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  1. The Democrats and Republicans have done a horrible job at dealing with Illegal Immigration, protecting Jobs for Americans, and actually building a Wall that works. Of course the Democrats are looking for Votes and Republicans want a poor population (such as Illegal Immigrants) that will work for low wages, long hours, and no benefits. We should have a common sense immigration policy as a country. We need a Wall, strong Border Security, the Border Patrol have Freedom so they can get the job done, and a fair Legal Immigration policy. Deport the Illegals is the first step in making that happen. We should remember that this is a White country founded. We fought it out with the Indians and made peace. We should be the majority and rule this country. Having constant Illegal Immigration is nothing more than race treason against White America. However race isn’t the only factor. If you live in America (regardless of race) Illegal Immigration is bad for You, the Economy, and our Communities. It’s time the politicians stop being politicians and are Voted out of office. We should Vote and replace them with Nationalists who care about the future of America and White Western Civilization as a whole. Deo Vindice !

    • Deport them? They have several generations here now. There are many Americans married to them. They just get bussed or driven here. Most of them don’t work. We work, and we pay taxes that support them and their offspring. I guarantee that no politician is ever going to deport or stop the flood of immigrants to this country. The US is over.

  2. Biden is doing exactly what the people who bankrolled him want. They all are. Democrat and Republican alike.

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