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  1. I was going to write “Jimmy Dore Show is one of a kind” but very fortunately, it’s not. Here’s an example of other, similar, independent True Left shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IV2pRJIdu4 Note that Convo Couch has been hit with censorship and de-monetizing just like some independent Right-wing shows, blogs and channels, because in fact the true left is a greater threat to the establishment than the right.

  2. Biden has not said a word about the Leftist Social Justice Warriors. He is who he was. I trust him more than Trump.

  3. Showing the hypocrisy of our J misled not really Liberal, more like just Hate White people, let’s bomb Arabs, Persians and Serb military industrial complex and flood our country with happy slave migrant workers for Tyson Foods and Cargil – this is always good propaganda.

    Let’ try to shame more Red State Amurikuns to get completely out of the Christian Zionists, “Support the Troops, every neighbor of Israel is Hitler” type White folks.

    Here’s a cartoon I thought up and Farstar put to paper that shows the hypocrisy of Michael Moore type Hollywood Lib Leftists who claim to be for all kinds of Liberal things but give the worst Islamists a free pass because these Islamists also hate White Western Civilization.


  4. This how hostage crisis looks like. You have to do what the kidnappers say and there is nothing what you can do. Most sadistic kidnapper take care that you can not even commit suicide.

    We had Konstantin Chernenko. He was very sick and could breathe only with ventilator. Once our commies wanted to show that leader of the Soviet Union is efficient and for example can vote in election.

    So they took the ventilator away, put the suit on the suffocating man, dragged him to ballot box so that TV could make a few second clip and after that , doctors made CPR and put him back to life supporting machine. First you are tortured to death, then brought back to enjoy more suffering.

    This how the end of communism or liberal democracy looks like. They do not let you retire and they do not let you even die.

    And it is going only worse. Donald is the genius who pushed the system to self destruction.

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