Tucker Carlson: Corporate Media Brands Biden Strike On Syria As “Counter-Terrorism”

I’ve consistently opposed these people across four administrations over the course of 20 years. It is even more important to do so now that so many of the same neocons have become Democrats and want to use the same sort of tactics at home against “white supremacists.”

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  1. Tucker Carlson tells his audience some truths they already know, making them lower their guard to accept the crucial lies mixed in. Beware of Rupert Murdoch’s hired Faux News entertainers. There is no reason to give them views.

    The Empire’s world-record arsenal of every kind of weapon ever invented (yes, including biological) is ever-increasing and it is bound to be used more and more, including suicide drone attacks on U.S. citizens without warning. What is being done to the Syrian people, day after day, year after year, will finally come home to roost:

  2. Tucker will not bell the cat. He claims not to be able to answer the mysterious question: “Why is the U.S. still involved in the Near East now that the U.S. is energy independent? Why oh why?” Since it’s no longer oil it must be sheer stupidity or an unanswerable question, one of the great riddles of history. How about Our Greatest Ally is calling the tune in Washington and the U.S. Government dances, how about that for an explanation as to why the U.S. Government is all over the Near East?

    If I can figure it out Tucker can figure it out, too.

    Tucker also drones on about crime in “our” cities, it’s out of control! I didn’t know that crime was ever controlled but to take the egregious example of old Asian people getting beaten, stabbed and assaulted in places like SF and NYC, this is another mystery. Apparently “liberal” policies are to blame thus the gooks’ protests against “White Supremacy”, the real cause of their crime problems.

    Tucker and his gook friends know it’s the Negro population and perhaps some Hispanics responsible for all the crimes against them, not evil Whites. The Asians can’t wait to get to White countries and live amongst evil “White Supremacists” but they aren’t as keen to be enriched by the Negro diversity. The Asians would agree with the “Rev.” Jesse “scumbag” Jackson that when they hear footsteps behind them at night and turn around and see it’s White men and not black teenage boys, they breathe a sigh of relief.

    Another mystery that Tucker can’t figure out? Come on Tucker, just tell the truth, all of the truth this time.

    • Let’s see what Carlson, and Ingraham, Hannity, et al, do with the CIA’s Navalny poisoning psyop and the Biden administration’s new sanctions on Russia: “The Biden Administration declassified an intelligence finding on Tuesday that Russia’s F.S.B., one of its leading intelligence agencies, orchestrated the poisoning of Aleksei A. Navalny, and announced its first sanctions against the Russian government for the attack and the imprisonment of the opposition politician (…) The sanctions closely mirrored a series of actions that European nations and Britain took last October and expanded on Monday. Senior administration officials said it was part of an effort to show unity in the new administration’s first confrontations with the government of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia (…) While most past presidents have come into office declaring they would seek a reset of relations with Russia, Mr. Biden has done the opposite….” says The New York Times today.

    • @12AX7

      Tucker Carlson knows. The infamous Jon Stewart incident was pure Jew against “Goy” hate. It cost Carlson his first job – the entire show was canceled due to the mockery from Jon Stewart – real name, Liebowitz.

      Jon Stewart sucked up to the Jew that was Tucker’s co-host while mocking Tucker and calling him names – Jon Stewart’s hatred was not faked either – it was real, and came from the heart. You could see the Rabbi come out – if Jon Stewart could have gotten away with it, he would have literally killed Tucker Carlson and used his blood in some Jew ritual. Jon Stewart treated Tucker Carlson like he was a Palestinian sitting under an olive tree. It wasn’t faked – it was pure, raw, racist Jew hate.

      So Tucker Carlson knows. Just like Ann Coulter knows.

      • Are you referring to Carlson and Stewart appearing on CNN during the Republican National Convention when Stewart autistically said he wasn’t a “performing Monkey”… And that Simpson guy in the senate said Stewart did not make fun of himself but only mocked others?

        • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

          No Jon Stewart went on “Crossfire” which was Tucker Carlson and some Jew. He started cursing at Tucker Carlson and calling him names while having a “heart to heart” with the Jew.

          It was pure, vicious, Semitic hate – Jon Stewart literally snarled at Carlson. It was weird, but I’ve seen them do that when someone mentions maybe they shouldn’t kill so many Palestinians.

          What did Voltaire – the real Voltaire – say about Jews like Jonathan “Stewart” Liebowitz?

          “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.”

          Considering these spittle-lipped, fanatical nutjobs have been trying to start World War III – with nukes – for the last 20 years, clearly, Voltaire was 100% right about them.

          So was Truman. And Nixon. And Billy Graham. And Andrew Jackson. Really most people, throughout all of history, have known – even the freaking Romans. Their reputation precedes them – that is why they have to censor everyone.

    • There is probably a Fox employee whose entire job is to watch, and instantly shut it down if Tucker tries to name them.

  3. Whatever president overseas these immoral airstrikes must be impeached, and also tried for war crimes. The Syrian people didn’t vote for Trump or Biden. They shouldn’t be getting killed by them.

    • . . . and funding ISIS: A CIA/Deep State project to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria which is the only force in the Near East that has protected the few ancient Christian communities left there.

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