew involves America in a war, one of whose primary results was the Balfour Declaration, but only after the Czar was overthrown, and you claim it had *nothing* to do with Jews?

        That isn’t tenable.

        You can plausibly claim that the Jewish angle wasn’t of primary importance, but you can’t claim it wasn’t of any importance, especially given subsequent history.

      • “nothing to do with Jews”

        “ambition in the Western hemisphere”

        The determination to create a US sphere of influence in the Caribbean region had a Jewish angle.

        “Sam the banana man”, a Jewish gangster from the ghettos of darkest Kishinev, used mercenaries to install puppet regimes in banana republics, then demanded US government support for his racket:


        • The country had always been expansionist and this process continued after the War Between the States and through the Gilded Age and the first twenty years of the 20th century. The U.S. annexed Alaska and Hawaii, nearly annexed the Dominican Republic under Grant, occupied a bunch of Pacific Islands and intervened in China. We occupied Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. We created Panama in order to build and control the Panama Canal. Building an informal empire in the Caribbean and Central America was not a Jewish conspiracy but had always really been an objective since the beginning of the country. Were it not for the bitter debate over slavery, we would have annexed Baja California, Sonora and Cuba back in the 1850s

  9. How pro-British was it? The British Empire had always been the “greatest enemy” that the growing, globally-ambitious U.S. Empire needed to defeat. It was generally assumed after British troops were withdrawn from Canada in 1871, that the U.S. soon try to annex Canada, although Britain promised not to let it be taken without a fight. In Wilson’s time, the U.S. military began drawing up definite plans (ncluding mustard gas) to attack and conquer Canada, battle the Royal Navy on the high seas, and meet Britain on any front, which were completed in 1927, officially approved in 1930 (war game preparations began on the border) but never carried out, due to the Crash and Depression and the fact Britain had been bled sufficiently by the Great War so that the U.S. was already beginning to come out on top and it might be assumed Canada annexation is only a matter of time.

      • Regarding the Great Rapprochement: There is a saying: “Hold your enemies (and rivals) close.” U.S. sharing converging interests with Britain, while at the same time eye-ing up Canada and other nearby British possessions, which it seemed destined to absorb someday.

        But it is really the trans-national elites who decide these things, according to their needs, who can make or break an empire, or any nation they own.

    • Most Americans believed in the “Manifest Destiny” of annexing Canada to the United States in the 19th century. However, after the war of 1812, in which they got their backsides handed to them, they were wary of fighting another war with the British again. Royal Navy at that time was capable of reducing the coastal U.S. cities to ashes, and the American ship-building capabilities could not match that of the British Empire.

      Americans achieved military superiority over the British after the Second World War, but by that time they had abandoned the idea of annexing Canada.

      • “by that time they had abandoned the idea of annexing”:

        Who is “they”? Certainly not the people. If it was to the advantage of transnational elites for Canada to be annexed to the U.S., it would be.

        There is very little annexing and colonizing being done in the last hundred years, more often division of nations. Today, Imperialism uses the improved methods of “Neo”-colonialism to acheive the same control and exploitation.

    • @ as thee european powers watched thee insanity of thee american war between the states, they knew they stood no chance against the rising power of america, there was very little chance of war between us and britian, the brits recognised we were finally wearing our big boy pants, ” cecil rhodes”, wanted world domination by thee english speaking peoples, with new york city the capital of this empire , the french knew better than to push on us too hard, beside’s we had a lot of admiration for napoleon, he cut us a great deal, with the louisiana purchase, we had friendship with the russians , another great deal with thee alaska purchase , for centuries the german states has been divided and under thee rule of the holy roman empire, as they unified and finally got into the colonial game, they were very confident, ambitious and aggresive, very similiar to certain powers in this day and age, china. India, germany then, like these rising powers today, felt like they had something to prove as they went down the road of expansion, the boundries and perimeters then ,.as now, were and are, not acceptable. So as then, it will be the same now. War, war and more war.

  10. Wilson was the worst president in American history. His Espionage and Sedition Acts remain the most draconian laws ever passed by a U.S. administration.

    A woman was sentenced to ten years in prison under the Espionage Act merely for saying “I am for the people and the government is for the profiteers.”

    A film producer made a movie about 1776 – and got a ten-year stretch (later commuted to three) because the film showed the Redcoats behaving badly, and thus “harmed the war effort” by promoting hostility toward an ally!

    You southerners always howl that Lincoln was tyrannical and yet make excuses for Wilson who was far more tyrannical. You are the most shameless and hypocritical scum on earth.

      • From Spartacus Educational: “In 1913 Art Young and Max Eastman were charged with criminal libel after the publication of a cartoon, ‘Poisoned at the Source.’ Floyd Dell later explained what happened: ‘The Masses decided to look into the case (a strike in West Virginia). It decided that if this thing were true, it ought to be stated without delicacy’. The result was a paragraph warmly charging the Associated Press with having suppressed and colored the news of the strike in favour of the employers. Accompanying the paragraph was a cartoon presenting the same charge in a graphic form. Upon the basis of this cartoon and paragraph, William Rand, an attorney for the Associated Press, brought John Doe proceedings against The Masses….” https://spartacus-educational.com/ARTmasses.htm

        Re: “the biggest crackdown on the Far Left in history”:

        The U.S.’s and its allies’ criminal treatment of Julian Assange is nothing new! The “Far Left” is by far the greatest threat (really the ONLY threat besides natural disasters) to Plutocracy.

      • “deported Emma Goldman”:

        Not for long though. Ms. Goldman’s schtick was anti-government-ism (anarcho-libertarianism) NOT socialism. She was very ANTI-communist. Her stay in Russia was not for long, or she would have ended up in prison. Soon she was back to lecturing in the U.S. and selling her book, and she was buried in the U.S.

    • @ lavania, a.lincoln, u.s. grant, b obama, those three just for starters , were far worse than w.wilson.

      • @ william jefferson clinton , was far worde than w.wilson, so was george bush sr and g.w. bush was far worse than w.wilson.

  11. The Great War was inevitable, as multiracial empires were ill-suited for the centralizing age spawned by the Second Industrial Revolution. Should we cry for globalist elites? The conflagration swept the Romanovs, the Hohenzollerns, and the Hapsburgs from history forever, along with the degenerate Ottoman Empire, which would have fallen much earlier had not the British and French prevented the Russians from going all of the way to Constantinople through events like the Crimean War.

    Think about the causes of the war. It wasn’t imperialism that caused the conflict, but the decay of imperialism. Multiracial empires like the Ottomans and the Austrians could no longer suppress rowdy nationalist movements in the Balkans. And then think of the German military planning, which was based on speed, similar to how they shocked the world and defeated France in 1871 through sheer organization using bureaucracy, rail, autism, and such. Mere mobilization from other countries, if it occurred, meant that Germany through strategic necessity would need to launch a first strike to avoid a two-front war, though Germany couldn’t make this publicly known. Too many at the time were thinking in moralistic and personal terms — Wilhelm II and Nicholas II tried to smooth things over with friendly communication — instead of in professional, strategic categories and their consequences. A new approach was sorely needed.

    In light of all of this, Wilson, an early modernist and a racial nationalist, was very far-sighted, working for a world composed of ethnostates — democracy — rather than multicultural empires like the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He modernized many institutions at home and despite his tenure as the president of Princeton, is unfairly maligned today as a naive bigot do-gooder who was out of his depth. A top-tier president, no question.

    • Re:”the degenerate Ottoman Empire, which would have fallen much earlier had not the British and French prevented the Russians from going all of the way to Constantinople”:

      Yes, imagine if that could have happened, and Orthodoxy had ascended, re-united in a liberated Constantinople.

      “It wasn’t imperialism that caused the conflict, but the decay of imperialism. Multiracial empires like the Ottomans and the Austrians could no longer suppress rowdy nationalist movements in the Balkans”:

      The Balkan peoples are controlled and exploited today as much as ever, crushed under the NATO boot. Imperialism did not decay and has only grown stronger, but it makes adjustments. Outright colonialism has mostly been replaced by insidious Neo-colonialism.

  12. I believe our host would have his eyes opened to how much influence jews had on the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

    Samuel Untermyer was a jew born in Virginia in 1858 that went on to become a big shot lawyer in NYC. Untermyer was a central figure in the radical Zionist Liberation Movement. He later became Chairman of The American Jewish Committee, President of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and lastly, the Chairman of the non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League.

    Untermyer was a prominent donor to the National Democratic Committee that nominated and got Woodrow Wilson elected POTUS. Wilson was more than happy to welcome Untermyer to the White House because of Untermyer’s generous contributions to Wilson’s campaign, and previous meetings during the 1912 presidential election.

    It is widely believed that Untermyer blackmailed Wilson to nominate Louis Brandeis to the US Supreme Court, in exchange to paying hush money to a wife of a professor at Princeton that Wilson had written his former sweetheart many love letters that she kept. Wilson admitted to being their author when Untermyer showed a few of the letters to the president.

    It was this same Justice Brandeis that volunteered his legal opinion that the sinking of the S.S. Sussex by a German U-boat was a legal justification for an appeal to congress for a declaration of war against Germany. Untermyer and Brandeis got their wish granted on April 2, 1917.

    It should also be noted that Samuel Untermyer played a leading role in grooming conman Cyrus Scofield introducing Zionism into Protestantism and getting the Scofield bible published. Jew Bernard Baruch, the fabulously wealthy New York Stock Exchange Tycoon who Wilson admired as an advisor on national defense and terms of peace.

    Going back to Samuel Untermyer, he wrote the 1910 Creighton Bill that created the US National Reserve Banking System, and also was the first legal counsel for the Internal Revenue Service.

    So please tell us again how jews didn’t play a pivotal role in not only gaming the US financial markets and institutions during the Wilson administration, but also didn’t play a leading role in bring neutral in name only America into World War One?

  13. To Comrade Trotsky’s credit he did get Russia out of the War in early 1918, even though the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was extremely punitive. He must have believed that a worker’s revolt in Germany was imminent and that soon it too would become a revolutionary Soviet Republic. He also rebuilt the defeated Tsarist army into the Red Army almost from scratch.

  14. Some people half-jokingly say that Woodrow Wilson was really named Woodrow WOLFSOHN. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  15. Wars outside of the border weakens familily and community.

    Reading this from Foxnews Biden proposing:

    “The original Bracero program allowed Mexicans to work temporarily in the United States to fill labor shortages during World War II and for a couple of decades after the war. López Obrador said the U.S. economy needs Mexican workers because of “their strength, their youth.”

    After WWII Eseinhower operation wetback, millions of servicemen returning home.

  16. Woodrow Wilson did what his handler, Edward M. House, told him to do.

    He was handpicked out of Yale, by the Zionists, for the very reason that he was a gullible idiot. Toward the end, he suspected House was misleading him and ultimately shunned him. But, the damage was done. Dr. Stan Monteith, who viewed Wilson’s papers at Yale, found The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion/Sion (Monteith said these were slightly different than others he had seen and wrote it off as a different translation) as well as commentary by those in the Wilson’s cabinet that House has supernatural powers (could read minds and plant thoughts – that information was in the papers). Read his book “The Brotherhood of Darkness” for the entire scoop. Everything is infiltrated now and everything was infiltrated then. How do you think they always win? One step ahead and never two steps back.

  17. That picture at the top is very interesting. Looks like all those signs were mass produced. Just like they are today. Your thoughts aren’t always your thoughts.

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