Senate Passes COVID Relief Bill

Do you think Republicans will learn anything from this experience?

The Democrats used budget reconciliation to pass the COVID relief bill which is one of the most popular policy proposals of the last twenty years. In contrast, the GOP used budget reconciliation to try to pass the True Cons agenda of Ryancare and when that failed the Trump tax cuts, which are respectively the two most unpopular policy proposals of the last twenty years and only resonated with fiscal conservatives. Donald Trump spent his political capital on Paul Ryan’s unpopular agenda in 2017.

FOX News:

“The Senate on Saturday narrowly passed President Biden‘s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan following a marathon overnight session in a key vote that puts new stimulus checks and expanded unemployment checks one step closer to the pockets of the American public.

Following 27 hours of debate, delays and wrangling, Democrats pushed through the legislation in a party-line vote of 50-49. The legislation now heads back to the House for final approval before hitting Biden’s desk for his signature on what would be his first major legislative victory. …”

The bill includes the $1,400 checks and the new child tax credit.

Yahoo News:

“An expanded child tax credit for 2021 is about to become law. After some procedural wrangling, the Senate narrowly approved President Biden’s stimulus package to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic and stimulate the economy. Because the Senate made some changes to the House-crafted bill, titled the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“American Rescue Plan”), the House will have to revote on the revised bill before sending it to Biden’s desk for his signature. We expect that will happen next week. One provision in the American Rescue Plan would, for one year, expand the child tax credit and make it fully refundable. …

Regarding the advance payments, the plan calls for the IRS to send out a check (mainly in the form of direct deposits) periodically from July through December to families. These periodic payments would account for half of the family’s 2021 child tax credit. For example, if monthly payments were made, this would result in payments of up to $250 per child ($300 per child under age 6) for six months and would be a nice windfall for many families. Take a family of five with three children ages 12, 7 and 5. Assuming the family qualifies for the higher child credit and doesn’t opt out of the advance payments, they could get $800 per month from the IRS from July through December, for a total of $4,800. They would then claim the additional $4,800 in child tax credits when they file their 2021 return next year. (Use our 2021 Child Tax Credit Calculator to see how much you would get per month under the current plan.) …”

Oren Cass has been criticizing the Biden child tax credit plan.

I was going to write something in response to this interview at The Federalist, but it seems pointless now. When presented with the chance to say yes to $2,000, save the Senate, do something popular and help White working class families, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans said no way.

Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson said it would cost too much money. So now they have to swallow this big bailout for blue states and everything else that comes attached with it and watch Joe Biden and the Democrats get political credit for the child tax credit. The next budget reconciliation bill will be used to pass an infrastructure bill which they also blocked when Trump was president.

Note: When Joe signs the bill and makes good on delivering us our $1,400, I will put the aviators back on him. He won’t be signing the Equality Act or a big amnesty.

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  1. 1,400 for the peasants and the rest is pork for special interests, bailouts and foreign countries. When you’re powerless to do anything, you have to it in the ass.

  2. Really?! it’s 1.9 trillion with less people getting a check this time around, and that check is for a paltry $1,400. WHERE IS THE REST OF THE MONEY GOING. For 1.9 Trillion these people should be getting at least 15k each.

    Yet Hunter is happy for crumbs. Such is “populism” these day – so go ahead, put those aviators on old Joe. He robbed you blind, but left some pocket change, and you’re ecstatic.

  3. Russia’s Sputnik V is probably the world’s best, safest and effective conventional vaccine for SARS Cov-2. But Chinese medical research has pulled ahead of both Russia and the U.S. with nano-lipid mRNA vaccines that far outlast Pfizer’s and Moderna’s. China leads the world in nanoparticle research, which is now being applied to mass vaccination. China will be prepared to mass-vaccinate very quickly in the event of a future U.S. bioweapon attack:

    @Trib: “that check is for a paltry $1,400. WHERE IS THE REST OF THE MONEY GOING. For 1.9 Trillion these people should be getting at least 15k each (…) Such is ‘populism’ these days”:

    Populism is and always was mere half-way reformism, NOT revolutionary!

    • @Anonymous…

      “Russia’s Sputnik V is probably the world’s best, safest and effective conventional vaccine for SARS Cov-2. But Chinese medical research has pulled ahead of both Russia and the U.S. with nano-lipid mRNA vaccines that far outlast Pfizer’s and Moderna’s. ”

      No one can make a credible appraisal of what is the best mRNA vaccine, because there is almost no field data on it.

      Like everything else in this world, only time will tell.

      As to a ‘revolution’, we do not need it in The South, just a return to a more faithful version of what we have had for centuries…

    • @Anonymous…

      I do agree with you that the Russian Sputnik must be considered the best, because it, unlike any other current vaccine, is on a firm conventional ground, and, thus, holds a better benefit/risk ratio.

  4. Trump and Co passed a $2 trillion bill less than 6 months ago. We got crumbs. Here again, nearly $2 trillion spent, almost 4 trillion in less than a year and we still get crumbs. This is our money, our children and our grand-children’s money. Going to the bureaucrats and foreigners, and every pet political project in between, and still we were promised $2,000. And they can’t even give us that.

    Yet we are supposed to be happy with less. While closed institutions like the Kennedy Center get hundreds of millions, after getting hundreds of millions last time around, but hey, don’t complain.

    Sorry, no. Joe Biden doesn’t deserve praise. Trump didn’t deserve praise. They take hundreds of billions for themselves and leave us with less than 10% – a shitty tip if I’ve ever seen one and less than Biden accepted in Chinese kickbacks.

  5. It’s estimated that 250 million people will get the $1,400. That’s $350 billion. If they had just confiscated the money from the nations top 350 billionaires and left it at that, I’d be for it whole heartedly. That’s the kind of economic populism I could support.

    • Remember, that was the issue that was debated in late December and early January when a clean bill for $2,000 was on the floor of the Senate which wasn’t attached to anything else and more people were eligible for it. Mitch McConnell blocked it at least a dozen times. In doing so, he lost control of the Senate and now we are getting it this way.

    • @ MPO: You seem to think that the nations top 350 billionaires have all their wealth in cash, which would make it easy to confiscate. They don’t, they have it in wealth producing assets, mainly stocks and bonds.

      If they were all forced to sell it at once, it would crash both markets, and the net amount confiscated would be half of what you hoped for, while destroying everyone’s 401Ks by the same amount.

      • @Kapper

        So put the assets in a trust, no need to sell.

        Personally I want all billionaires in prison but I guess that is not politically viable yet – hopefully in the next few years. I’m pretty moderate about that, some people want guillotines but I think that is going too far.

        • @ Hippy,

          According to your convoluted logic, anyone that is more successful than you and made billions the hard way should be jailed if politically viable? You would have fit in well in the Stalin’s Soviet Union.


      • I don’t think that at all. The total stock market cap is about $50 trillion, $350 billion is less than 1% of that. Even assuming it all was generated by stock sales, that amount would hardly be sufficient to crash any markets nor to destroy anyone’s 401Ks.

        Speaking of the instability of 401Ks, that’s part of the problem. A real populist policy would provide for defined benefit pension plans for American’s retirement needs. It would also incentivize saving and spending less on Chinese manufactured goods of inferior quality.

        I support a nationalist-populist economic policy that would move America away from a globalist, finance based economy and towards a national, manufacturing based economy.

  6. It’s not about the people getting 1,400. I don’t believe many are against that. It’s that it should be 14,000 considering the bill was 1.9 trillion. Where in the F is all that devalued money going? 1,400 was nothing but a crumb to pacify the herds of idiots for a couple months, while the rest of our American culture and heritage is dismantled for Xi and friends. I pray for an asteroid.

  7. To my surprise, I received the first two stimulus checks, each with the name Donald Trump on it. It was the first time in my 60+ years that I can ever remember the government doing anything for me.

    This $1400 check I do not expect to receive. The yids will be fiddling with the database now, beginning the process of eliminating the white males.

    In the end this will turn into same ole same ole, free money for them, but not for us.

    Picked up my second stimmy check today and cashed it. Spent 100 and added 500 to buttcoin. If you are holding dollars you are about to be very poor. If you don’t like buttcoin at least put it in savings in Swiss Francs. It will appreciate as the dollar collapses.

    Hunter Wallace, excepting the Covid issue, is the best political commentator we have right now. We had a big chance with Trump, but it was all wasted. And look at the stimulus vote. The Edomites have learned nothing, same ole turtle at the head.


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