John Brennan: I’m Embarrassed To Be A White Male

When I write about the Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) or the woke professional class who are hostile to other Whites, this is what I am referring to.

Note: John Brennan was on MSNBC saying extreme shit about how Trump voters are like an “insurgency” after the Biden inauguration. He was the CIA director under Obama.

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  1. Well it helps distract from his war crimes. Don’t talk about all the illegal things Brennan did, talk about how he’s a “white male.”

    It’s a great gimmick.

      • So who is he proud of? Did third worlders invent his internal combustion engine or his computer or his medications?

  2. @ mr.brennan, i am not only embarrased that you are a white man, i am truly ashamed, that you are a white man, you are a good example of how far our people have fallen, so that being said mr.brennan, forget that you are white , we will forget your sorry self also.

  3. That perpetually scowling, Cultural Marxist Beltway scum. Our race traitor jew-whore enemies personified.

  4. @ Krafty Wurker: You may note that torturer-in-chief Brennan was brought up Catholic, including Catholic parochial high school. His only aberration from a lifelong pattern of evil was voting for Gus Hall in 1976, inexplicable. Fox News star Glenn Beck spread a conspiracy theory that Brennan secretly converted to Islam, which is ridiculous since Brennan has done nothing but destroy Islamic nations.

  5. ….And I told you it be the blacks or the Hispanics who lead the war against whites, it will be the Irish, the trusted henchmen of the Jews.

  6. Embarrassed to be White?! Stupid fucking piece of shit is a potato and always fricking will be Look at his big ugly stupid potato face! Lmfao Mr potato head looking bitch

    CIA spooks never seem to amaze me with their mental retardation and evil backwards logic literally wolves in sheeps clothing, zog choirboys through and through

    • This isnt White guilt. It’s White psychopathy. A display meant to shift the blame for elite incompetence, elite negligence, and elite maliciousness onto powerless White people. They are saying that the problems in society aren’t caused by the elite being evil and stupid, but are caused by White people who work at Wal Mart for $10/hour being “complicit in whiteness.”

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