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  1. The R-word is retard. And Jews hate being called retard almost as much as kyke. Mental retardation predominates Jew blood.That is why it is challenged as unacceptable language.You can’t reason with a Jew anymore than you can reason with a retard.

  2. Mizzz Lorenz has a psyko-bitch look about her, like Gov. Gretchen Wittmer. Our white trash neighbors had a vicious police dog named Gretchen.

  3. Tucker is controlled opposition for Gen Xer conservatives. He’s to them what Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are to conservative boomers.

    Until CIA applicant Tucker Carlson says the Fourteen Words, he just is another ZOG pressure release valve for the establishment.

    • @November

      Does anyone remember how Tucker Carlson first got famous? He was a hard core George W. Bush sycophant and, along with Ann Coulter, smeared the families of the 9/11 victims who demanded an investigation into the terrorist attacks that killed their husbands and wives and sons and daughters.

      Then he was himself smeared and slandered by Jon “Stewart” Liebowitz in an astonishing display of Jewish hatred for “WASPs.”

      Then he restarted his career by saying some “based” things about “political correctness” and then spoke at that “National Conservatism” conference put on by Zionist Jews to make sure that Trump’s new “Nationalist” coalition would still put Israel First.

      Tucker Carlson is a real scumbag. At least Ann Coulter now says the word “Jew” and wonders why Republican politicians suck up to Israel so much.

      Apparently Tucker Carlson is CIA, according to the podcasts.

      If Tucker Carlson were an actual dissident, he wouldn’t be on TV.

      • I’ve just rewatched that clip from Crossfire.

        I think I watched it at the time. The monkey thing wasn’t all that funny to be fair to Tucker, who actually held his own quite well considering Stewart’s Semitic malevolence. Crossfire was in fact a good show from the golden era of cable TV that gave Pat Buchanan an outlet.

        I recall another interaction where Stewart was providing CNN or network commentary along with Alan Simpson and Tucker was on there too. Simpson lectured Stewart about why he wasn’t funny because Stewart just made fun of other people. Ticker sat there a little bemused. I think Stewart was making fun of the 2000 convention panning in on every black at the convention “that’s every republican black” and Tucker said something to the effect that at least it wasn’t nothing. Then Alan Simpson launched into a bizarre lecture about how to do humour and warned Stewart he was not funny because he never mocked himself.

        Can you find this clip? I’ve searched n searched and can’t track it down. Definitely footage from the 2000 GOP election convention.

        Find the clip if you can. I think it might be of interest. This must have been right after he took over the show from Craig Kilburn.

        I miss crossfire. Shit, if a proper anti war firebrand had been there on the Show we might not have had the war in Iraq. Maybe Stewart saw the toys arguing in a dialectic format and saw it might give a populist right winger a voice.

        • In addition to Patrick J. Buchanan the late Bob Novak of Evans & Novak fame was another one of my favorites to watch. Yes, he was jewish but I liked his style.

      • Crossfire was really the Pat Buchanan “on a leash” Show though. After he left the intellectual heft vanished too.

        I really liked how Bengala allowed his cohost to get pummelled in that clip. Wow what stunning bravery.

        • I remember Tucker back in the day as a bow-tied twerp on CNN who used to enrage me with his neoconservative snark. Has he matured since then or just rebranded himself as a civnat populist?

          • Do you guys remember when Ariana Huffington was an occasional guest on Tje McLaughlan Group as a conservative? I can still remember her grating Greek accent.

            Tucker too would occasionally sit in on the panel, and he was about as conservative as Jack Kemp.

            The Pat Buchanan vs Jack Germond verbal exchanges were classic. Much better imho than snotty (CIA asset) William F. Buckley vs homosexual Gore Vidal on Firing Line.

      • @BannedHipster,

        Tucker’s father was CIA, and he applied to work for “The Company ” too, but it appears that the Agency had other plans for Carlson.

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