The Truth About HR 1

As I said the other day, it is the “For the Democrats Act.” Why would anyone want to INCREASE the power and influence of oligarchs and reduce the power of already marginalized third parties? Are we supposed to pity Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer’s LACK OF POWER?

The Democratic Party is also the party of ALL the elites now: Silicon Valley elites, Wall Street elites, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Pentagon elites, Deep State elites, corporate media elites, labor union elites, academic elites. They flexed all of that establishment power to get rid of Trump.

Trump is gone now but this is still the new political reality. HR 1 is designed to strengthen and protect party establishments, give billionaires more influence and marginalize third parties.

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  1. I said this before. There was some voter fraud, suppression, manipulation, etc.

    The Green Party was suppressed during the 2020 elections by the Democrat Party.

    By removing the Greens that would’ve given another option besides the Democrats to the Left and lowered their votes.

    But people all around the spectrum (here, other groups, Rodslav, etc), especially Trump, didn’t take advantage of stuff like this and talked about machines and mail in ballots. This would’ve been a 4D chess move (causing infighting on the Left AND solidifying his narrative about illegitimacy of elections being rigged on order to “beat Trump” no matter what). But I forgot that Trump, or his strategists are retards. Also, I’m not a fan of winning for the sake of winning. Why is more important and what you are winning actually for. Not simply “to win.”

  2. We will never vote our way out of this mess. It’s too corrupt and controlled by outside sources. It doesn’t matter if its rep/dem or some 3rd party that comes along. The who system needs a overhaul from top to bottom.

  3. The elimination of third parties is only a VERY TINY part of this bill. It’s actually much MUCH wider and could be accurately described as “the elimination of all parties except the democrats bill”. Specifically it “federalizes” elections, mandates mail-in voting nation-wide, requires all states to accept late ballots, eliminates all state voter identification (“ID”) laws and even requires that states conduct redistricting favorable to the democrats through un-elected commissars. Whatever little legitimacy that is currently left in our voting system will be completely wiped off the map by this bill- it’s only something that could come out of a truly repressive dictatorship.

  4. This the eternal problem with communists. When they get power, it is very difficult to get power back.

    Our guys made this mistake in 1917. They let Lenin kick our useless prime minister Kerensky out of office. Everybody believed that Lenin with his snowflakes, criminals, sexual perverts and other progressive folk beclowns itself within months

    Nobody believed that this filth will remain in power for more than 70 years.

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