Are Democrats Doomed In 2022?

After Neoliberal Joe was sworn in as president, the Democrats huddled together and decided that Donald Trump’s second impeachment, cutting 17 million people out of getting the $1,400 stimulus checks, dropping the $50,000 in student loan debt relief and the $15 minimum wage, demonizing all White people, reenacting the 2014 child migrant crisis that gave them Donald Trump and declaring a domestic War on Terror against “far-right extremism” was their ticket to staying in power in 2022.

Note: House and Senate Republicans are doing everything in their power to save the Democrats but it might not be enough. History and redistricting suggests they lose.

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  1. Yes, they’re doomed in 2022, just like in 1994 & 2010, but they don’t care.
    They figure that whatever radical stuff they can pass now won’t be overturned, as they will still have the White House. Look at “Obamacare”, it’s still mostly in effect, ten years later.

  2. The problem is that $15, UBI & 50K in student loan forgiveness & even the other $1400 are rejected by the entire GOP & voters know that.

  3. All they haf to do, in order to win, is capture the fickle Yankee vote in the sixteen Northern states. Which they can do by babbling some nonsense about balancing things out between the Democrats and Republicans. Mexifornia, with their 56 electoral votes, will reflexively vote along with the North, thus rendering the votes of the rest of the country null and void, and ensuring victory.

    Yankees gotta Yank, which means that they’re gonna follow their cultural programming and vote the way that they always do. Which is not like the way that we do here in the South, or in the Interior West.

    • California doesn’t vote with the “North”. It votes with the 3rd World. Where are you going to move to when Texas goes blue within 10, maybe even 5 years? Better start planning.

  4. “Are Democrats Doomed In 2022?”

    Of course they will lose big time. Joe Biden said it himself this year, that it is important to have a viable opposition party (for our democracy to appear credible).

  5. As long as the dems and reps are the power in this nation, one will always be in power. It’s called the two party shuffle.

  6. Goddamn the Democrats and goddamn everyone on our side who supported them. The best case scenario with Washington is ALWAYS gridlocked government. Nothing “getting done” is far better than anything that hellpit gets done through “bipartisanship.”

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