FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies About Capitol Siege

Christopher Wray doesn’t have the “percentage” of arrests that have been made over the Capitol Siege that were even remotely connected to “white supremacy” because sharing the true figure with the public would debunk the ridiculous narrative being spun by the media.

Washington Post:

“Although I don’t have the percentage for you, the attackers on January sixth included a number — and the number keeps growing as we build out our investigations — of what we would call militia violent extremism,” Wray said. “And we have had some already arrested who we would put in the category of racially motivated violent extremism, white as well. Those would be the categories so far that we’re seeing as far as January sixth.”

What’s more, Wray said, racist extremism was a significant part of the FBI’s work overall. (A report from the Department of Homeland Security released in October made a similar point.) …”

As of last week, more than 250 people have been charged.

To the best of my knowledge, only Baked Alaska, Loulz, Riley June Williams, Christian Secor and one other Groyper have been arrested. Baked and Loulz were there livestreaming and chasing content. The actual motivation for all five of them being in Washington, DC on January 6th at the “Stop the Steal” rally was also supporting Donald Trump and Nick Fuentes, not “white supremacy.” The overwhelming majority of people who have been arrested over the Capitol Siege are just ordinary Trump supporters.

If anything is true, “white supremacists” are underrepresented among the people who have been arrested at the Capitol Siege because most undoubtedly had no interest in going to DC in the middle of winter to attend a Donald Trump rally with other dead enders which was certain to change nothing.

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  1. White supremacists would be unlikely to support Trump after years of watching him bow to Israel. Dozens of speeches about black employment levels and moving the capital of ZOG to Jerusalem are wasted on white supremacists. And they are likely to know how the DOJ works. That’s why they mostly weren’t at Charlottesville, either. Whites don’t have civil rights, free speech or the right to defend themselves. Whites can never speak for whites, only for “humanity” or “minorities”.

    • Excellent post. Trump was the self-proclaimed “Law and Order” president, who allowed violent rioting, looting, and the destruction of businesses. He allowed them to take over police stations. He allowed them to establish their own “countries” in the middle of several cities. The Republicans said they couldn’t do anything about these things, or it would cost them “the black vote”.

  2. When is ZOG gonna do something about Anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and White Liberals going on a Violent Terrorist rampage in 2020 taking over cities all over the US, destroying monuments, burning stores, looting stores, burning police cars, and so on. Who needs Islamic Terrorists when we have a bunch of left wing thugs here in the US? Should all be arrested, put in Prison, and given the Death Penalty like other Terrorists who hate White America. Deo Vindice !

  3. They still claim that the Proud Boys are “White supremacists” despite their leader being some kind of tri-racial FBI agent.

    They try to pull the sophistry where they consider any form of militia to be “whiteness,” so even if the group is chock full of mestizos and blacks like the Proud Boys, it is still a display of “whiteness.” Sort of like when blacks murder Asian people it is now viewed as an expression of “whiteness” and “White supremacy.”

  4. That picture of Wray says a lot. A big time scumbag, America and self hating nihilistic bureaucrat swearing it’s empty oath to nothing for the pseudo federal transparency show like this bullshit is on all of Americans minds.

    • Wray looks every bit like the weak, cowardly and corrupt bureaucrat that he actually is. Needless to say he’ll never prosecute any members of Antifa, because they are used by ZOG as a goon squad to terrorize right-wing patriot types into submission.

  5. The left and the jews see “Nazis” and White supremacy in their dreams. They’re obsessed with something that doesn’t exist.

  6. Q: “Director Wray, how many of the white people arrested for the super scary January sixth erection were undercover FBI agents and or confidential informants?”

    A; “I can’t disclose actual numbers at this time, but I can safely say … it was a lot”

  7. Look at those 2015 numbers. They count the Aryan Nations prison gang as “right-wing” and “white supremacist” but they do not count the Black Guerilla Family nor the Latin Kings as “left-wing” or “black supremacist” or “brown supremacist.”

    They always play up the Aryan Nations – headed by a Jew with a Star of David tattoo no less – as some sort of political group, as opposed to a prison and drug gang.

    I’d also like to point out yet another failure of the right-wing, conservatives, “the Right” – whatever you want to call them.

    They didn’t even conserve “the militia” – not the uniquely American, Constitutional concept – not even the NAME. Now the very word “militia” is somehow bad, when it should have positive connotations, like “volunteer fireman.”

    Is there anything Republicans can’t screw up? So far they only thing they have conserved is their paychecks but hopefully they will all get fired anyway. Count me on the “Cancel All Republicans 2021” team. That is the kind of cancel culture I can get behind.

  8. That scum doesn’t hit the panic button about (((Antifa))) because they commit the real anti-White gutter terrorism the feds want to commit but can’t. They have a long established, sordid record of using criminals to oppress Whites who object to their top-down racial upheavals, like when they had Mafia greaseballs kidnap & threaten to kill KKK men to get them to rat out their brethren.

    • Funny how FBI Director Hoover never went after the Mafia. Probably because they had dirt on him about his closeted homosexuality and gambling debts.

  9. Because the focus is to destroy white America, and replace it with nonwhites. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense, from an economic and intelligence point of view.

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