Democrats Vote To Kill $15 Minimum Wage


Remember, it was all Donald Trump’s fault!

UPDATE: Kyrsten Sinema gave Mitch McConnell a pat on the back before walking over to give her thumbs down to the $15 minimum wage while doing a curtsey. Then her spokesman claimed it was sexist to criticize her.


The Democrats are the party of neoliberalism now.

“Who could have ever predicted that?

How did you just know that the issues where Joe Biden would stiff his base would be the $2,000 stimulus checks, the $15 minimum wage, free college and the $50,000 of student loan debt relief and Universal Health Care? How did you know that he would come out of the gate guns blazing on woke, trans, climate and open borders issues which are the polarizing middle class lefty issues?”

I’ve hammered this point over and over and over again.

“As I have repeatedly pointed out lately, the Democratic Party is two parties with two different agendas. The White upper middle class professional liberal wing which is animated by culture war politics, who hate other White people in America and who are addicted to grandiose displays of their own virtue are the ruling elite in the Democratic Party. These people are getting a big boost within the party due to their fellow affluent suburbanites who used to be Republicans joining the party. …”

The Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) are the ruling class or governing wing of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters always get shafted on their issues. Trump voters realized this when Obama was president and broke away and crashed the GOP.

The Democratic establishment are the professional bourgeoisie.

I wasn’t bothered by Trump losing.

I wasn’t bothered by the Republicans losing the Senate. I knew that Neoliberal Joe and the Democrats would prove me right with unified control of the government.

Note: What is stopping Neoliberal Joe from wiping out Millennial student loan debt before Tucker Carlson comes on tonight? NOTHING. Cenk admits that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs the Democrats now.

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  1. I see you’re still shilling for the GOP by not bringing up that almost all of them would vote against this as opposed to 8/50 Dems

    I don’t give a shit about either party but it’s obvious (for better or worse) that the Dems are much more interested in raising the minimum wage out of those 2 parties. I think that even the GOPers who claim to be in favor of it would only vote yes under some stipulation that would never realistically be passed (poison pill).

    • I’ve already said dozens of times that Republican voters and Republican politicians are two different things. Most of these people are extremely old and no longer represent where their own voters are at on these issues.

      • Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton are among the youngest senators, why aren’t they supporting it?

        I also don’t think it’s true that the $15 minimum wage is supported by most Republican voters. It has roughly 60% support overall, most Dems and some Republicans support it.

        Regardless, the GOP are more to blame for this and based Blomph never pushed for a $15 minimum wage. There’s much more action within 2 months of Biden than 4 years of Blomph.

          • That’s still $4 away from $15

            I personally wouldn’t be against $11, but it’s unfair to apply this populist purity test to one side and not the other

          • The point has already been made dozens of times. It is a long running theme here. Republican voters want one thing. Republican politicians and donors another. Highlighting the disconnect anf lack of representation wad what I did through the Trump presidency

          • @JP…

            In principle I like the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage, but, in reality, it is a nightmare.


            Because where I live, in The Olde Rural Confederacy, even raising the wage past $9 per hour is simply adding a greater burden to those small businesses which have, by sheer luck and pluck, survived the malicious Alan Greenspan Economy, which has devastated us, and, indeed, judging from what I’ve seen – the entire Smalltown/Rural US economy.

            Please bear in mind that the wife and I live in an antebellum mansion on 1 1/2 acres in the center of town for only a $1130.00 a month mortgage – and, yes, that includes our insurance and property tax.

            Moreover, the small houses that rent nearby to us go for $450 a month and these places, though not luxurious, are far from dives.

            This is the problem with Federalism – one standard for all, when we are not equal in any shape or way.

            The original Confederate America was far closer to correct – local rule for local people, in response to local needs. If you don’t like it you move.

      • There is also a disconnect between the Democratic base and the Democratic politicians.

        In a Forbes poll, a slight majority (51%) of Republicans support raising the minimum wage, the poll found, but only 16% said it should be increased to $15 an hour.

        Vast majorities of both Democrats and independents support at least some minimum wage hike, with 63% of Democrats supporting a $15 an hour wage and 35% of independents backing the higher proposal.

        Overall, 40% of voters want to see the minimum wage rise to $15 an hour, 29% want it raised to $11 an hour, 22% don’t want it raised at all and 8% didn’t offer an opinion.

        Among the GOP, 40% said they don’t want to see a minimum wage increase at all.

        Democrats = 63% want 15$, 24% want 11$, 5% don’t now, 7% do not raise minimum wage

        GOP = 16% want 15$, 35% want 11$, 10% don’t know and a full 40% do not want to raise the minimum wage

        There is no comparison between the two sides. The Democratic base is nearly unanimous in wanting big minimum wage increases, the GOP base is NOT.

        That 40% in the GOP who want to keep the minimum wage low are still highly influential within the party.

        You never got rid of them, they just updated their talking points.

        Source: Morning Consult / Politico poll, recent

        • Exactly, only 16% of GOP voters want the $15 minimum wage. The majority seems to not even support $12 an hour

          And I get that raising the minimum wage could have negative consequences in Southern states with low cost of living. But I do think it’s disingenuous to say that most GOP voters are economically progressive, given the data Just Sayin’ posted.

          • Why not just raise the federal minimum wage to $11? Why didn’t that happen? There is more political support for doing so.

            The answer is that 1.) it wouldn’t actually raise the minimum wage in most blue states and 2.) it would leave intact the disparity between rural states where the cost of living is lower and urban states where it is much higher. The point of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour is to eliminate the regional disparity


    • Who cares. Dems will lower your wages and increase living expenses, anyway….by allowing every brown-skinned person they can into the country. The Gay Old Pussies do it, too…just a little slower.

      • GOP does it quicker, if you look at the data. The highest immigration rate has always been under republican government. There is no basis for the idea that republicans make things worse a little slower than dems do. It’s just a cope for chumps who want an excuse to keep voting R.

    • You dont have to pay illegal aliens the minimum wage. Demented Joe is letting millions of them come in. If you were worried about wages you would demand they close the border and deport illegals. They drive wages down.

    • Several Republicans offered to compromise for a $10 minimum wage. That’s still a large boost. Why didn’t the Dems take that and revisit a higher wage next year?

  2. The naive dem voters are just as naive as the naive reps voters. Both parties tell you want you want to hear and than stab you in the back.

  3. The funniest part in all this is the obese buffalo pretending he didn’t just spend the entirety of last year simping for blue candidates down the ballot.

  4. “Things will not go well in England (or anywhere else) as long as goods be not held in common and so long as there be villeins and gentlemen.” John Ball also predicted accurately “They shall do their best that I am forgotten”:

    • A reasoned solution would be to increase the min wage $1/hr, every 6 mo. for the next 3 years.

      But that would be a tacit admission of the zog devaluing the currency.

      The massive deficits are going to be carried on the backs of the poorest workers <50k/yr, low wages and inflation. Over 60,000 homeless in LA.

      Venice beach homeless, tents and tarps.

      • I’m not a believer in “zog.”

        I think things are more nuanced than that. Some places cost more and less to live (like Venice which is expensive). So a livable wage is sort of subjective based on the area where you live. But $15 is not that much.

  5. They talk about trillions of dollars, money they don’t have, like it’s chump change. Then we’re happy to be bought off with crumbs while the lion’s share goes to all of their “friends”.

  6. Neither party cares about the working poor, they have complete contempt for them.

    Now that they have found there are no consequences for vote rigging, they will progressively crush the working classes, starting with the poorest.

    Social upheaval isn’t that far away.

  7. While the historical info on here is priceless, the modern political perspective of this blog flip-flops more often than Mitt Romney trying to make his policy positions sound good to 20 different people.

  8. This is silly, both parties are parties of neoliberalism. Because neoliberalism is the form of government chosen by our Chosen masters. It’s more effective at destroying a gentile population, compared to communism.

    Do we need to resurrect old memes like “the uniparty”? What is this, 2008?

    Both parties continually disappoint the elements within them that oppose neoliberalism. And opposing our Chosen masters isn’t even on the table.

    If we define populism as “free money for White people”, (as you have at times), then the Democrats are still the more economically populist of the two, by far.

    The GOP wanted to use COVID to impose austerity. The Democrats are, if nothing changes, going to give out free money to White people, especially White people with children, and they are going to fund services that White people still kinda sorta benefit from.

    The GOP is “culturally populist”; which, in practice, given the limitations imposed by the donors, just means whining about how they are canceling Dr. Seuss, while doing policies that benefit the rich and Israel.

    Cultural populism = making a show of losing the culture war. It’s been going on for decades. It’s not a new development. It’s not even a positive development; the GOP profits from these legitimate cultural grievances, but never does anything to address them.. .and ruthlessly shuts down competitors.

    • To recap:

      – The $15 minimum wage is dead
      – $50K in student loan debt relief is dead
      – We’re getting the $1,400 although the eligibility level has been reduced
      – Universal Health Care isn’t happening
      – Maybe something will happen with infrastructure in the next budget reconciliation bill. The Democrats blocked it when Trump was president

      As for the Democrats, the House has passed the Equality Act, HB 1 and the George Floyd Act. They are trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but don’t have the votes to pass it in the House. They are also pushing a gun control bill.

      The GOP will at least block a dozen or so awful things the Democrats want to do. They can’t push their own agenda. They will at least block the Democrat agenda out of pure partisanship

      • Only the furthest left Democrats campaigned on 50k student loan forgiveness. I highly doubt that even 40% of American voters want that much college debt erased.

        • If the Democrats aren’t raising the minimum wage and aren’t doing health care and aren’t abolishing student loan debt, what exactly is supposed to be attractive about them? The $2,000 was Trump’s idea and we got $1,800 out of the Trump administration.

          • They are in favor of most of that, but they are held up by the GOP (all of them) and moderate Dems like Joe Manchin.

            And they did pass a 2 trillion dollar plan, which gives most people with young children a lot of money.

          • Nothing is stopping Joe Biden from signing an executive order that abolishes student loan debt.

            Nothing is stopping the Democrats from raising the federal minimum wage to at least $11 an hour which Manchin supports.

            Nothing was stopping the Democrats from putting a clean bill for $2,000 on the floor of the Senate and daring the Republicans to oppose it. It only took them days to do this in January. They wanted to attach the $1,400 check to their bailout of Blue States.

            Nothing is stopping Democrats from using budget reconciliation to do health care. That’s how Obama passed Obamacare.

            Nothing is stopping Democrats from using budget reconciliation to do an infrastructure bill. It is my understanding that is what they plan to do next.

            If they want to do any of these things, they have the power and the precedent to do so. Fortunately, they don’t have the power to pass all the harmful shit they want like comprehensive immigration reform and the Equality Act.

      • It’s funny because you guys kind of ended up in a… far left / progressive bubble on twitter, which gave you the wrong expectations.

        The far left on twitter has some interesting ideas, but the majority of Democratic politicians are not on the same page as them, nor is left-twitter that effective at getting their agenda implemented.

        I never expected that stuff you mentioned to happen because the American regime does not exist to help average people, it has other priorities.

        Biden was not the revolutionary candidate who was going to bring European style social democracy to America, he was the return to normalcy candidate. America is neoliberal, not social democratic (unfortunately).

        His sales pitch was basically a slightly more generous form of neoliberalism + not being Donald Trump. His pitch looked appealing primarily because the Trump years were so very, very bad.

        Since the Obama years neoliberal technocrats have learned that they are probably better off spreading some of the wealth around, so people are more comfortable and less likely to notice that they don’t have any say in society. Needless to say, the power will not be spread around.

        Biden is going to do a 1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief plan, which will give non-rich White families thousands of dollars per child. According to mainstream economics, it should also have a lot of indirect benefits by strengthening “muh economy”, we’ll have to see about that.

        Conditions may well improve somewhat but the goal of this kind of thing is to stabilize neoliberalism and keep the power in the hands of existing elites… not to share power with the average person.

        (In theory, part of the dynamic that keeps neoliberalism stable is for the Republicans to make gains in 2022 and 2024… but to remain a controlled opposition party. People on this forum were never expected to like Biden, the plan is simply to funnel them into supporting Ron DeSantis or someone like that, who also will not challenge the existing power structure, but govern as a right wing version of Biden.

        But it remains to be seen if they will be willing to let the B-team govern again in the near future, it’s entirely possible that they could allow Biden to have two boring terms of neoliberal centrism, where material conditions aren’t so bad, but absolutely nothing positive happens in mainstream politics)

        • I didn’t really expect much to happen either.

          1. They have budget reconciliation and can use that to do two or three things before the 2022 midterms for which they have to have Manchin and Sinema on board who won’t kill the filibuster.

          2. The $1,400 and the child tax credit will be good which is why I supported Warnock and Ossoff. The infrastructure bill which Democrats blocked when Trump was president could also be a good thing.

          3. Biden could have done $50,000 in student loan debt relief on Day 1. Warren and Schumer have both told hold him he has the power to do it with the stroke of a pen

          4. Presumably, Democrats could do something on health care that Manchin and Sinema support before the midterms. Assuming they have a third shot at budget reconciliation.

          5. The really awful stuff won’t pass Congress and will be shot down in federal court.

          6. Above all else, letting the Democrats have unified control of the government with a 50/50 Senate majority is an opportunity to illustrate that big things like the student loan debt relief that Bernie Bros support ain’t happening because of corporate Democrats. They need to learn that lesson.

          7. Republicans are more useful to us in opposition than in power because their agenda is so terrible and antiquated. All they are good at is playing defense on some cultural issues like immigration

          8. The demographics of the GOP are changing. The time really isn’t ripe yet for the GOP to fully embrace economic populism. 1/2 of Republican voters are populists. They aren’t the ones with the money. It might be a different story in 2024 or 2028 as True Cons voters continue going over to the Democrats and working class Indies replace them

  9. @ if and when , they raise the minimum wage, the result will be , a part time minimum wage work force, employers will pay no more than they do now, wages wull be spread out even thinner, add immigrants, legal or not, into thee equation, well, seems we are on our way, back to serfdom.

  10. F this two party system! are we to do this time and time again until the end of time like some type of musical chairs. Red states-and red counties and districts held hostage in blue states-need to secede and form a United White Heartland Republic. America is to big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. Break it up! enough with the United Soviets. Break it up!

    • You may secede but communists moving in and take everything over. You had already country what was made for white people with good character.

      History is very important. When you do not learn from history, then history will repeat itself.

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