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  1. Honestly I am just waiting to see how much Big Tech censors this speech. Newsmax streams live on its YouTube channel so will they block that?

    The more the people I vote for, or would vote for (Steve King & David Duke), get censored in this cancel culture the more radicalized I get! Extremist! Yeah baby!

  2. Why do you keep promoting this zionist nationalist puppet? Trump the candidate and Trump the POTUS were Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  3. Re: “We will be watching (Trump’s speech)” and “Google William Jennings Bryan”:

    Words, words, words. W.J. Bryan, Esquire, was a “gifted” speaker and wordsmith staying well inside the boundaries of permissible, mainstream political speech, unlike Eugene Debs and other socialists of the time who went to prison or were even executed for saying certain IM-permissible things.

    Instead of giving even more views to Trump’s WORDS, one should give attention to what the Empire is actually DOING that mainstream “news” media, and even most independent (such as Alt-Right) news sources, carefully avoid mentioning: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/ive-been-browsing-for-2-hours-so-far-this-morning-sunday-and-this-is-the-only-decent-story-ive-found/

  4. When actual conservatives say “socialism” they mean something very different than when liberals say it.

    The Liberal Democrats screamed at the Progressive Democrats for losing their House seats and demanded they never use the term “socialism” ever again because it polled really, really badly in white suburbs.

    “Non-college educated” whites hate “socialism” too – but they don’t mean Social Security or even Medicare. They are likely to called anti-whiteness “socialism” and connect “political correctness” to it.

    Which sort of makes sense, if you understand what “cultural Marxism” is and where it came from.

    Unfortunately, these terms are being used as euphemisms because conservative Republican activists are disgusting, lying chicken-shit cowards.

    The term “Marxist” is a code word for “Jew.” It has little to do with Marx himself – it has more to do with Trotsky, and plenty of Jews who were liberals, not “socialists.”

    The term “socialist” is a euphemism for “totalitarianism” – a police state, the lack of freedom and liberty.

    So when a “working class Trump voter” says he’s against “Marxist socialism” what he means is he is against the Zionist Police State we are all living under.

    But no one will tell the truth – except for me.

  5. During this phase of the pandemic investigation Dr Cantarel and his assistants closely surrounded the animated covid-19 corpse, watching his every movement in order to assist him from time to time when necessary.

    Indeed the exact reproduction of some muscular effort made in life to raise some heavy object – now absent – entailed a loss of balance which would have caused a fall, but for their prompt intervention.

    Furthermore, whenever the legs, with only flat ground before them, began to ascend or descend some imaginary staircase, it was essential to prevent the covid-19 body falling either forwards or backwards, as the case might be.

    A quick hand had to be held ready to replace some non-existent wall against which the reanimated covid-19 subject might be about to lean his shoulder, and he would have tended to sit down on thin air from time to time if their arms had not received him

  6. How many times will he disavow White supremacy and mention Israel? I Refuse to watch any of these traitors speak because they are only for themselves and that includes Trump. How many times can you fall for the same con game?

  7. CPAC was a clown show. I am ashamed to have ever been associated with these people.

    I think about what we could have done with the money I donated to Trump in 2016 on a regular basis. He looked greasy last night, different spray tan?

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