Poll: No One Likes Mitch McConnell

There isn’t much difference between Democrats and Republicans on Mitch McConnell. He is viewed favorably by 28% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats.


“The 79-year-old Senate Republican leader, long known as the “Grim Reaper” for killing off numerous Democratic initiatives, ranked dead last among fellow Republicans in an Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters.

All told, 57% of Americans expressed an unfavorable view of McConnell, including 29% who had a “very” unfavorable view of the Kentucky Republican. That included 49% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats, who were among 1,005 U.S. adults polled online March 3-4. …

Despite his bipartisan lack of popularity, McConnell was still viewed favorably by 28% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats. …”

LOL yeah … remember the Conservative Pundit Twitter account from 2016? People respect us!

National Review:

“Here is American Moment’s spin on this increasingly familiar claim:

The right is overseen by tired nostalgics, corporate shills, and bow-tie clad “intellectuals” who fiddle while our cities burn. This “conservative” elite class is clamoring to restore its agenda, which proved time and time again to be an electoral disaster and a civilizational dead-end. …”

I’m growing increasingly confident that my prediction is coming true.

It looks like McConnell has fallen further than last month when he was at 36%:

I would like to see how dog shit polls in comparison.

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  1. @ i wonder if that’s what happen’s with an exclusive chinese diet, it leads too mitchitus?

  2. McConnell is emblematic of everything thats wrong with Washington and the Republican Party, a twit war monger and a political hack that does nothing except try to give the donor class whatever it wants. These people can’t even pretend that they care about their voting base anymore. These guys apparently care nothing about the country, they’ve stood by and watched as it’s gone downhill, while they’ve grabbed everything they could grab for themselves and their paymasters. And it’s been done with a tone deafness and a separation from reality that’s horrifying.

  3. “Cocaine Mitch” – they even printed up t-shirts. You know because his wife’s company was caught trafficking tons of cocaine. Ha ha that’s funny.

    Don’t go getting into any conspiracy theories now.

  4. Well, none may like Senator McConnell, BUT, I sure do like the General Lee now holding sway over this site!

    When I was a child he was unquestionably The South’s most popular figure, one which we practically saw everywhere from dens in many houses to dental offices.

    It’s a bad sign that we gave up our heroes under pressure from those who never will have any love or respect for us, no matter what we do.

    Given that we are 4 centuries old, you would think we knew better…

  5. National Review:

    “There are complaints to make about Paul Ryan’s tenure as House speaker, but was he undermining the president when he spearheaded the tax cut that became Trump’s primary legislative accomplishment?”


  6. Poor ol’ Bitch McConjob. Everybody hates him. A life of laughingly shitting on his duped White constituents in favor of serving his rich (((masters))). 79 years old, one foot in the grave, destined to be instantly forgotten by most, his memory cursed by the rest, like McCunt.

    What’s the point of dragging it out?

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