Democrats Won’t Move On Immigration This Month

They don’t even have the votes to pass this garbage in the House!!!


“Top House Democrats have promised to put key immigration bills on the floor this month — but President Joe Biden’s sweeping overhaul won’t be one of them.

The issue of what to do with Biden’s comprehensive immigration plan has bedeviled Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team, particularly after a disappointing whip count came back this week showing they don’t yet have the votes to pass the bill on the floor, according to people familiar with the talks. …”

David Shor has already essentially said that it would take a miracle for Democrats to hold the House in the 2022 midterms. Hispanic Democrats in Texas are pushing back against Joe’s open border policies which is a self-inflicted wound that alienates Independent voters and has unleashed a mounting child migrant crisis on the border. The Democrats are also facing ferocious and mounting opposition from Republican voters in a political climate that is nothing like 2012 and 2013.

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  1. They’re going to wait until the next Budget Reconciliation to try and negotiate a bill. Knowing they may not have 9 Republican votes the BR is the most clearer avenue. Presuming the bill explicitly is made a spending or fiscal bill. And seeing as how the GOP is trying to legislate on nothing other than trying to gerrymander districts to have an advantage in the midterms, they’ll probably have to do it sooner than later. Biden and the Dems ran on this issue, and the don’t deliver, the brown vote will rebel. Arizona was won on that issue, and they won’t want to lose it.

    • Enough democrats want to win re election to prevent this POS from passing. Republicans , who should want the exact same immigration policy as Israel, might actually also stand firm and stop this effort to flood the country with browns.

  2. Just because they aren’t voting on it doesn’t mean they’re not coming in. They come in either way.

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