Two Sustainable Madison Committee Members Resign Over “God Bless George Floyd” Remark

These people are going to be our political opposition in the 2020s and 2030s.


“Two members of the Sustainable Madison Committee (SMC) resigned Wednesday over fellow committee member Denise DeMarb’s remark Monday that they said made a martyr of George Floyd.

Matthew Braunginn and Nada Elmikashfi, both of whom are Black, sent an email to the entire committee Wednesday announcing their resignation.

Braunginn, who also hosts the Madison365 show Finding the Warmth of Our Sun, said DeMarb was trying to make the point that the SMC should be intentionally anti-racist in the way it approaches sustainability.

Braunginn took issue, though, with the way DeMarb made the point: Braunginn said she said “God bless George Floyd,” and that Floyd’s death allowed white people to see and understand racism.

“The implication (was) that white people got better, that he served as a martyr for this country,” Braunginn said in an interview Wednesday. “The martyrdom of Black Americans is very prevalent among particularly white liberals and we see that, I think, in how we celebrate MLK and how a lot of these folks will uphold the whitewashed and martyred idea of Dr. King without actually exploring his radical nature and radical ideology.”

Braunginn called DeMarb’s remark “the typical well meaning white liberal kind of paternalistic type of racism.”

Braunginn said after he made a post on Facebook about the remark, DeMarb called him.

“She called to apologize in a way and it just really rang hollow to me. It rang like somebody that, one, didn’t reflect on what she said before she heard that I was upset,” he said. “She also resorted to it as an individual hurt, in saying sorry she hurt me, without an ability to see a wider level and see as what it was, racist behavior, racist mentality. And I kind of started to say that and I’m like, ‘You’ve got a lot of work to do.’ And she said, ‘I’m trying to do that work. Maybe you could help me.’ And I told her that it’s not for me, I’m not here to do the work for you. You’ve got to do it yourself.” …”

There is really nothing you can do.

If you are White, you are guilty of the original sin of “racism” under wokeness. Even if it is just bullshit, your career can be destroyed by a brat on a whim like Donald McNeil, Jr, when he found out that he had lost the newsroom. “Racism” is officially systematic now and what you say, believe or do isn’t a defense anymore. You can either stand up for yourself or grovel and take this shit.

We’re definitely heading for interesting times. The Silent Generation and the Boomers are going to lose power in the 2020s. With each passing year, fewer White people in this country remember World War II, the Civil Rights Movement and the Thirty Glorious Years. There are millions of politically correct and woke White Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers, but also millions of others who are not so much.

How will the political establishment handle White people who are not cowed and shamed by White guilt and accusations of “racism” and who are even less impressed with wokeness? What happens when White people just start laughing when they are accused of “racism” and refuse to do the work?

Note: This country is still ruled by old people because they are so overrepresented among voters and at the top levels of society. Their grip really started to slip about five years ago.

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  1. Most of you would consider me old yet I had no idea that I’m ruling this country. All this time I thought it was the chicken swingers.

  2. George was an accident waiting to happen. It’s funny how frail they get after 40. Wtf was he doing shooting up junk and being a drama queen after recovering form Covid-19? Absolute menace.

    • George is a multi millionaire. Who knows where he is now, but his Go Fund Me was over 10 million. Don’t cry for George.

  3. “How will the political establishment handle White people who are not cowed and shamed by White guilt and accusations of “racism” and who are even less impressed with wokeness?”

    By slandering and libeling them online, in a coordinated fashion, the same way the Anti-Defamation League has done via the newspapers since the 20’s. Only this time it’s worse because it’s online.

    Google is the company that they coordinate this with. Google always puts their slander and libel at the top of their search results – so does Wikipedia.

    The fact they have to do this shows their power is slipping. You are totally correct this is a generational issue. The taboos of the Boomers are obsolete.

    The near term problem is making sure that right-wing retards don’t spoil it as more and more white people start escaping the anti-white plantation. “Democrats are the reeeeal way-sists,” “we love our based immigrants,” etc.

  4. Calling this “wokeness” is just goofy, sorry, but it is dumb. Everyone here knows where it came from, who runs it, who owns the media and universities that control it. It is Judaism.

    • It is a value system which has spread through the professional class. Jews contributed to it and stoked it and enforce it, but it is the ethos of a larger group of elites

  5. Resisting arrest and had rap sheet of felonies,decades ago would been consider a road kill.

  6. I’m pulling for the younger generations, but I can’t see Nick Fuentes or Mike Enoch types leading any movement that can meet the challenges ahead. I suggest that we start focusing on issues and less on personalities and political parties.

    • Leaders become targets. Gilets Jaunes worked ( and how convenient that COVID has suppressed it!) because there was no identifiable leader.

  7. Matthew Braunginn who identifies as black … shhh***iiitttt, da brothas be gettin’ lighter n’ lighter every day!

      • With all the claims of Whites having “White” privilege, you would think mutts with a black mother and White father or visa versa would claim their White side to cash in on that privilege. But they do the opposite and is always claim their black side because they know that is how you get ahead and get special treatment.

    • Funny how light skinned all those “black leaders” are. A lot of ’em are also suspected mischlinge.

      Powell: As you doubtless already know Haiti is ruled by a small mulatto elite.

      • Interesting how the paler skin always rises to the top, even in non-white countries. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  8. Madison WI has always been a hotbed of Liberalism/Bolshevism – the Midwest version of Berkeley. It is ground zero for Middle- and Upper-Middle class virtue-signalling Whites – it’s like another planet.

  9. Wisconsin has two Red Tumors…Dane and Milwaukee Counties. Just look at the “numbahz”…voter turnout numbahz for the 2020 Election. Both need removing…

    • Cities are cancer. I have seen good people, and family members move to cities and become completely different people who hate and turn against their roots.

  10. Hunter’s takes have been increasingly boomerish lately. It’s silly to cherry pick examples of the nuttiest things on the left and then say “this proves the GOP can’t lose to these ass-hats!”

    It’s like the kind of take you would hear from a Freeeper. Demographic change will crush GOP in the 2020’s. Not only are VA, GA and AZ now blue, but TX, NC and MS are approaching the tipping point.

    • It’s the elephant in the room which the GOP(and the Whites who still love it) are too stupid to see. Brown America is the death of the Stupid Party.

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