Poll: Americans Agree The Two Parties Are Too Extreme

There is some good news hidden in the latest Pew poll

Pew Research Center:

Pew has Joe at 54% approval which is further proof that the honeymoon period is fading and that nothing much has really changed. We can also see that support for Joe among Whites is strongly related to education with post-grads and college graduates being his base:

Strong Republicans and Strong Democrats continue to hate each other:

It is important to keep in mind though that the country is now 25% Democrat, 25% Republican and 50% Independent. Most Americans think both political parties are too extreme in their positions and support for a third party is at a record high:

Fortunately, we’re not in Civil War 2, the “insurgency” we heard about on CNN and MSNBC failed to materialize and there is little support among partisans for violent groups:

This country is intensely polarized in lots of ways, but not in others. The COVID relief bill, for example, has 65% to 75% support. Republicans and Democrats also overwhelming say that health care is an important issue. Trump voters rate “people have high quality health care” as their fourth most important issue and Biden voters rank health care as their second most important issue.

There are really only two issues which are the cause of the intense polarization and chronic dysfunction in government: immigration and political correctness/wokeness

BTW, if you turn on FOX News, the two issues that they are focusing on which resonate strongly with Republican voters are … immigration and political correctness or wokeness.

Is it worth it for the Democrats?

The polls clearly show there is no appetite for immigration reform even among “Latinx” voters who don’t even rate immigration in their top ten issue priorities. Progressive activists support open borders and political correctness much to the political detriment of the Democrats.

Democrats are not motivated by immigration. Republicans are strongly motivated by immigration. It would really be better for Democrats to drop the issue because it ISN’T worth the trouble:

What are the two issues that attract White working class voters to Donald Trump and the Republicans? It is immigration and political correctness or wokeness. It would be smart of Democrats to DROP THOSE ISSUES which are the reason why their brand is so toxic with White working class voters in rural areas who have traditional values who would otherwise agree with them on things like raising the minimum wage and health care. That’s why the big things that Democrats want are not going to ever happen. Similarly, Republicans have the same issue with health care and their horrible economic agenda.

Note: As we have seen, most MAGA voters were weakly attached Democrats or Indies who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 before they became the literal incarnation of “far right domestic violent extremism,” “fascism” and “white supremacy” for voting for Donald Trump over the neoliberal Hillary Clinton. Trump won them over to the Right because of the 2014 migrant crisis that Barack Obama unleashed by supporting comprehensive immigration reform and granting his amnesty to the DREAMers. The border crisis set in motion the whole chain of events that led to the Trump presidency.

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  1. The open intent of post-1965 Immigration Policy




    NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR US BORN NONWHITE GENELINE to vote the Historic Native Born White American majority into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America…

    This is what the Jews and Negros over at the Atlanta Constitution mean by MULTI-RACIAL DEMOCRACY…

    • I agree. It’s all over. We basically lost “the race war”. The laws in place guarantee we will become that minority. Whites are taxed and pay for them to have more and more offspring. We are paying for our own demise, and no one seems to really care about that.
      We are told the US is “A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS”, but the people who founded this nation never said that. The Europeans who came over here in the early part of the 20th century were a trickle compared to what’s going on now.
      We are told we are “A MELTING POT”, but who said that? I hear people repeat these phrases constantly, to justify the flood of third worlders to the US, and you and me having to pay for them.
      I can’t understand people wanting their nation to be overrun with foreigners, and thinking that when whites are a minority, we will be given all of the luxuries that nonwhites get now. Dream on!

  2. “Immigration and political correctness or wokeness. It would be smart of Democrats to DROP THOSE ISSUES which are the reason why their brand is so toxic with White working class voters”

    Problem is immigration is sacred to the Jews who run the party and “wokeness” is the new religion amongst cosmopolitan females that vote heavily for them.

    • Exactly, immigration is the jews’ method of subjugating and destroying Whites. They will never give it up, nor allow the politicians they have bought (all of them) to give it up.

      Additionally, the Democratic politicians get voting scabs, and the Republican politicians get labor scabs out of it.

      The idea of them “giving it up” is so rhetorical as to be pointless. “O, if only hypercarnivores would give up eating meat!”

      • Even if they didn’t bring one more nonwhite into the US, we are finished. There’s enough of them here having more than enough offspring on our expense tab, to put us into minority status fairly soon. The US is finished. No one is going to deport them.

        • The official word is that in less than a decade non-Whites under 30 will overtake Whites as the majority (of under 30`s). Given how unreliable the official word is on these matters, that may already be the case.

  3. The Church of Jesus Christ could not exist, and be divided into parties. Where such disunion exists in any government, it ultimately becomes the means of the utter overthrow of that government or people, unless a timely remedy is applied. Party spirit once made its appearance in heaven but was promptly checked. -Brigham Young

  4. The Hindus in India…over a billion…control US LEGAL IMMIGRATION POLICY

    And if you are Working Class Native Born White American

    And you oppose Hindu “Americans”……….



    And since White Supremacist are HITLERS!!!

    The Democratic Party believes it has a DIVINE EDICT!!!

    To MASS MURDER millions of Native Born White Working Class Americans=THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY…..

    think about it…..



  6. As long as Whites are divided against each other the Anti-White agenda can roll along pretty much unobstructed. That’s the purpose of the “two party system”. Divide and conquer, the oldest strategy in the world.

  7. The U.S. population is really NOT displeased with their two-party/bipartisan imperialist system that subdues or destroys and extracts wealth from all other populations. The system can’t get too extreme when it comes to gathering rents from the world, and trickling down some of the stolen wealth to the general population of the U.S. Both parties are fully united in agreement on the “necessity” of the hybrid war on China, which top “defense” officials say will probably escalate to “real” (aka hot) war “within six years.”

    Excellent article here, I recommend to all: https://www.qiaocollective.com/en/articles/what-is-to-be-done

  8. Americans are morons. The two parties are but one party. Extreme it is doing the bidding of our god chosen overlords.

    • Yes, and they care nothing about what we want or what we think. It’s all theater to make people think they care about us.

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