Dr. Seuss’s Cancellation

It is hard to keep up with all the things the brats are offended by these days. Last month, it was Donald McNeil, Jr. who was up for a Pulitzer at the New York Times for his reporting on COVID until he lost the newsroom. Yesterday, it was a falling out over saying “God bless George Floyd.”

New York Times:

“Six Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published because of their use of offensive imagery, according to the business that oversees the estate of the children’s author and illustrator.

In a statement on Tuesday, Dr. Seuss Enterprises said that it had decided last year to end publication and licensing of the books by Theodor Seuss Geisel. The titles include his first book writing under the pen name Dr. Seuss, “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” (1937), and “If I Ran the Zoo” (1950). …”

I thought Dr. Seuss was an anti-racist. Not anymore.

Washington Post:

“If I Ran the Zoo” is one of the six Seuss books that will soon be out of publication, a decision made by Seuss’s estate given its obviously racist imagery. And this being March 2021, one response was obvious and immediate: Wow, they’re canceling Dr. Seuss!

No one is “canceling” Dr. Seuss, a phrasing by now so detached from reality that it doesn’t even make any sense. The author, himself, is dead for one thing, which is about as canceled as a person can get. The vast, vast majority of his books, the ones without racist images or references, will still be sold. If Dr. Seuss’s profile wanes a bit as a result of the attention being paid to his drawings — the only form of “canceling” at play here — to whom is harm being done? …”

I’m just glad they have moved on from our Confederate monuments.

Now, it is George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ben Franklin monuments, the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians, Aunt Jemima, Dr. Seuss books, the Muppets and Mr. Potato Head’s toxic masculinity. Dr. Seuss has become a partisan issue that is being debated on the floor of Congress.

Note: The Anti-Woke Millennials haven’t gone away. Big Tech has just censored the internet after what happened in 2016. As a result, the Woke Millennials are now center stage.

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  1. Geisel was a piece of shit. He smeared both Lindbergh and Father Coughlin for wanting to keep the US out of WWII. Interesting how his career took off after then. Suck the International Shlomoshlong and great things can happen! Apparently he is the number two richest dead “artist” after Michael Jackson. Good fucking riddance! I hope they ban all his garbage.

  2. The whole woke thing is going to bizarre extremes, things unimaginable just a decade ago. As tot the scale of “whiteness” referenced in this essay, I identify as “White Supremacist”. All normal Whites would have been “White Supremacists” 75-100 years ago.

  3. Hmm, I remember the first time I heard about this magnificent literatus—from the son of the cantor, I believe, at the neighborhood synagogue.

    Come to think of it, that young neighborhooder of mine was also the first person to tell me of Harry Houdini, i.e., (((Erik Weisz))), son of a rabbi. “Hundy,” my not-altogether-literate Hebrew acquaintance pronounced the surname.

    Once upon a time in (((America))) …

  4. Old movie in black and white about a nazi was sentence to death and he said at the end,they are going to come after all of you.

  5. They aren’t really offended. It’s a social power play.

    In the pre-modernist era, these would be church ladies competing with each other over who could find something offensively sexual, like a piano leg looking too much like a show dancer’s leg.

    This is the same as the 1980’s televangelists that would play Led Zeppelin backwards to find the hidden Satanic messages. Now they look at the shape of the stage at CPAC and find a secret Nazi symbol.

    So … take Black, Latin, and “Native American” kids who otherwise wouldn’t go to college. Instead of teaching them something useful, or transcendent, give them praise when they find something “racist” about white people to complain about.

    So what do you get?

    1. The term “mother-f-er” comes from a “racist game the white master would play on slaves” where they would put a bag over a woman’s head, have a boy have sex with her, then remove the bag and it would be their mother. This is how the White man “broke up African families.” You know, like how in Africa it’s a monogamous nuclear family structure, like in Protestant Switzerland in 1690, not at all like the typical polygamy and matriarchies actually found in Africa to this day. No, it’s Whitey’s fault.

    2. The term “red skin” comes from the White man, who would scalp a “Native” and then when they bled on their faces, the White man would call them “Red skins.” Before the White Man, the “Wise Native Elders” lived in peace and harmony with the earth, until the White man came and introduced torture and that is why the gentle native folks can’t stick together.

    I could go on, but you get the point. They are literally inviting stupid people to make up ridiculous lies and slander about European people, in order to justify hatred and violence against them.

    But what happens when an African American or a Native American start doing the same about people racialized as “white AND Jewish?”

    Well that gets shut down quickly.

    Solution: everyone convert to Jew. If they say, “you aren’t really a Jew” call them a nazi anti-semite and remind them of how our grandfathers survived the Holocaust.

    My grandfather died in the Holocaust. He fell out of a guard tower.

  6. White supremacists are white working middle class that don’t their neighborhood flooded with section 8 housing of criminal nig nog devalue the property and school.

  7. Everything is upside down and backwards in this sick and demented society. Good id bad and bad is good.

    • That The Modern American Left is offended by the work of an erstwhile propagandist of the 1920s Judeo-Bolshevik wing is breathtaking in it’s implications, because, at the rate they are putting people off, they will not long survive as an entity.

      • Thank you, Ivan. Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what everyone else, including our host, is posting on this subject, you and I are the only ones here who recognize the supposed children’s literature of “Dr. Seuss” for the hideous junk it is. Everyone else—including, again, our host—seems to have bought into the idea that it’s some sort of endearing Americana and that the left, in canceling it, HAS GONE TOO FAR.

        The genocide proceeds apace.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          You are welcome, Dear John.

          Always good to hear from you, by the way!

          Yes, it’s fascinating watching The Modern Left consume everything they can, including their own.

          The good news is that, with such a mentality, they are going to inadvertently truncate themselves rather than do what they want to do, which is metastasize.

          All the best to you and mama, up yonder way!

          • “[I]t’s fascinating watching The Modern Left consume everything they can, including their own.”

            When they cancel Marx, they’ll have gone the limit, I suppose—well, wait, they could move on to Rousseau.

            In one of his writings, I’m pretty sure, Herr Marx referred to the ladies of the French or German aristocracy—can’t remember which—as trollops or something like that. That might give the wokesters a point of attack. They could get him for slut-shaming.

            Everyone good up at this end, thanks. Hope everyone’s good down your way.

  8. I don’t see White Separatist on their little list. I don’t want to lord over anyone. I want a peaceful, clean, White society, free from people who hate me and my ancestors . If these poor little darlings are so easily offended, wouldn’t it be a great solution for everyone to separate? Self-hating whites can live with the so called “minorities”. That would maintain their access to white people which they constantly display an obvious need for.

    • With White voyeurism You are not even allowed to privately enjoy diverse art, entertainment or ethnic cuisine and what does it mean by wouldn’t challenge?! Does Barnor Hesse expect me fight someone who looks like a skinhead IRL or something? “Seeks to control consumption of non whiteness” I can only think of one group who does this the most Lol this list was comprised by some evil bitch who worships joggers and probably is ugly as a freaking turd

      Delusional merchant individuals and radical libtards who live in million dollar houses safe away from poc or urban crime wrote this list God help us tho literal demons live among us

  9. Irony of ironies! Dr. Seuss drew Anti-Nazi cartoons during the late 30’s to mid-40’s, but apparently that’s not enough to prevent you from being canceled by the woke police.

    • If you’re White nothing protects you. Will the dumb White Anti-White “liberals” finally figure that out?

  10. I want a copy of “If I ran the zoo” lol I don’t remember reading that one. Dr Suess is a very informative storyteller but I didn’t realize he wanted me to hate and stay away from joggers and lets not forget whoville is a high trust white society of whos who tolerated the grinchs outbursts because he was non violent and just did harmless pranks lmfao this is insane

    On a more serious note this is ridiculous and someone is legit holding the suess family estate hostage over this or their publisher are offering to buy them out after they attempt to get suess cancelled by the mob. All the filth in this world like shit on tv the blasphemy, the constant swearing you see or porn is never banned or delisted but a childrens book is obscene because of vague references that could be interpreted as racisms?! I call bullshit on this one

  11. Revolutions usually devour their own. Just ask Robespierre. Stalin destroyed all the early Bolsheviks in various show trials. Hitler, on the other hand, stuck a medal for what he termed the “Old Fighters” and met with them frequently at gala events thrown for their benefit in the Reichstag.

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