My Takeaways From AFPAC II

I used to be a big supporter of Nick Fuentes. In 2019, He emphasized White identity, Christian Values and exposing the current power structure in today’s world. However, things have obviously changed in the past year. When I look at AFPAC II in February 2021, it seems that the main things that separate AFPAC from CPAC are: 1. taking an even harder anti-mask stance then most conservatives 2. Making vulgar remarks about people in wheelchairs and 3. Supporting Donald Trump and doing stopthesteal phony culture-war rhetoric more aggressively.

Steve King talked about capitalism and claimed that this is a “Judeo-Christian” nation. Jazzhands McFeels raised a good point on the latest FTN by noting that King’s speech would of likely been completely acceptable at CPAC.  I’ve been saying for a while now that Nick and many “Paleocons” don’t actually have many substantial critiques of conservatives’ economic policies anymore. Their main gripe with neoliberal economics seems to be that groups like TPUSA and individuals within the GOP emphasize it too much to where it hurts them in elections. Just like most conservative events, the most “based” speeches seemed to come from non-Whites. “RINO” republicans, big tech, and the “deep state” were targeted as well.

It is very puzzling to me why they railed against CPAC so much when the President they vehemently support is literally speaking there. Perhaps they are hoping that AFPAC will be the home of Donald Trump and Trumpism, but this is unlikely since CPAC has not abandoned the former president at all. Con Inc embraced Trump, but not his 2016 campaign platform.

Despite promoting stopthesteal, which culminated with the Capitol Protest on January 6th and then bragging about it afterwards, Nick Fuentes is still verified on twitter and just had a sitting congressman speak at his event. I don’t think he’s going to jail anytime soon. In my opinion, it’s more likely at this point that Nick is simply being used as the next GOP op to carry this fake “conservative populism” into the future of which we know amounts to not much more than empty platitudes about RINO republicans, the deep state, COVID conspiracy theories and consistent loyalty to an adulterous ultra-Philo-Semitic billionaire who lost an election.


  1. AFPAC is just another useless “conservative” PAC. Nick IMO is buying his time until he can make the big money. If and when that happens, he will turn into another middle of the road conservative.

      • Lauren Southern married an Asian and had a hapa child, after many years of sleeping around with various other non-whites. Thankfully, she went back to her original libertarian-conservative grift and no longer even pretends to be a nationalist or anything.

      • I heard she married her pet negro, and has had at least one niglet.

        Looking forward to reading her future article about being an abused single mother.

        • He is Asian. She was trying to keep it a secret so she could continue grifting off her White identity followers, but a journalist leaked it and then others confirmed it.

  2. This is a very old tactic.

    CPAC is Playboy; AFPAC is Penthouse. CPAC are the Beatles; AFPAC are the Rolling Stones. CPAC is Taylor Swift, AFPAC is the slutty one whats her name.

    It’s not quite “good cop bad cop.” They are not opposites, one just lets it hang out a bit more.

    Since no one is allowed to come out and say what they mean, everyone engages in these proxies fights. Ted Kaczynski would call these “surrogate activities.”

    The “anti-mask” thing is a proxy for the real issue – the police state, the “lock downs,” and the extreme limiting of free speech about Covid.

    They have shut down churches all around the country which has never happened before as far as I know. The cities are still under a lockdown after a full year. The government line just keeps changing – the lock downs were originally to prevent hospitals from being overcrowded – that did not happen, so they changed the excuses for the lock downs.

    Frankly it is a failure of the “Dissident Right” to capitalize on these sentiments, which gave rise to the various conspiracy theories.

    Frankly, what else is Fuentes going to do? If he can’t get a mainstream gig under the new “conservative populism” he’s toast. They have already banned him everywhere. He can’t denounce Trump because then he loses the last thread of his lifeline. That is what they do to dissidents.

    Can’t he sue them for falsely claiming he’s a “Neo-Nazi?” James Edward sued them for falsely claiming he was a “KKK Grand Wizard” but the judges ruled it’s ok to libel Edwards because he’s bad anyway, even if he has nothing to do with the “KKK.”

    Such is being a dissident.

    • I nominate Banned Hipster for a “Comment of the 2021” contender. From start to finish this was perfect with an opening analogy that is as good as possible

      • It was a typically poor comment.

        “The government line just keeps changing – the lock downs were originally to prevent hospitals from being overcrowded – that did not happen, so they changed the excuses for the lock downs….”

        Excuses? Pandemic denial ignorance.

    • The lockdown was to mitigate spread and try to decrease the surge that would overwhelm the hospitals. Which failed because many did not follow and economic aid was not provided. Once the virus entered (never should’ve happened with a country that takes health, borders [airports], and migration seriously) the country there was no way, the hospitals would be overrun for a time until a prolong lockdown that wouldn’t show up until 2 weeks later.

      There was no police state and a bunch of people begging people to do the right thing is not a police state. China handled this better and was more of a police state than this sorry excuse of a society has ever been. Australia and New Zealand has dealt with this. We have not. People are so obssessed with freedom which is paramount and duty and sacrifice means nothing. All the Right did was harness this sentiment. With idiots in Florida and Georgia just going to bars as both rebellion and hedonism and declaring it while mocking liberal areas of the country. Senators refusing to lockdown (of course that rural areas are less densely populated than say a city where the Left rules and viruses will do better in an urban area). Even on the West Coast now there’s people going to restaurants and bars during the day (with glass windows as if that does anything (why? because businesses are going bankrupt because the gov couldn’t provide aid). This isn’t a lockdown. We didn’t even try to do a real lockdown.

      And in conjunction with no economic relief, people were looking for ways not believe COVID existed, find conspiracies, etc, to end the lockdown due to the need to work from no economic aid (because we didn’t change our economy during a world crises. which is amazing because we did that even in WW2), desire to get out, and not stick in for the long haul. And there’s the issue of freedom and the constant worship of it. This pandemic was going to test who has more or less discipline. Who is and isn’t willing to make short term sacrifices for the long term. That is not this country.

      But you are right. Masks brought out the radical hyper-individualism, freedom worship, fear mongering of a giant police state, on the Right and so nothing was done due to this reactionary backwards impulse.

      In many ways, this thread proves the lack of hegemony on the Right when it comes to issues (and having the correct [or more correct because even the Left is very wrong]) and just being so wrong. More wrong than the Left. As bad as the Left is many of its views, the Right simply cannot, and more, should not rule.

      Many countries are out of this. We are not. We are not because we do not believe in collectivism and a sense of sacrifice to do what is necessary and stomach. Now we endure this long grueling episode where the virus will linger and kill what it kills. Herd Immunity is done out of exasperation of a society that failed- especially in the beginning stages to lock the country down with travel, screening, and isolationism.

      • @ aspiretothestars, ” people are so obsessed with freedom which is paramount and duty and sacrafice mean nothing”, i am quite certain, madam president harris will alleviate you of this terrible burden called ” freedom”, people kill to be free, people “sacrafice” their own lives, so other’s can be free, that is thee “duty”, of thee american citizen soldier, we confederados cherish this gift, this blessing called freedom, if it is lost in battle, it shall be lost, but i tell you truthfully, i would rather drop dead , where i stand, before i would willingly surrender my freedom and the freedom of those

    • Re: “They have shut down churches all around the country which has never happened before as far as I know. The cities are still under a lockdown after a full year”:

      Churches were hardly “shut down.” They either continued to be open occasionally with smaller attendance, a few even wearing some masks, or they remained open with almost regular attendance right through so-called “lockdown.”

      There was never been a real, serious lockdown anywhere, only pretense, half-way “public health” measures designed to protect the private profit medical system from being overwhelmed and losing money. Fake public hygiene to keep the private corporations’ private profits flowing.

      Covid is rampant in at least one local church populated by pandemic doubters and deniers, that continues full-steam ahead through any so-called lockdown. No masks at all in these churches, even with congregational singing and a lot of coughing.

  3. You said a while ago that Nick was probably bought by a conservative politician, and I think you’re absolutely right.
    I don’t know if you know but AF has expelled all the “wignats” from his movement and has replaced them with Jewish paleocons. Can you imagine aligning half of your audience and thinking that this is a good strategy?
    Nick clearly changed after he became popular, but to be fair his speech was fine, he spoke out against liberal capitalism and free market dogmatism, as well as emphasizing white identity. You should see King’s speech, leaving aside that shit about “Judeo-Christian values” his speech was great, after years a politician dares to exalt southern values.
    Do you think that one day will return the Nick who exalted Franco and Mussolini?

  4. The issue here everyone missed is what would happen if any one of us tried to host a “white identity convention”? Not anything hateful of others or involving vulgarity and violence. Just people discussing the issues we face and a prosperous future for European people. Not only would a brand name speaker be impossible so would a venue. If by the slimmest chance and some ingenuity a venue was found, it would be swarmed by Antifa, protesters and police. This is the reason I know this AFPAC nonsense is rigged

    • There IS an annual “white identity convention” – American Renaissance. Hunter Wallace, I & a few others who post here have attended many times. Its organizer, Jared Taylor, even has a book called, White Identity. (Recently banned on amazon, still available at The conference was cancelled in 2020 because of Covid. Originally re-scheduled for May 2021, it’s now in a holding pattern because of uncertainty about when indoor meeting restrictions will be relaxed enough to permit a large event (100 to 300 people), but Jared has a solid contract with Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee, including guarantees of police protection, and he will announce the new dates when the time is ripe. Stay tuned.

  5. I know it’s anecdotal, but I watched the entire event live, and every Nick sycophant in the chat absolutely hated Steve King and Paul Gosar’s speeches. They just thought it was good they were there to lend legitimacy to nick. Well I watched the entire event but the black guy so don’t know what they said about him. The consensus on “mommy malkin” was she was okay but kinda boring. Most agreed Vince was the best speech, and Vince is pretty much ourguy

  6. The American Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians that make a big fuss about Mask Mandates are really showing how little they care for White People. Should all White People die from a Pandemic? Heck No! So care about dang Masks. It’s something……why not stop the spread? The Vaccines are out now and rolling. Getting more and more people vaccinated. Probably meds will be out for Covid-19 soon and things will be normal again. Why run into CPAC all mad about Masks? Can you not find anything else you care about that should be addressed… CPAC rejecting all forms of Southern Nationalism and White Nationalism? Something I think should stop is people should stop using the word “Conservative” because the Conservatives hate the very existence of the South and White People. These people only care about Money….Jew Money….nothing more. With money comes power over our lives and the South. We should focus on the core issues of the survival and advancement of the White Race under God. With that comes the survival of the South and all White Nations. Deo Vindice !

  7. “I’ve been saying for a while now that Nick and many “Paleocons” don’t actually have many substantial critiques of conservatives’ economic policies anymore.”

    People in the alt-right have been misusing the term “paleocon” to mean cuck. Steve King was never a paleocon in any sense. He was a neocon who was against immigration.

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