Every House Republican Votes Against COVID Relief Bill

Why do we keep emphasizing economic populism?

The polls are clear that the next Trump will be a Huey Long type figure. The GOP is wildly out of touch with its own voters and the country at large on its economic agenda. We saw that in Georgia with the $600 stimulus check which lost Republicans control of the Senate.

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  1. The US will never have economic populism for Whites within the current jew-controlled US system no matter how hard you want it to happen, HW.

    • You’re a White man that gets it. The jew is a bully and coward. The only way to beat a bully is to stand up to them. Until White learns that, they will always lose to the bully jew supremacist.

  2. They talk about trillions like it’s chump change. Just another massive pork barrel bill in which they buy us off with crumbs.

  3. Why would anybody vote for a bunch of Greedy Capitalist Pig Republicans? Perfect example of what they think about the American People, our cities, towns, schools, and the economy during this continues World Health Pandemic. Deo Vindice!

    • Problem is the opposition to them are idiots like the democratic teachers union who are enjoying chilling at home so much they refuse to go back to work, even after the vaccine. Don’t matter that the ghetto kids don’t bother with “online learning” and have been having one huge summer vacation over the last year. The left will just blame it all on racism. Our government really just represents two different factions from New York City: ruthless psychopathic capitalists, and their rich leftist brats. I really would love to see the New England to DC megapolis expelled from the United States. We don’t need these people and they’d be happier on their own. We could then clean up the Golden State without their interference, such valuable real estate shouldn’t be ceded to leftists.

  4. The Republicans must be afraid this thing is so stuffed with pork that eventually taxes will have to be raised again. They just do not want to give up that Paul Ryan tax cut from a few years ago.

    I have a feeling that this may end up being disastrous for the Repubs if they maintain that course. Instead we need a ‘Tax the Jews’ movement. I want Soroses money to help me defry the costs of Covid-19!

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