Jonathan Capehart Blasts Sen. Tim Scott Over “Woke Supremacy” Comment



Woke supremacy is real though.

There are also woke blacks, lib blacks, bugmen blacks or politically correct professional blacks like Don Lemon, Charles Blow, Jamelle Bouie, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Capehart. This is a real thing. There is something about them that makes them different from other blacks. They are more like White PMCs. Jonathan Capehart sounds and looks like a black version of Chris Hayes.

Note: Charles Blow essentially writes the same column over and over and over and over again about how he is black and offended. Ibram X. Kendi is the ultimate example of a woke black.

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  1. The “land of the free and the home of the brave” is the biggest lie in the national anthem. It should be the land of the ultrasensitive and home of the weak. A society can not go on like this without it breaking down. We are seeing the end times of an empire.

    • 700,000 White men died for nothing. Abe got his Empire and blacks are now presented as society’s most precious, valuable people.

  2. Woke Supremacy? It’s black Supremacy.Plain and simple. This is what is destroying the nation. blacks have no idea how to govern and have no business doing so. We are South Africa now. The nation has been dumbed down to the level of ghetto trash blacks so they can “feel” good.

    • And plenty of whites go along with it. They are concerned about “racism”. It won’t be long until anyone who has the finances to leave the US…will. It won’t be about the US anymore, it will be about survival.

  3. I tell ya what was worth it. Watching the best professional golfers in the world (privileged white guys) competing in the Deep South. Priceless!

  4. @ ” woke “, nothing could be further from the truth, possibly.the most self deluded people since the khmers rouges and possibly just as dangerous, we shouldn’t underestimate these power hungry goons.

  5. Jonathan Capehart is married to a white guy. Look beyond the black face, the Irish and the queers are the trusted allies of the Jews. Don Lemon is queer too. Blow can out as bi-sexual in 2014. I am telling, Jews do not trust straight black men or straight Hispanic men or non-Irish straight white guys. It is a fact.

  6. In the 1960s, Malcolm X and The Nation of Islam, in general, worked with Klan and the Nazis in vain to thwart The Civil Rights agenda of Martin Luther King.


    Because, as Malcolm said : ‘Liberal White Supremacists represent the greatest danger for The American Negro.

    Nearly 60 years later, and with The Negro Community in ashes and ruins, can anyone doubt the accuracy of that view?

    I can’t.

    I remember that, as a child at the end of The Jim Crow period, Negroes in Raleigh had it all going on – blocks and blocks of successful Black businesses, purveying to a Black clientele.

    At that time blacks did everything for themselves – from grow food to running pharmacies, clothing stores, pawn-shoppes, grocery stores, shoe stores, insurance agencies, and barbershoppes, just to mention a few things.

    Nowadays, it’s all been destroyed.

    In downtown, last I checked, Raleigh only 2 Black Barber shoppes remain.

    Today, the only booming Black businesses are drug-dealing and bailbondsmen.

    Today, it is a rare Negro child that is welcomed to this world by his parents, he, instead, reared by his granny.

    Today, Black neighbourhoods are oft a dangerous cesspool, of which you bes’ steer clear.

    60 years ago, it was the polar opposite down South way- The Negro was a solid family man, church-going, law-abiding, and at home with his wife and children. He could live in his neighbourhoods and you could visit them, if you wished, and none was in peril.

    This is Liberal White Supremacy in a nutshell, and The Nation of Islam was, and, indeed, IS right.

    In the end, however, the fault belongs to The White Southerner, for we allowed enemies to come into our land and tell us how to be.

    When I think of how much damaged has been done by our refusal to confront New England Yankeedom and Jewry, I have to divert my attention, so as not to get sick..

  7. Re: “confront New England Yankeedom”:

    Absurd. Your problems are homegrown. The contradictions of the 1950s Black Capitalism that you admire and extoll – “Negroes in Raleigh had it all going on – blocks and blocks of successful Black businesses, purveying to a Black clientele” – were bound to reach the same outcome even in total isolation from the rest of the world.

    “Take a walk around Ougadougou and make a list of mansiions that you see, you will note that they belong to just a minority. How many of you who have come to Ougadougou have had to move because you have been thrown out of the house you have rented? Let those who own houses and land start to tremble….”

    Thomas Sankara

    • @Anonymous…

      I have told the truth, and, quite naturally, you would not wish to deal with what the otherwise idyllic region of New England has inflected on this country, something which, ironically, the rural New England folks I know reiterate in no uncertain terms.

      The Southern Black Community was, as a whole,independent in Southern Jim Crow, upright, upstanding, god-fearing, family-oriented and constructive.

      Now, thanks to those who, like you, advance their theories over reality, a very large part of it is not.

      The Black Community sank into trouble in the decades following ‘Civil Rights’, and not only are they still NOT contented with what they’ve got, they’ve lost most of the former qualities which one could respect.

      Yet, I do not worry about tossing that your way, because I know that, coming from where you are at, you got what the South ought be all worked out.

      As to Sankar’s Marxist class warfare, it won’t work down Dixie way – not then, not now, not ever.

  8. In their community “fool” is about the worse insult and is considered a fighting word. Every shooting you read about involves the word “fool” or “bitch.”

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