Donald Trump Hits Mitch McConnell Again For Losing The Senate

Donald Trump is correct.

It was Mitch McConnell who lost the Senate. The True Cons economic agenda is consistently unpopular. The $2,000 stimulus check was wildly popular in Georgia. All Mitch had to do to remain Senate Majority Leader was say yes to something that 80% of the public wanted to happen.

The reason that Republicans lost the House, Senate and White House is due to the unpopularity of their antiquated economic agenda. There is no ambiguity about this. It is not due to any of the nationalist and populist issues that Trump championed in 2016. Those are grievances which actually motivate Republican voters. It is unquestionably the shit Mitch and Wall Street represents that is the problem.

300,000 people could have died of COVID and Trump would have coasted to victory in the 2020 election if the border had been secured, if a second stimulus check had cleared Congress, if Trump wasn’t held back by the tax cuts and backing Ryancare, if an infrastructure bill had passed Congress, etc. We know this because these issues are more popular than Donald Trump who is more popular than McConnell.

Just look at what Trump voters say when given a choice to rank their priorities. Free trade ranks 46 out of 55. Enforces international laws around the globe is 53 out of 55. Openness to immigration is 52 out of 55. In contrast, people have high quality health care ranks 4 out of 55 with Trump voters.

What about Biden voters? They rank openness to immigration 27 out of 55. Free trade is 44 out of 55. Enforces international laws around the globe is 54 out of 55. Promoting democracy around the world is something neither Trump or Biden voters care about. People have high quality health care is 2 out of 55 for Biden voters. They also agreed with Trump on the importance of the $2,000.

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  1. I do not think that President Trump’s verbal barbs will have any effect on Senator McConnell.

    No, looking on, it has been difficult to resist the notion that the senior senator from Kentucky has been interested in ‘winning’, if by winning that meant doing anything that would continue to allow a burgeoning American/Nationalism-Populism to penetrate and grow within The Establishment.

    Could President Trump have missed that?; or does he comprehend it, yet, lacks for any better verbal tact than this, to try and effect the Senate Minority Leader?

    In any case, I think McConnell’s unspoken attitude towards President Trump is one best summed up by a classic Manhattenite phrase : ‘DROP DEAD’…

    • @Terry…

      You’re assuming that he had a soul in the first place, Dear Terry.

      Never forget that some professions, like politics, attracts certain kinds of folks because they have soul problems to begin with.

  2. The more I look at it, the more I think McConnell played it perfectly. Right now, dems don’t have a majority to pass anything they want, but they have just enough that they can take the blame for everything.

    The end result for Mitch is that he pleased his donors who wanted to withhold stimulus, the legislative stalemate persists, and Republicans are set up for a rebound win in 2022. It was a two year punt. Actual 4D chess. Obviously it’s not good for voters, but it is good for McConnell personally.

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