The Woke Curtain

I’ve always been offended when I am accused of “bigotry.”

As anyone who follows this website should be able to discern, I read all kinds of people on a daily basis and reflect on what they have to say. Even though I also have my limits, I take great pride in not really caring much about what other people think and prefer to be in a relaxed environment in which people are free to talk and share different points of view within reason. As an INTP, I’m confident in my own opinions because I spend so much of my time thinking, analyzing and reflecting on what I believe.

These findings from Eric Kaufmann about the current state of freedom of thought in American academia are disturbing. The Iron Curtain of woke supremacy has descended on our universities:


“Academic freedom is in trouble in America, Britain and Canada, according to a new study I conducted on the subject. While the term “cancel culture” is often thrown around like a political football, my new report for the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI) found quantitative evidence that the ideals of the university—to establish a tolerant ethos open to questioning received wisdom—is being perverted by political aims. …

We also found that both hard and soft authoritarianism are pervasive in academia. In the U.S., a staggering one in three conservative graduate students or academics has been disciplined or threatened for discipline for their views. Meanwhile, 75 percent of conservative academics in the social sciences and humanities in the U.S. and Britain say their departments are a hostile environment for their beliefs. In the U.S., fully seven in 10 conservative academics in the social sciences or humanities say they self-censor. Over 90 percent of Trump-supporting academics wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing their views with a colleague, and 85 percent of their Democratic colleagues agree that Trump supporters should stay silent. …

There are also social consequences to being outed as conservative, or as someone who believes that gender should be defined biologically. Fewer than three in 10 American and Canadian academics in SSH disciplines would feel comfortable sitting down to lunch with a scholar who opposed admitting transwomen to women-only shelters, and barely four in 10 would be comfortable breaking bread with a Trump supporting academic. …

In addition, younger academics are twice as likely to back firing campaigns as academics over 50. And PhD students are three times as likely. While social sciences and humanities scholars 30 and under ranked social justice and academic freedom equally, academics over 50 backed academic freedom over social justice by more than three to one. …”

These people would say that I am the “bigot.”

I don’t have the mindset of a bigot, a fanatic or an inquisitor though. I have the genial, easy-going, satisfied with life temperament and biases of a Southerner.

As for the brats, the feeling of hatred and animosity is mutual. We are natural political enemies. They are modernists who hate ordinary people. I’m a populist who sympathizes with ordinary people and who dislikes elites. They are cosmopolitans who are alienated from their own culture. I’m a Southern traditionalist who identifies with my own people and admires my own culture.

They are politically correct or woke and have a negative sense of White identity and hate other White people. I’m a normal person who has a positive sense of White identity and who is loyal to my own people. They believe that they have the right to engage in violence to terrorize and silence other people with slightly different opinions. Nothing could be further away from my view on that subject.

Note: The ethnic, cultural and biological difference between us was best explained in J. Quitman Moore’s essay “Southern Civilization; or, The Norman in America” which appeared in De Bow’s Review in 1862. Jefferson Davis once called them “the disturbers of the peace of the world.”

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  1. @ ” prefer to be in a relaxed enviroment in which people are free to share different points of view .Within reason”,with his moderation, thee host of this site, carries on thee tradition of the southern intellectual, pretty damm good , in this current clown culture, all things considered.

  2. Lol. I wish we lived in the white supremacy these idiots think we did just to bash these numbnuts. They like to scream how “far-right” the country is yet they control the levers of power. And everyone who isn’t them is actually afraid of being purged by them and keep quiet about even the most milquetoast of things. It’s quite fascinating to both believe you’re not in power yet be in power. Everyone knows who and what gets purged.

    None of this is new. All factions of ideologies in power, consolidate, their ideas evolve and radicalize over time, and exclude those who don’t adhere to the the line. All societies have social taboos that will lead to social ramifications. All societies with existing Orders punish those who step out of line (and it goes beyond laws into the social and cultural). Ostracism, excommunication/expulsion, and social pariah has been as old since man walked the Earth. I’ve said this before time and time again. Some are just more deluded than others about this fact.

  3. When I attended a public university in the early 1990s, they were already well down this road, but as a person with far-right views, I still had the freedom to write and say what I wanted in class or anywhere else on campus.

    At that time, old-school liberals still chaired departments and taught in the classroom. They disagreed with me on many issues, but they strongly defended my right to academic freedom to say and write what I wanted.

    I once debated my professor in class over the origins of the American Civil War. She tried to tell the class that it was a “just war” to “free the slaves” but I moped the floor with her, producing statements from Lincoln during the first 2 years of the war, promising the South (CSA) that they could still keep their slaves as long as they remained in the Union. So much, for the slavery argument.

    I won the debate, and she gave me an “A” for the semester, telling me, “I despise your philosophy and political views, but you argue your case well, you write excellent papers, and you deserve credit for that.”

    I believe professors like her are now extinct at public universities.

  4. Echo chamber normally destroys people inside the chamber, not outside. Soviet Union pushed independent thinkers out of the system and in the difficult moment, they had no people who could think and give good advise.

    This college sham is good not bad. Better have a dumb enemy than smart one. Jewish war specialists call this ” invisible factor”

    Theoretically you may have highly educated French General Staff who can destroy defenseless German units with 2 phone calls.
    Practically you have 1000 confused fat old men who can`t understand what is going on and those 2 deadly phone calls never come.

    This how Maginot Line was passed.

    Napoleon had every chance to turn around after Borodino Battle, save the army and save himself. But he did not.

    Communists had every chance to sit out another 4 years of Donald presidency to save the system. But they did not and now system goes self destruct. So our side should be actually happy that enemy pushed out competency from the system.

    “””…social sciences and humanities scholars 30 and under ….””

    Did not liked 4 years of Trumpism. and still being well paid scholars 34 and under. As a reward, the system collapses and they are not scholars anymore but bottom of the society searching food from dumpsters. Whet real job can they do ?

    Blowing up society with themselves is fantastic social science. Our ones were not better. Chernobyl was blown up by our nuclear scientists.. 😀 .

  5. As wrong as you are on the “COVID-19” criminal conspiracy, “Hunter,” you mostly make up for it with your rightness on this subject.

  6. As with many other issues over the last 35 years or so, the Republicans/ conservatives have done next to nothing to combat this. All of these universities get lots of federal money, the conservatives could have cut off the money to places that abolished free speech. At least they could have tried when they a majority, or bare minimum made an issue out of it. These twits never seemed to want to anything except start another war for other people’s kids to fight in.

  7. There is against Whites and it has been going on for a while now. It is mostly physiological which would describe the brainwashing but it is starting to turn physical.

  8. @ i. Know how thee defeated cavaliers felt in one respect, thee class of their nation, defeated by a bunch of wack job fanatics, not wanted or welcome anymore in their own house, their lawful king , murdered like a common criminal, sounds like someone else i know, driven from their lands, uprooted and exiled, they took their culture, their identity and planted it in this nee world, it couldnt have been easy on them, thee only thing that was certain, was the loss of the war and the loss of their land, sounds luke someone else know, thank god they had the new world to come too, as fate would have it, they did far better here, than they ever would have in thee olde world, difference between us and them, we have nowhere to run too, but we still have our culture and our identity, no matter what happens its our and no one elses.

  9. @ sorry about the spelling errors, i really hacked that post, i will try harder, thank you.

  10. “They believe that they have the right to engage in violence to terrorize and silence other people with slightly different opinions. Nothing could be further away from my view on that subject.”

    That’s one of the main reasons a relative handful of fanatics – in the past, jew-incited religious kooks like the Puritans, and today, kikes & their camouflage coalition of permanently resentful mud & sex pervert commie botches – prevail over easy-going, peaceful majorities time & time again.

    We will be forced to do to them what they’re doing to us: total destruction. It is tje only way.

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