Feds Warn “Extremists” Are Getting Harder To Track

They’re not referring to Antifa which has long used encrypted apps to organize violent protests and to actually engage in terrorism to intimidate their political enemies. The brats get away with that because they are the pampered offspring of White middle class professionals and elites.


“Included in a new federal government report on possible extremist attacks on the Capitol is a warning that information on specific threats has become harder to come by in the wake of the Jan. 6 siege amid a shift toward encrypted communications programs. …”

Who are these “extremists”?

They are Americans who have been banned from mainstream social media platforms because of their politics at the behest of the ADL. They are people who are sick and tired of being stalked, smeared, doxxed and harassed by “journalists” and who are communicating and networking with likeminded people. It is mostly people cracking jokes, sharing memes, shitposting and interacting with their friends. They used to do all of these things on Twitter and Facebook until they were hounded off the internet.

Note: There are people like Jared Holt and Taylor Lorenz who are creepy hall monitors and tattletales who eavesdrop on private conversations. Everyone hates them.

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  1. How ’bout the covid states’ rights secession rebellion

    16 of 50 USA states now rejecting lockdowns, masks and all the rest

    And very famously, states without friggin lockdowns etc have about the same ‘covid’ death and sickness numbers

    Florida Florida Florida 20 million friggin people

    Hunter may not like how this form of local secessionism, undermines his year-long ‘covid is fer sure a big real thing’ narrative … Hunter citing the half million USA ‘covid dead’, of whom 96% really died of other things, say many dissident doctors

    Hunter maybe a little too eager to prove he’s nearly normie

    But this is big white nationalist news, isn’t it?


  2. -intelligence services build up social media so that they can easily track everyone and monitor their opinions and habits

    -proceed to ban half the country from these platforms

    -surprised when their datasets have glaring holes and give them unreliable/incomplete information

    When the intelligence community sends people, they aren’t sending their best.

  3. A Message of Middling Importance from jewr Beloved ZOG-Emperor Drumpf, Real Winner by a T-Rumpslide of the 2020 [S]Election to muh Faithfool ZOGling whigger T-Rump/MAGA-Tard ass-clowns:


    “Even many influential QAnon followers, who believe the United States is dominated by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, have cast March 4 as a “deep state” plot to incite the movement’s adherents and provoke a nationwide crackdown.

    Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, a senior Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, took the threat seriously enough on Wednesday to publicly argue that Mr. Trump should use his influence to keep it from happening.

    “President Trump has a responsibility to tell them to stand down,” Mr. McCaul said on CNN. “This threat is credible. It’s real.”


    I’d like to advise my Faithfool ZOGling whigger Trump-MAGA-tard ass-clowns to “Stand Down & Stand By”.


    Because it is a Deep State plot by these Reptilian Spawn-of-Satan & Satan Worshipping blond, blue-eyed gentile Aryan baby-blood drinking pedophiles who run the Democratic Party and are having Pretender Senile Joe Biden & Kneepads the Nasty Ho Harris act as figureheads. The Corrupt Praetorians of the FBI/CIA/BATF/ABCXYZOG federal piglice agencies have long since had the “leadership” of these militia groups paid off. Like the Puerto Rican jewlatto who runs the Proud Mamzers since 2013. Or the Oaf Keeperz” who was a FBI/CIA employee. Or the (((III-Percentards))) founded by the dead Michigan jew Red Mike Bandergbogus. A Motley Crew of jews, mongrels, homos, perverts — and all ZOGbots.

    Again, Stand Down & Stand By, Stay Home & Stay Alive. But if you see a chance take the shot if you can get away with it because there is no shortage of crooked politicians, lawyers, judges and piglice that really need termination.

    As for me, I’m gonna stay at the Florida Whigger House in Exile. Today I’m going to consume a bucket of KFC, three Big Macs, wash it down with a chilled 2-Liter of Diet Coke (Don’t want to get too fat) and then out for a round of 9-holes, then to grab me some strange pussy for a tenth hole or three.

    MAGA ZOGtards !!!

  4. AntiFa is a Jewish outfit from top to bottom. “Fighting Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis. It was induced by the necessity, in the past, of forming authoritarian governments, in order to bring them to heal and break up and disperse their power and influence within various nation states. Especially in Europe, over the ages, from Rome to the 20th Century.

    They’re afraid that it’s gonna happen again. The longer it runs, before they’re finally caught and punished, the more fearful and paranoid they’ll become. But ending their power and influence will require some nastiness that Americans are not accustomed to, and are downright shocking and antithetical to our ideas of republican government and Liberty.

  5. Why did Republican Senators run off during the Zerg Rush on January 6?

    Should have stayed in there and taken selfies with the Cosplay Kids. Would have been good optics to have the Dems run off while the rest calmly defuse the situation. No one had the presence of mind to just stick around and chat with the crowd.

    Would have exposed the entire rump of the Senate for the cringe they really are.

  6. federal bureau of instigation and entrapment teabags (((brad scheider’s))) and prick durbin’s scrotums. These two Gunga Dins carry the heaviest load of water for ZOG-ADL-SPLC in Washington DC. They are the sponsors of the “domestic terrorism bills” respectively in the house and senate.

    In the history of the jewnited states has one state ever produced as vile and malicious pieces of shit as these two from Ill in Oys. Not even the negroes elected to congress during Reconstruction were this filled with evil and hatred.

  7. Antifa is the paramilitary wing of the media and democratic party, the fact that there hasn’t been any sort of even token crackdown on them after the inauguration suggests Joe really is senile and Susan Rice and company are calling the shots as Bill O’Reily thinks. If the Joe from twenty years ago still had his marbles and was in charge he’d know enough to at least give us a “good cop bad cop” routine, instead we get the deranged leftist female mindset of all bad cop. They really are laying it all on and giving middle America the finger. It’s clear they hate us and this is an existential struggle. I wonder if that is starting to dawn on the average person? Do they think if they ever got power to clean things up they should just go on and have an election and risk handing their mortal enemies back the gun? Or have they realized things really have changed. Constitution fetishes do us no good, the Constitution ultimately allowed itself to be overthrown and political arrangements taken for granted in the old Anglo America from 100 years back need to be rethought.

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