Poll: Joe’s Immigration Achilles Heel

As I was saying, the good will and points that Joe is scoring on handling COVID and delivering the $1,400 stimmy and child tax credit will be given back on the way that he is handling immigration. It will also be given back on political correctness/wokeness and cancel culture.

CBS News:

Joe’s true level of approval isn’t this high.

It looks like there is some discomfort with Joe’s immigration policy among blacks who voted for him. He wins them back though on other issues. 90% of Trump voters disapprove of Joe on immigration.

Note: In poll after poll, we see Independents DON’T like open borders. They also DON’T like the True Cons economic agenda or the way Trump made a fool of himself handling COVID.

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  1. 60% isn’t unbelievable. That’s basically his voters + some centrists who are okay with the job he’s doing so far

  2. “”… 90% of Trump voters disapprove of Joe on immigration….””

    100% of sheep’s hate butcher.

    But there is nothing sheep’s can do. And butcher knows that. Power is enforcing your will not about numbers. Stalin was one man who killed millions of his enemies and forced the rest into submission.

    This is the eternal problem with “””…we will fight back…””” folk..

    Soros, AOC and the rest of communists do not care about guns and ammo. They just want to win.

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