Independents Climb To Record High

My official political stance is monitoring the situation.

I’ve always been a populist, nationalist, moderate, right-leaning Independent voter. I’m definitely not a Democrat, but I don’t identify with the Republican Party either.

My problem with the Republican Party is that it is just too deferential to wealthy donors and business interests and leans far too heavily for my tastes towards the cultural and economic preferences of the True Cons wing of the party. This was still true throughout the Trump presidency. We got tax cuts, deregulation, libertarian judges, huge military budgets, MIGA and criminal justice reform out of it. The final insult was the $600 stimulus check which completed the Republican loss of power in Washington.


The comment section feels the same way.

Everyone seems to recognize the futility of backlash politics. Neoliberal Joe is governing about as we expected, but the Republicans don’t seem that interested in offering an alternative. They lost control of the White House and Congress by conserving their antiquated policy agenda and catering to the interests of the donor class instead of their own voters.

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  1. Interestingly enough, Trump semi-die-hard Billionairess Jane Timken has thrown her more than ample Trump MAGA hat into the US Senate race in Ohio to replace Rob Portman R-Gay Marriage, Ohio. Jane maybe a place holder for Congressman Jim Jordan, or she maybe in this to win one for the Timken Family. Tax cuts for business, and some mild anti-immigration policy of some sort. I doubt that she will be running on a platform of imported Chinese stainless steel and roller bearings.(the basis of the Timken fortune).

    If it comes down to a primary race between Jane Stainless Timken, Josh The Conservative Jew Mandel, and an un-named Italian Stallion car dealer, I can already pick the winner.

  2. Global Monarchists (cucks) or Confederates?

    Is a global communistic “messianic” monarchy the solution? … with communist politburo oligarchy, err “aristocracy” (ie. only the monarch and his “aristocracy” will own any property of any kind worldwide and you will BE !! happy) ?

    Why is it nobody wants to discuss the so called (imperial) “religion” of empire for the last 2000 years?

  3. This is a great development because the first step is Americans realizing that the Democratic Party and Republican Party aren’t our friends. Think different and vote based on the person not the party. Vote based on the candidates / elected officials that get things done for We The People. Deo Vindice !

  4. Being an independent and voting in one of the two controlled parties is an oxymoron. It sounds good on paper but at the end of the day you’re still voting in one of the two corrupt parties.

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