Politico: The Rise of the Biden Republicans

Call them the True Cons.

Call them the Free Marketeers.

Call them Republican establishment voters.

Call them what they really are which is affluent, college-educated fiscal conservatives who are professionals who live in wealthy metropolitan suburbs and who have modernist and cosmopolitan values. Their upper middle class politics is essentially tax cuts and virtue signaling.


“Call them the Biden Republicans.

Like the Reagan Democrats, they’re heavily white and live in suburbs. But where the Reagan Dems are blue-collar and culturally conservative, Greenberg sees the Biden Republicans as more affluent, highly educated and supportive of diversity. Historically, they identified with the Republican Party as their political home. But the leaders who were supposed to fight for them seem to care more about white grievance and keeping out immigrants; seem to care more about social issues and “owning the libs” than about childcare payments and college tuition. They don’t consider themselves Democrats — at least not yet — but they are voting for them, delivering them majorities in the House and Senate, and making Joe Biden just the fourth candidate in the last century to defeat an incumbent president. …

I think there’s two kinds of Biden Republicans — two trends.
One of them is you saw quite affluent, very Republican towns [in suburban counties], and Biden got a very large percentage of votes from those counties. They are more affluent college graduates voting for Biden. Will they stick? They may, given how Trump is defining the Republican Party. …”

As neoliberal establishment voters consolidate around Joe Biden, the Democrats are held together less by economics than virtue signaling. Turn on your television and it is a chorus of PMCs talking about themselves and how much better than those other people who are a bunch of bigots.

The “center-right” voters used to virtue signal about racism while demanding tax cuts. The “center-left” voters virtue signal about racism while demanding immediate action on climate change. Until recently, they controlled both parties and always got their way because both parties catered to their preferences. This is why they hate Trump with the power of thousand suns for upsetting the apple cart.

“Now, with the support of Biden Republicans shored up — at least for the time being — Joe Biden is embarking on an audacious gambit that’s gone largely unnoticed, but, if successful, could kneecap national Republicans for a decade: Recapturing the support of the Reagan Democrats. …

And that puts Republicans in a strategically difficult position.
“You have this battle kind of in the mainstream between ‘Reagan Democrats’ — who voted for Reagan, came back to vote for Bill Clinton, some voted for Obama — and a whole new set of voters brought in by Trump,” says Greenberg.

In both 2016 and 2020, Trump brought in new voters — people animated by “white nationalism and racial resentment, and whose overwhelming motivation is a deep worry that Black people and immigrants will control the country,” and who are “voting straight-ticket [Republican] to ‘save the country,’” says Greenberg. But by courting those votes, Republicans risk pushing the Biden Republicans further into the Democratic ledger. …

“Trump voters, a large portion of them, want a welfare state that is dependable for working people,” says Greenberg. And Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion Covid relief package could make a tangible difference in their lives. Do the Reagan Democrats stick with non-Trump Republicans if Biden’s Democrats deliver reopened schools, a strong economy, a huge investment in infrastructure and a $3,600-per-child benefit to families on top of a $1,400 stimulus check? …”

No, it doesn’t.

Consider the following problems with this strategy:

  • We got $1,800 in stimulus out of Trump
  • The $2,000 was Trump’s idea
  • The Democrats have failed to raise the minimum wage
  • Joe has retreated on $50,000 in student loan debt relief
  • Joe will not succeed in moving the ball on health care
  • Joe has attracted center-right neoliberal voters and pulling them out of the Republican Party means strengthens those who are opposed to neoliberalism and fiscal conservatism inside the GOP

Sure, Joe is doing things we support like, say, the infrastructure bill which Pelosi and Schumer blocked when Trump was president and reforming the child tax credit that is great, but what else are they doing? Are they doing other things which are at odds with attracting Reagan Democrats?

  • Demonizing all Whites on the basis of their race as the oppressors of People of Color under the systematic racism conspiracy theory
  • Total open borders
  • Supporting the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots
  • Extreme attacks on American heritage like toppling statues of Christopher Columbus
  • Gun control bills which are going nowhere but are extreme
  • Having Merrick Garland threaten “far right” voters (i.e., the populist swing voters who are moderates on economics who voted for Trump)
  • Censoring the internet
  • Talking incessantly about “racism” and “white supremacy”
  • Bizarre shit no one understands like canceling Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head
  • “Trans women” in women’s sports
  • Globalization is back on trade

I could go on, and on.

The woke professional class who dominate the Democratic Party or the Democratic Independent Liberal Elite (DILE) voters have destroyed the brand by painting it in layer upon layer of toxic cultural shit. This is why Democrats lack the support in the Senate to pass virtually anything while many of their ideas are far more popular than their shrill cosmopolitan mouthpieces like Elizabeth Warren.

While I agree with Elizabeth Warren on the wealth tax, she also wants to open the borders and destroy people for being White. So what do you do? Can you take that risk?

“The shift of college-educated voters toward Democrats has been going on from the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, up through Gore in 2000 and beyond. I had a fight with Rahm Emanuel when he was heading the DCCC: James Carville and I were arguing that the congressional district lines had been drawn with the standard assumption that college-educated and wealthier voters were strong Republicans, but that in fact, that demographic had flipped, and if you went a little bit further than just the races with the most resources being spent, there were many more competitive seats than people realized. We won control of the House in 2006. And we gained seats in 2008 — which surprised people. But that was because of this trend. …

Trump brought in all kinds of new voters in 2016. And I didn’t realize that he could do it again in 2020. In the voter-eligible population, there was like a 1-point decline in the percentage of white non-college voters between 2016 and 2020. Yet Trump increased turnout — their share of the electorate — by 7 points. That was done by bringing in new voters.

The difference is [Trump’s] new voters are voting to “save the country” and solve the “demographic problem,” and they are voting straight ticket. Everybody else is kind of in between, [voting for some Democrats and some Republicans]. But they are voting to “save the country” from being this diverse place that has tolerant values and is open to immigration. And they’re voting for every Republican and against every Democrat, top to bottom. …

I do, at least with those people who are normal voters — that is, who are kind of in and out of elections. But on the white working-class and rural side, what happened in both ’16 and ’20 was this [surge of] new voters who hadn’t voted before. …”

Breaking Trump voters down into these neat little categories is a mistake.

We constantly hear phrases in the media like “right-wing populist” and “left-wing populist” and “White Nationalist.” The underlying assumption seems to be that the “White Nationalist” and “right-wing populist” voters don’t have views on economics and the “left-wing populist” voters don’t have views on culture. These are also completely distinct categories of people with irreconcilable differences.

What is a generic populist voter though? The populist voter has conservative cultural views and moderate views on economics and has a stronger sense of racial and ethnic identity than affluent, college-educated White professionals who have modernist and cosmopolitan cultural values. The generic White populist voter has strong views on race, culture, globalization, immigration, foreign policy, political correctness or wokeness and a host of other issues which are more complex than is generally acknowledged. The typical White populist voter is probably unfamiliar with the idea of a White ethnostate, knows little about Jews and has no hostility toward non-Whites, but feels tormented and under siege by our cultural and political elites. These people are not really aligned with the Democrats or Republicans but are somewhere in between. They backed Trump and have been trending Republican but most are Independents.

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  1. Your talk of PMC’s and Urban Neo-Liberals driving the party is faux. These people have no beliefs at all, they just go with literally anything to be seen as socially accepted and in the in-group. Voters do not decide politics whatsoever. America has proven this over and over. Firstly its electoral system is an extreme mess, there is no Federal Election System, so every city, county, and/or state can decide by what method someone is elected, and that method is the First Past the Post British Westminster system which is the worst possible system to use next to parallel block voting. This can ensure like in Canada a party with 34% support gets a majority. In the US you have two parties, which is also bad, because both parties have a monopoly and can shut out independents from ballots and rig them to lose. There is also the question of massive vote fraud, which we saw in the 2020 election. The graphs resembled Carlos Salinas 1988 vote fraud, where he made a deal with the Narcos to rig the election, they went from polling station to station and stole ballots at gun point, just in time to take away enough from solid enemy districts to give Salinas a win. Salinas was Mexico’s worst president, a literal MIT spy working for NeoLiberal Globalists he dabbled in murder, narco trafficking and extreme privatization of all of Mexico to his friends, which his brother was paid hundreds of millions of dollars for. Mexico mirrored Russian economy in the 90s, both led by Chicago school “Free market” types, destroyed living standards and created a massive amount of billionaires. Mexico works 13 hours a day, 6 a week for dollars thanks to NAFTA which was also Salinas. America is beyond held unless it changes its entire electoral system and throws out all electronic voting machines and only does ID verified citizen in person voting. The reason the Urban PMCs are like the way they are is that they are entrained to become that way. If the media made WNism fashionable they would also be down with the cause.

    • 1996 British Columbia general election
      ? 1991 May 28, 1996 2001 ?
      75 seats of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
      38 seats were needed for a majority
      Turnout 59.11%[1] Decrease 4.92 pp
      Glen Clark 2011 NDP convention crop.jpg Gordon Campbell 2.jpg
      Leader Glen Clark Gordon Campbell
      Party New Democratic Liberal
      Leader since 1996 1993
      Leader’s seat Vancouver Kingsway Vancouver-Point Grey
      Last election 51 seats, 40.71% 17 seats, 33.25%
      Seats won 39 33
      Seat change Decrease12 Increase16
      Popular vote 624,395 661,929
      Percentage 39.45 41.82
      Swing Decrease1.26 Increase8.58

      NDP (socialist) won MAJORITY with 39 seats to Liberal (center right) who had 33%

      NDP vote 39.45% Liberal Vote 41.82%

      Then Next election it got even worse….

      2001 British Columbia general election

      Liberal 77 Seats 57.62%, NDP 2 Seats 21.56% Green 0 with 10.4%

  2. “The “center-left” voters virtue signal about racism while ****demanding immediate action on climate change****.”

    Guess I’m “center-left” now. LMAO.

    “Bizarre shit no one understands like canceling Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head”

    Nothing bizarre about it. They’re trying to purge racism or racial nationalism from the culture and rebuild the country in their image of the Order they want to exist in every facet of society.

    • About as bizarre as sewage, the natural habitat of anyone who thinks it isn’t bizarre to go on a maniacal purge like Mao’s little pieces of shit.

  3. “The difference is [Trump’s] new voters are voting to “save the country” and solve the “demographic problem,” and they are voting straight ticket.”

    I have real cynicism this is the case that Trump voters have that much racial consciousness and are overt white nationalists literally talking about the “demographic problem” so overtly like the article *wants* them to be. Most have some racial anxiety but they can’t just pin it. Part of that is due to the “political correctness and cancel culture” as people call it to terrify people into submission to where they don’t talk about it, use coded language if they do even want to broch the subject in a round about way, and most likely for most of them, terrify them to the point where it remains as a subconscious vague anxiety that they “just can’t quite put a finger on that ‘they’re losing their country’ but don’t know why, how, and can’t articulate it.” Cancel culture, etc, leads to a internal suppression that one does subconsciously, to save oneself from the ramifications of being fired, ostracized, etc, by the ideological faction that rules and spreads/purveys all institutions to gain complete hegemony.

    • Conservatives lost the moment in American History when you could no longer name the jew, because that is what is going on and in order to make sense of the “insanity” you have to recognize a new ruling elite has taken over who fears and hates you.

  4. These are the same Republicans who stood back and smiled with sitting on their hands as White Southerner’s history, heritage, and way of life were attacked by the corrupt political establishment. These are the same Republicans who were giddy about sending White Americans to fight and die against a country who didn’t attack us. These are the same Republicans who passed amnesty and assure everyone that Latinos will vote Republican. These are the same Republicans who let Wall street, the Oil Companies, big Pharma and powerful elites at the top make a profit while people lost their homes, lost loved ones in the Opioid Crisis, or get screwed out of a paycheck. These neo-cons who only know how to conserve Israel should join the Democrats. That way all of our opposition is united under one odious party.

    Either way though, the South gets stabbed in the back and abused over and over again. Ever since the 1860s when Republicans destroyed the South during oppressive Reconstruction, attack ex-Confederate soldiers, denied the South legitimacy in the electoral process, and deny White Southerners basic legal rights which go back to the Magna Carta, how are Southerners still expected to support such a tyrannical Yankee bipartisan beast. This same beast wants to destroy the White South, and engulf the entire West with diversity, multiculturalism, and anti-Whitism full stop.

    Trump and MAGA tried to reform the system from within and it never ends well. Only failure results from it. It is about time to realize that the system cannot be reformed from within and that we need a movement for Southern heritage and rights!

  5. I’d like to see that jew-rat Kristol pay for all the dead and maimed people he had such a large part in causing. But this world is Evil and unjust, so it will never happen.

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