Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For Immigration Moratorium

My current estimate is that about a third of Republican voters are White Nationalists or have become indistinguishable from them. I’ve known White Nationalists for a very, very long time.

National Pulse:

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene is set to release a bill calling for a full moratorium on migration into the U.S. and several other America First immigration measures, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

In addition to the moratorium, the bill would also reinstate hallmarks of the Trump presidency: the zero-tolerance policy, termination of chain migration, constructing a wall on the southern border, and more. …

The bill also shortens the removal period for illegal aliens from 90 to 30 days, strip “sanctuary cities” of federal funding, and terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Concerning the southern border, the bill would either improve existing portions of wall or construct new panels through a 22-billion-dollar fund housed at the U.S. Treasury Department. …”

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene a White Nationalist? No, she is just throwing red meat to the Republican base with another bill that is going nowhere but which will resonate with them.

There are different stripes of White Nationalists. Some White Nationalists are conservatives and those are the people who are most comfortable with Trump and became Republicans because they are more supportive of free market economics. Some White Nationalists are moderates or populists who became much more disillusioned with Trump because he governed too much like a conservative. Some White Nationalists are non-voters because they are convinced the two party system is rigged against them. Even though at least a quarter and probably a third of Republican voters are White Nationalists, all White Nationalists are not Republicans because the party has discouraged them from joining.

Still though, the White Nationalists who are Trump supporters and Republicans are having a gravitational effect on the party, which at the base level is becoming more like them by the day. In addition to the White Nationalists, there is another third of Republicans who are being pushed in that direction by open borders, censorship, the political correctness and so forth. Finally, there are the 10% of Republicans who are True Cons or Free Marketeers and thus support Joe Biden on the basis of the highest “principles.”

Why would White Nationalists who support a White ethnostate and dislike Jews vote for the Republican Party? If you browse websites like Counter-Currents, Stormfront or the Daily Stormer or watch Nick Fuentes, you will find that they were entirely on board with Trump in 2020 in spite of everything. Basically, they are voting based on some combination of immigration and political correctness. White working class voters are less likely to be college educated and less likely to have a clearly defined ideology and vote on the basis of sentiments and grievances. They hate the libs and want to own them.

I’m using “White Nationalist” in the sense here of White identity + White solidarity + White grievance. Back in 2017, it was already clear to us that our views had much greater traction in the White population, especially on the Right, than was commonly assumed by the political establishment:

This is where things stood BEFORE everything that happened in 2020.

We need a follow up study to figure out how many of these White people were radicalized by all the shit the Democrats have done since George Floyd died last May. All White people in America are now said to be complicit in systematic racism and that has been a huge boost to White Nationalism.

Note: I fall into the moderate or populist camp.

I believe racial differences exist, but I don’t dwell on the subject because obviously automation and artificial intelligence will make this less important in the 2020s and 2030s and have a negative impact on all workers. I also support the White race, oppose modernism and political correctness and support an immigration moratorium. I support everyone getting the $2,000 stimulus.

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  1. Do I agree with everything Miss Marjorie says?


    But, I sure do love and respect her.

    She was sent up to Washington by my kin in Northwest Georgia to give the Jew-run New England Yankee United States’ Government hell every dang day of it’s waning existence, and I see that she does it and does it well.

    God bless Miss Marjorie for that, and may The Good Lord provide many more steely White Southerners to do what needs to be done – put our enemies in their place.

    • You’re too trusting, Ivan. I think Marjorie is a floozy and a home-wrecker. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she engaged in some HANKY-PANKY with Zion Don!

      • @Spahn…

        I appreciate, and am surprised by, the Southernness of your desire that your combat and political leaders be virtuous King Arthur and Sir Galahad types, but, most of our Southern heroes are not Robert E. Lees, but, rather, vain and troubles sorts, like George Patton, Nathan Bedford Forest or Lighthorse Harry Lee.

        And, to tell you the truth, Dear Spahn, the South has allowed itself to be so raked over the coals by those with whom we are, ostensibly, in a union, that we are at risk of perishing.

        That so, I frankly do not give a dang what Miss Marjorie’s flaws are, only that she is a gunfighter.

        The South needs gunfighters and lots of them.

        All the best to you, up yonder in Bean-town.

  2. Understand this:

    The MORATORIUM always meant cranking nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRATION up again when severe labor scarcities appeared in US Labor Markets……in other words, when the real wages of White Workers begin to up…..So the MORATORIUM ends up being a direct attack on high real wages for NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKERS=THE HISTORIC WHITE RACIAL MAJORITY OF AMERICA….

    Moreover, cranking up NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS because of a severe LABOR SCARCITY restarts the process of murdering the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY….

    So to sum up……The MORATORIUM concedes the LABOR SCARCITY and the RACIAL DEMOGRAPHIC ISSUE to the Chamber of Commerce and to NONWHITE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Voting Bloc…

    What I have written above is all the ALT RIGHT should have written and talked about from day one of its existence….if they had, they would have connected with White Workers…much better idea than reviewing James Bond movies…..the same goes for Jared Taylor instead of yapping about how Asians were more intelligent than White Americans based upon mind-boring-to-death-IQ-Psychometrics….on radio and tv shows….

    • Most “immigrants” don’t work. We pay for everything for them. Housing, food, utilities, unlimited medical care, “education”, and more. Most people don’t care, because most people don’t even work anymore.

      I agree about the whole “Asians smarter than Whites” garbage. History proves, over thousands of years, that we are smarter. I think there’s a lot of racialists who are not pro-white, and have other agendas.

  3. This is just common sense: America is full, we have an overpopulation problem and we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

    Fewer people means fewer cars means the longer we can stave off global warming and environmental catastrophe.

    Anyone who supports immigration hates the earth.

    • NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS….the Historic White Majority….should never have dropped their fertility to the ZPG-NPG Level back in 1970…..

      OUR PEOPLE should be having large White Families….

      F the childless freaks over at…

      ZPG-NPG was only meant for White Folks…And what ZPG-NPG meant was:NO MORE WHITE BABIES….you disgusting freaks such as Banned Hipster… more White babies….

  4. “”….Why would White Nationalists who support a White ethnostate and dislike Jews vote for the Republican Party?….”””

    In the war you need to fight with those weapons what you have. Soviet Union was not demolished by freedom fighters but life time Swamp Thing Yeltsin and some other cucks and morons who never had real job outside the communist party apparatus.

    Viktor Orban was picked, schooled and promoted by Soros himself. Also Putin was put in charge by Jewish oligarchs.

    Freedom fighting is never about knights on the white horses but cesspool wrestling where all participants became dirty. Ion Iliescu was corrupt Stalinist with bunch of unsolved political murders, yet he was the only one who got Ceausescu out of office.

      • No, I am not Russian. There a lot of different ethnic groups in former Soviet Union territory. Including Jews… 😀

        I have been in Russia many times but never visited Tolstoy museum. Tourism in Russia is difficult, because lot of their cultural heritage is spread on the very large territory. You need a years to take a look all of them.

      • @Spahn…

        If you want to see the gems of Russia, book a month, or two, long trip on what is called ‘The Golden Ring’.

        You will be taken on a magical wonderland ride through Olde Russia’s greatest towns and cities, from Pskov to Totma, Rostov, and Veliky Ustyug.

        Just the Orthodox Cathedrals, alone, on this tour, are enough to ponder a lifetime.

        Of course, you’ll get more out of your trip if you study Russian language at YouTube, for 2-3 years, before going.

        Though there are many good Russian teachers, for English Language speakers, at YouTube, I think ‘Learn Russian from Russia’, is the best.

        Study each day and, even when you arr not studying, leave Russian News (Weather Forecast playlists are the best) on in the background, even from the first week, so that you will learn much more quickly – by osmosis, much as you learned English when a toddler.

        Good luck!

    • @Terry…

      I totally agree : a moratorium on immigration in the current United States will never happen, for all the reasons you don’t need to hear again.

      That said, it is extremely positive for Southerners for them to hear her voicing what has long been in their soul, because, as they notice it being completely ignored, they’ll come to their senses and do the right thing.

  5. Automation will actually make racial differences more stark. Since to succeed at
    increasingly more cognitive economy you have to have a certain threshold of
    intelligence. At IQ>125 the ratio of black to white is 1 in 30.

    But yeah it basically effects all workers since only like 2-4% of people are at
    that range.

      • Goering was 138. The rest…

        Schacht, Hjalmar 143
        Seyss-Inquart, Arthur 141
        Dönitz, Karl 138
        Göring, Hermann 138
        Papen, Franz von 134
        Raeder, Erich 134
        Frank, Hans 130
        Fritzsche, Hans 130
        Schirach, Baldur von 130
        Keitel, Wilhelm 129
        Ribbentrop, Joachim von 129
        Speer, Albert 128
        Jodl, Alfred 127
        Rosenberg, Alfred 127
        Neurath, Konstantin von 125
        Frick, Wilhelm 124
        Funk, Walther 124
        Hess, Rudolf 120
        Sauckel, Fritz 118
        Kaltenbrunner, Ernst 113
        Streicher, Julius 106

        Now you see why the jews want the Whites destroyed.

        Never again means: Never again will Whites have their own ethnostate.

  6. Educated pro white here. The intellectuals/propagandists of WN did not recruit me, the Democrats and coloreds recruited me. The anti-white propaganda by the woke crowd recruited me even more.

    I flipped from normie conservative to pro white way back in 2008, the day after Obama won the Presidency. It happened while watching the reaction of his supporters on Youtube, and the coloreds I used to be friendly with in real life. The sentiment was triumphalism, and revenge aimed at whites. “Its not a white country any more, its a brown world now. In your face whitey!” On Youtube it was like watching a tidal wave a mile high surging towards you. I don’t know how everyone missed it.

    That was the end of the West for me. All dying civilizations have tried to buy off their enemies just before their final collapse. It didn’t save any of them. Just wait until white Joe Biden steps down, and the brown Kamala takes over the face of government. You are going to see a heck of a lot more whites waking up.

    • It’s very obvious they don’t want “equality”. They want supremacy. Anyone with any sense or power of observation knows that living under black rule is Hell on Earth.

  7. I’m always surprised at how White Nationalist many Whites are once you scratch the surface. Even those who feign a veneer of political correctness.

    • Most politically correct white and jewish liberals are very rayciss, even more so than we are.

      • Such a dumb boomer “Democrats are the real racists” type comment. They aren’t pro white, which is what we are talking about here.

  8. Margie Three Names will save us, along with Grindr Grennell and best of all Magic Trump Negro Hershell Walker.

  9. American white women are more white nationalist than American white men are. That explains so much about America. The problem is the culture of radical individualism among white men.

  10. One question that we never see posed in the media is how many people do we actually want? Is 330 million enough or do we want half a billion, two billion or some other ridiculous number? More is not better. More people means we are living on top of each other. It means that there will be fewer and smaller natural habitats. It means more pollution and waste. And, if the people are coming mostly from the Third World, it means a less intelligent overall population as well as a more dependent population.

    Another question we don’t see posed is does any existing culture have the right to survive? The US answer is no. If you can’t resist who can move into a given area then it means that any and all cultures can be flooded and replaced. We are essentially in a global culture era. And it is hell, in my view.



      Numbers USA….funded by the homosexual Peter Thiel….

      • Whites are only 8% of the world population. Yet all of the “overpopulation” activism was aimed at whites to have 2 children or less. Nothing was ever said to the third world nations that continue to have large families, that they cannot even afford.
        Whites have NEVER overpopulated their nations. Even when whites had big families, our nations were never strained. You see countries like Germany justifying bringing in nonwhites to increase their population, which is going to destroy their nation.

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