Poll: Black Lives Matter Has Tumbled In Popularity

Uh oh.

USA Today:

“Americans’ trust in the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen and their faith in local law enforcement has risen since protests demanding social justice swept the nation last year, according to an exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll. …

Last June, 60% in a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll described Floyd’s death as murder; that percentage has now dropped by double digits to 36% …

Nearly two-thirds of Black Americans, 64%, view Floyd’s death as murder; fewer than one-third of white people, 28%, feel that way. White Americans are more likely to describe it instead as the police officer’s “negligence,” 33% compared with 16% of Black respondents. …

Last June, amid accusations of systemic racism in law enforcement, 60% of Americans expressed trust in the Black Lives Matter movement to promote justice and equal treatment of people, compared with 56% who trusted local police to do that.

Now, however, attitudes have shifted significantly. Trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen to 50%; trust in local police and law enforcement has risen to 69%.  …

Black Americans and white Americans now express very different views: 75% of Black people but just 42% of white people express trust in Black Lives Matter, while 77% of white people but just 42% of Black people trust local police.

But viewpoints in both demographic groups have moved in the same direction compared with the June 2020 survey. Among Black respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 12 points and trust in local police has risen by 14 points. Among white respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 8 points and trust in local police has risen by 12 points. …

The racial gap on the issue is yawning. White people by 24 points say law and order is more important to ensure. Black people by 16 points say the right to protest is more important. …”

Do you think the Democrats may have jumped the gun?

The political, cultural and corporate establishment went ALL IN on wokeness last summer. These people were so swept up in the virtue signal of the moment that they changed the definition of “racism” itself. Neoliberal Joe embraced all of this woke language about systematic racism and “equity.”

But now? Most Americans don’t think that George Floyd was murdered. Black Lives Matter has declined in popularity with both blacks and Whites. Support for law enforcement has surged in light of the crime wave … that was unleashed. White racial attitudes have radically shifted and hardened over the past year. Finally, Trump voters are far more nationalist and populist than they were a year ago.

Note: It looks to me like “acceleration” … worked? There was more to gain from Trump losing than winning. By losing, Trump has radically shifted the views of his voters in interesting ways. Every poll that is coming out these days seems to reflect how much power level has risen since he left.

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  1. Horse has already bolted. Tens of millions of (mostly White) Americans fully “basado y redpilleado” by the events of 2020…

    …and it just keeps on coming! Empty inauguration with totalitarian barbed wire and troops (who were then made to sleep like sardines on cold parking lot floors & get COVID)…Gamestop market manipulation in plain sight, parasitic Jewish billionaires (who’ve been strip-mining our nation for decades) getting publicly protected from “the little guy” by the media, WH, Congress, Ben Shapiro…Illegal air strikes on Syria, plus more troops…Joe’s rapidly declining faculties (not even a presser since taking office)…

    What’s next for the Cowering Clowns in DC?

  2. 2022 will be crushingly bad for Dems.

    Get you candidacy registered for local and state primaries. You could cash in.

    • If we still had honest elections, you would be right. But 2020 demonstrated that The United States is now history’s greatest banana republic, with elections little more than civic kabuki: The Democrats stole the election with support from the elites and the Republican opposition played along for the possibility of future spoils.

      2020 was stolen, and so, too, will be 2022. US elections, the results of which can be trusted, are a thing of the past.

  3. All I saw was the officer’s leg limiting his movement, I didn’t see him putting force down to constrict his breathing and blood flow. If anything, the officer on his back was the culprit. Or could be he ingested (I heard anally?) his drug stash and was overdosing. What seems to have happened here is the cops were so used to loudmouthed black hoodlums crying wolf that they thought that’s what they were dealing with here and didn’t realize George Floyd really was having a medical emergency. I guess that is not doing your job properly, the way a doctor with a nutty hypochondriac patient still has to hook up an EEG when they complain about chest pains for the umpteenth time even though he suspects it’s just more anxiety. Most white liberal females have no clue what it is like dealing with ghetto dummies day in and day out. You just become numbed to the whole shitstorm. The cops just grew insensitive to this type of stupidity and the only other option is withdrawal of policing the hood and letting them resort to failed state levels of anarchy. Problem is the violence would spill out into the decent part of town as that monster metastasized. I do understand why working blacks resent the Iraqi level of security in their own neighborhoods. But really, what else do they expect, that’s just the reality of the way things are when you get a large number of blacks.

  4. The home-invading, pregnant woman-threatening, counterfeiting nigger Floyd ODed on fentanyl. The cop Chauvin put the knee on its greasy black neck – as per his training – only after niggy simply would NOT get in the patrol car, even after the cops bent over backwards to persuade him to do so over many minutes.

    Once Whites & the reasonable minority of muds saw the full video and learned of St. Floyd’s TRUE history & the fact of the OD, they naturally changed their minds – as they usually do when these judenpresse-created Golden Calves turn out to be gold-plated turds.

  5. I really wonder if opinions have shifted that much in 9 months. Conspiratorial as it may sound (and we do have reasons to believe polling data is manipulated at times for a variety of purposes), is it possible that BLM’s “favorability” rating was inflated last summer? Maybe the current polling data – 4 months post election and Biden and Dems safely in power – is an accurate reflection of opinion as it’s been all along.

    Guess it really doesn’t matter either way.

  6. BLM are mostly Jews and their ostensibly White minions, like AntiFa. Very few actual Blacks are involved. They’re certainly not among the real leadership of the organisation.

  7. Thing about all this is that it is mostly a manifestation of elite politics played out in a public setting. As such, public opinion is relatively unimportant. The HVAC guy in his truck, the lady who scans your groceries, everyone in the vast lower 90% of society is relatively unimportant. What matters are the politics (in the general sense of the term) within the dominant institutions of society. Hospital administrators, college deans, government bureaucrats, corporate boardrooms, NGO directors, all the fundamental narrative and policy shaping forces in society are decidedly more woke now than they were before, both in content as well as personnel. These ideologies will be and are being implemented unimpeded by public opinion (which has almost always pushed back against progressive politics in every age).

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