Poll: Republicans Sour On China

What do Republican voters think about American foreign policy?

If you had “serving the interests of OUR GREATEST ALLY ISRAEL” at the top of your list, you are mistaken. Republican politicians talk about that because they are subservient to wealthy Jewish donors. Republican voters say their top priority is “protecting the jobs of American workers.”

Pew Research Center:

Republican voters are angry with China, but it has nothing to do with human rights, spreading democracy to foreign countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Muslims in Xinjiang.

The loss of American jobs to China is obviously a major issue.

Who is really to blame for that though? I’ve never blamed the Chinese. It is the idiots in Washington who set our bipartisan trade policy and foreign policy.

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  1. Republicans are not interested in bringing the jobs back to America though.

    They are already saying India will be the next “Manufacturing Superpower”.

    • @Kallis…

      Very true.

      For all the rise of Populism in The GOP, the commanding faction of the structure remains the Chamber of Commerce issues and those Republican politicians who voice and embody that.

      Until that changes, the Republican Party, as a whole, will remain an enabler, if not an ally, of Globalism, even though it frequently postures as it’s foe.

  2. I like how China managed their shit.

    The UK is redeeming itself after a slow uptake on the possibilities of a culture shift. Shift back to manufacturing and away from tourism.

  3. “I’ve never blamed the Chinese.”

    Nope. You can’t blame them for taking advantage of the opportunities that were handed to them. Or modern technology and the education to use and mass produce it. Also handed to them.

    Without the West, China is a completed and fulfilled Medieval society, incapable of any further advances. Japan, too.

  4. I don’t think the USA can really beat China without a hot war at this point. China selects its elites based on competence, whereas the USA selects elites based on whether their parents donated to Harvard, whether they would make a good token minority affirmative action candidate to meet representation quotas, or whether they did pro bono work for the ADL. China has more and more to offer potential allies, while the USA has less each year.

    The only thing working against China is their image. China has bad optics. They would need to build up a culture industry on par with hollywood and overtake American media. With the USA going fully degenerate and woke, there will be a market for more traditional “family values” media that isn’t all about lesbian muslims adopting transgender children or music that isn’t just black hookers twerking. China would be smart to fill that gap.

    • “China selects its elites based on competence”

      That’s what you think, but in my experience Chinese are all about nepotism. There are a ton of fresh off the boat Mainland Chinese in my town, they will even fund the upkeep of fake businesses with no customer’s to provide their lazy in-laws with pretend jobs. Why do Chinese consumer goods suck so much if they are a meritocracy? It’s designed by incompetent nepotists and built with counterfeit parts not up to specs.

      • Corruption and nepotism are not just Chinese, it is HUMAN nature, the bad side of it. The Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a national revival that PURGED the national, and human, tendencies of nepotism, drug addiction, and usurious greed, especially – and made possible the phenomenal economic advance of China since then. However the use of capitalist methods to advance socialism (“capitalist roads, socialist destinations”) is gradually undoing the work of the great revival. The bad side, like weed seed in a garden, needs very little encouragement to flourish and overwhelm the good.

      • The Chinese state selects for competence. Immigrants opening Chinese restaurants are not Chinese elites.

  5. It’s understandable that people don’t like China but China is just looking out for China, that’s what they’re expected to do.

    The problem is with America’s elites, who have made things worse for most American Whites.

    America’s elites will encourage Republican voters to focus on China, rather than looking for the source of their problems at home.

    They are flexible in their messaging, for liberals they will use human rights, etc., but for conservatives they will use different messaging, some of which may seem “based”.

    But they just want to move the factories to more politically reliable countries, not bring them home and pay a living wage.

    This poll shows that the constant anti-China brainwashing in the right wing media ecosystem is having an effect.

    The elites are working to create a situation that is parallel to the one that happened during the George Bush years; Republican voters inadvertently working as golems for the American empire, even as they see themselves quite differently.

  6. Republicans (other than Darren Beattie types) also tend to dislike China for those other reasons as well

  7. “The loss of American jobs to China is obviously a major issue. Who is really to blame for that though? I’ve never blamed the Chinese.”

    Generally I agree with this, that the American Politicians, for their treachery, are mostly to blame.

    That said, we have to give The Chinese Communist Government some credit, too, as they are the ones who fashioned, and carried out over a near 30 year span, an economic war strategy against our country based on infiltration, theft, and bribery.

    • @Ivan
      The average person in China(citizens or government) doesn’t give a shit if they’ve just put an entire American or Australian town out of work with offshoring.
      The government, companies and China, are all equally complicit. The onus is on government to bring about policies conductive to a strong and robust manufacturing sector. That means high tarriffs against nations with cheap labour and production costs, buying local and decoupling from China.
      My country is a signatory to the Lima agreement in 1975, which was done without our approval. Now we manufacture virtually nothing.
      The job of any government is to serve, and ensure employment for its own citizenry, not the third world.
      Finally, why go to war for your government, when they treat the voters in this way? Deport the jobs, import the hordes……..makes a lot of sense!

      • “The government, companies and China, are all equally complicit”:

        Realize that Western imperialist war against China has been going on not just recently, but at least since the mid-nineteenth century. Trade relations nothwithstanding, the West’s war to re-colonize China goes on, and the Chinese are not unaware of it.

  8. It’s easy to deflect blame on the Chinese because there is no repercussions in doing so. If the real culprits were mentioned, the weight of the 2% would come down full force.

  9. What strikes me is how high a priority fighting “Climate Change” is on the Democrats preferences. Seriously, with all the economic issues how this angels dancing on the head of a pin non-sense could be seen as pressing is beyond me? Must be a huge amount of under 35 voters in the democratic coalition. That must explain it as these kids are too young to remember the weather is the same as it was when they were running Archie Bunker and they must have eaten up this crap the commie schools force fed them.

  10. The U.S. population is being prepared by mainstream media propaganda for a possible hot war with China, if the U.S. makes a mistake in its hybrid/cold war by going too far too fast. The vast majority of the U.S. population LIKES imperialist war because they think it keeps them on top of foreign peoples and some benefits of worldwide capitalist exploitation (low prices at Walmart) trickle down to them.

  11. I despise China because:-
    – they offer CEO’s with no morality cheap labour and production costs which is all jolly good, except that it means your country and community is only losing its manufacturing sector in the process.
    – they allowed the Covid virus to leave China via infected travellers…….after being aware of its existence. A real dog act!
    -‘but the people are lovely, it’s just the CCP’. Well other than torturing animals to death as it makes the meat tastier and polluting the planet to death…….the people are just lovely….
    – have you ever researched how the rare black person in Guangzhou is treated? Black lives matter in Guangzhou!
    -they are buying up our farms, infrastructure, ports and real estate, pricing locals out of the market (in my country).
    I don’t care what China does domestically, and don’t want any wars with them, but while Biden focuses on bombing Syria for reasons that escapes me, China is gradually destroying the West.
    We need trade barriers and decoupling against China…….NOW!

    • @ goose, agreed good sir, an arab man asked me one time, why americans love animals the way we do, thee only anwser i could think to give.was this,” animals are easier to like than people”, he looked quite perplexed with my response anyway goose what the chinese do to dog’s and cat’s is sick, this alone defines the difference between us and them, ruled over by sick people, what a world!

      • @Terry
        The Chinese come across as these giggly, innocuous little hard workers who wouldn’t harm a fly, and to their credit, have a lot of us fooled. This means they get away with far more. Many different groups hurt us in one or two ways. The Chinese hurt us, the planet, and other races in many different ways. Their treatment of animals, the planet and surrounding countries highlight perfectly their lack of morality. They’re a case study of how other races, even the high IQ ones, just aren’t like us.
        They’re smiley and polite………as they gradually take our country. Just no sense of right or wrong.
        Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  12. @ thee value’s of thee west, are universal, always growing and expanding, chinese value’s are asian and therefore limited , they want my respect , they need to change their damm diet, free the dog’s and cat’s now, the very damm nerve of those people, thee so called middle kingdom! Ya right.

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