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  1. Communists need the domestic enemy and if there are not, they invent one. Current hysteria is just preparation wide repressions like it always had.

    Now is the question, will mass repression hit the elite or ordinary people ?

    If Trump plan works and there will be infighting, then it is good. But when Trump plan does not work and commies go after white ordinary people, there happens that same thing what we had in 1917.

    • Ordinary people ARE suppressed. We are not allowed to have an opinion. We have no one in government representing us. We are pushed aside and not hired for jobs we are qualified for. We are heavily taxed to support everyone else but us. We are discriminated against openly.

  2. Our only hope as a nation (racially) is to “go back” to “Jim Crow” or a similar apartheid system. and even that would likely prove to be insufficient. Multi-cultural (multi-racial) populism is only suicide with an intellectual veneer and a “$1,400” check.

  3. Stacy Abrams is but one of many in The Democrat Party who is a case in point why this country cannot stay together.

    With these people there is an endless grievance, and the only way the ‘grievance’ can be ‘made right’ is by White Folks, particulally White Southerners, handing over what little is left of The Original America.

    She (they) have absolutely zero respect for what I term Confederate America, the idea that Local Areas will be controlled by Local People.

    She (they) are Federalism addicts, and the ultimate destiny of Federalism fully realized is total central government control – the absolute antithesis to what The Founding Fathers designed, and, in my view, it’s inspiration.

    America was established as an antithesis to the stuff that was, and indeed, still is going on in Europe.

    Europeans, yes, but, Europe, no – we don’t want Europe here.

  4. a real thug on the make.

    pretty sure georgians will be sick of her by 2023 if not now.

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