Senate Republicans Rally Behind Repealing The Estate Tax

What is the top priority of Senate Republicans?

What is their plan to take back the majority in Congress in 2022?

If you guessed “creating a new tax break for Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates” while engaging in empty performance art over the cancellation of Dr. Seuss, you won the prize.

They’re not going to do shit for you. They’re not going to do shit about immigration or Dr. Seuss either. All they are really good for is physically occupying space and preventing Democrats from pushing the worst parts of their agenda simply by occupying Senate seats. Otherwise, they are useless.

We should be doing the exact opposite of what is being proposed here. We should be giving away all the money of the billionaires and calling that our “equity” program.

Note: Since their only value is purely negative due to their lack of a populist policy agenda, a 50/50 Democrat Senate is probably the ideal arrangement. The Democrats have just enough power to do things like $1,400 stimulus checks, but not enough power to do anything else.

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  1. I think your right. Enough Republican help to get popular populist legislation enacted, while keeping them from trying to enrich billionaires. Enough Democrat losses, to keep the toxic cultural at bay. Works for me. Just waiting for some socially conservative populist to arrive, then things get interesting..

  2. Joe Biden should declare the Republican party an illegal terrorist organization, arrest their leaders, and send them to Gitmo to be waterboarded until they confess.

    Sun Tzu said, “waterboard one, scare a thousand.” That is the correct attitude to take toward Republican politicians.

    Let’s single one Republican out for defeat in the next election, force his loss, then keep threatening the rest of the Republicans until they do what we want. Give it a lot of publicity so the national RNC gets scared.

    Trump knows how the game is played – he just told all his fans to not donate any money to the GOP, just to him. Trump is basically a Third Party himself. Which is good – not that I would support Trump or send him money – that would be stupid – but it helps destroy the Republican party which is all upside.

  3. “””….What is the top priority of Senate Republicans?….”””

    Support every last communist thing to get out from this mess alive.

    “””….The Democrats have just enough power to do things like $1,400 stimulus checks, but not enough power to do anything else….”””

    Republicans give the the democrats power to do everything to get out alive.

    Communism is serious thing. In Soviet Union, people left their own families and children for jumping the ship.

  4. The tax breaks for billionaires and tax cuts for corps are in the “covid” bill you are so excited about.

  5. Trump: “No, don’t be foolish. I won’t start a third party. I’ll never leave the Republican Party.”
    McConnell: “Okay then. Crashing the Party with no survivors!”

  6. The Republican Party must go the way of the Whigs, into oblivion, they cannot be reformed. The Republicans will never represent anyone except the %1 by wealth, that’s why they exist anyway.

  7. Why do you so strongly support confiscating other peoples’ property by inheritance tax? It doesn’t only apply to the 1%.

    • I’ve always been a populist.

      Unlike conservatives, we don’t reflexively support millionaires and billionaires who use their vast fortunes to corrupt the political system and to support a galaxy of anti-White activist organizations and media outlets. The money is the source of their power. It should be redistributed from people who hate us and who are opposed to us to people who agree with us.

  8. Article above is finally a very brief and sensible analysis of the current putrid two-party system we are shackled with.

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