Poll: Most Americans Think Election Results Could Lead To Violence In Coming Years

Interesting result.

In the Pew poll that came out this morning, neither Democrat or Republican voters showed any real appetite for violence coming from their own side.

At the same time, Democrats, Independents and Republicans all think the political divisions in this country are so great and the political atmosphere is so tense that the country is on the verge of boiling over into political violence in the aftermath of future elections.


“(CNN) – A broad majority of Americans say that political violence in response to election results is likely in the United States in the next few years, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

Overall, 71% say political violence in response to election results is at least somewhat likely, including 34% who believe it is very likely. The expectation that elections will lead to violence also cuts across party lines (78% of Democrats, 70% of independents and 65% of Republicans describe it as likely). …”

The polls show that the country is bitterly divided. And yet, the polls also show that the country IS NOT really divided at all on lots of things. 2/3rds of the public agree on any number of issues including in this poll. 7 out of 10 Americans support raising the federal minimum wage, the $1,400 stimmy and also believe that the country is about to boil over into violent conflict.

“Republicans largely see Trump as having had a good effect on the Party (67%) more than a bad effect (16%), but they are not on board with penalizing elected officials who have expressed opposition to Trump. …”

There is the familiar 70/30 split again.

The disaffected establishment wing in this poll is a 16% rump.


This is a bit of a white pill.

The White working class is against the feds now.

How would the feds launching a “war on domestic violent extremism” play out in real life? Would that weaken or strengthen the “far right”? White people are against the FBI now (!!!)

Seriously though, it is the media which keeps this country deeply polarized by deliberately fanning and inflaming racial tensions. Shut down the media for two weeks and send the hall monitors into timeout or better yet hold a lottery and let random working class people off the street replace all the millionaires in Congress and they would figure it out and compromise and solve the problem.

Note: The average voter is far less ideological, less wealthy and less educated than the typical member of Congress.

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  1. This corrupt system can’t sustain itself the way it is. There will be a revolution at sometime, it’s just a matter of when.

  2. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act


  3. You’d think me being a Proud Southerner and an extreme White Nationalist….I would like that idea. However I’ve always advocated for Freedom of Speech, Peaceful Political Activism, and Voting. So I don’t like that idea for the future. I just don’t think Violence is right or the answer. What I think people should understand is that White Nationalists are always branded as extremists, violent, and so on. However not a single White Nationalist has ever went crazy and went on a race riot, destroyed monuments, looted stores, burned everything in site, and turned into Violent Terrorists. Sure the enemy can name a few Pro White activists who did something Violent…however those people are few and few and few and far between. Those people was personally troubled….not based on ideology why they became Violent….it was a personal mental and spiritual problem. So what about 2020 – 2021….who was being Violent in Politics? It was Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Marxists, and White Liberals. All the race riots I was talking about…all them. So what happened next? The “Conservatives” and Republicans went crazy at the US Capital because of the God of the Right Wing lost the election. Actually invaded the US Capital like a bunch of Terrorist goons. Of course the left wing had them infiltrated and probably was in front of the line. However many Trumpers was right in the middle of it and Trump himself told over and over again lies about the election being stolen. All fake news. Fake Fake Fake. So when anybody wants to say the Pro South, Militia, or White Nationalist Movement is Violent…..WRONG. We care about Freedom of Speech, Peace, and Voting. All our leaders past, present, and future do the same….focus on those goals. What we need is more of our people getting the message out and promoting the WN cause. The People will see we’re not the problem….it’s the left wing vs the right wing who have nothing in common but lies and Violence after 2020 – 2021. Vote and be Peaceful! Deo Vindice !

  4. Did they poll anybody in Dixie, or in the Interior West? Probably not. To them, “the country” is just Yankeedom and the urban Pacific Rim, or the Left coast, as it’s sometimes called, both derisively and with affection. That’s why I don’t give these polls much credence. The opinions of folks in New Jersey, Illinois and California, are a lot more in sync with each other, than any one of them are with Dixie and the Interior West. The latter of which, don’t matter, anyway.

  5. Yep without the media fanning the flames no riots would have occurred over Saint Floyd’s demise. Yes there are these crazy angry black women who think everything is a conspiracy to keep them down, but the fact that liberal whites in the media validate their claims is what makes this kook shit mainstream. Everyone with common sense knows a large portion of blacks are simply dummies and losers by nature and their low status in society is completely logical. Only liberal lies in media and education gives credence to crazy conspiracy theories casting blacks as a bunch of rocket scientists who’ve had their future stolen by a crafty malevolent white racist system.

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