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  1. I’m sure most of us here have experienced the unfairness of Twitter, Facebook or other Big Tech platforms. Happily, average run of the mill Republicans are also experiencing it and increasingly voicing their opinions on the matter. Hopefully, a stance against Big Tech becomes one of the mainstream GOP’s top priorities in the coming years. This issue will only grow in i.portance as we all increasingly rely on a handful of tech platforms in our daily lives.

  2. it’s a strange experience to be banned/suspended from twitter (for stating facts) then to see “black twitter” with all its anti-White death threats, & “porn twitter” (which can show ANYTHING) – are both still up & running without interference. One senses the hand of the ADL.

    • Twitter, like all other social media platforms, is there to police comments which deviate from or contradict Political Correctness. Free speech in America is dead which means the Constitution is no longer worth the paper it’s written on.

  3. Saying the president is the “most powerful person in the free world” is a load of crap. Being in office and being in power is not the same thing.

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