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  1. Import the third world, become the third world.

    You can’t get first world outcomes with a third world population.

    America is making the transition to third world.

    America will become Brazil without the fun.

    • Import the third world, become the third world.

      And yet, the ‘wokeness’ that is paralyzing America – and by extension the rest of the west – was a homegrown, not a third world, innovation.

  2. Bill Maher. Used to watch him a lot. Still makes great points (some shit points but still). Much more than the retarded Brit Oliver or Steven Colbert.

    The Right has a huge problem with pride, which leads to hubris, which leads to downfall. Especially Nationalists or “American Nationalists” who have a tendency to always see America as “the best.” China is rising.

  3. It is not us who are losing, it is the Jews and Jewish ways. The Jews are cursed by the hand of God and too blind and too stupid to see it for themselves. Sit back and enjoy the show. You are about to witness the awesome power of God almighty.

    • Wrong again, Browning. Whitey is clearly losing to the jews and Orientals. And we are in no position to “sit back and enjoy the show”. That’s “Q” anon level bullshit for boomers. And what makes you think some kind of divine intervention is imminent? Does the Lord personally confide in you?

      Guards, remove this half-wit from my sight!

    • Kinda hard to say the Jews are losing when they’ve been effectively destroying White Western Civilization for almost 100 years now. Genociding Whites with ethnic cleansing, promoting all forms of degeneracy, profiting off of it all. I’ll believe Jews are starting to lose when their gay multiracial revolution comes back home to them and takes a firm hold in Israel; “Anti-racist Hitler” style. But I do agree with the sentiment about the “hand of God”. This planet is in dire need of a divine intervention.

    • If there is a “god”, it has pretty much proved it doesn’t care what happens on this planet. Maybe it is a sadist and is having a good laugh at all this.

  4. (I think you’ll like this Bill Maher segment, Hunter. It’s more milquetoast but hey… it gets into sort of the reactionary antiracist colorblind rhetoric. But, it is illuminating to see the ebb and flow of the conversation. You can sense the sense of hopelessness and white grievance of people trying to appeal to an earlier colorblind ideal they were taught being attacked by a more radical militant extreme variant of antiracism that seeks to dismantle intrinsic bias that whites hold at a young age to dismantle white supremacy [of the future as the children grow up]. You can even make another article of it).

    • Sending your kids to “elite” private schools in Jew York Shitty is tantamount to child abuse. Bring back the one room schoolhouse. Most kids should be out of school and either working or in an apprenticeship after the sixth grade anyway.

  5. Why would the Chinks want to become a world power if it means eventually winding up like Britain and the USA? They both ruled the world at one time and look how that turned out for them. No doubt the Orientals are much better students of history than us Occidentals are, but they too will eventually become soft, stupid and decadent victims of their own success.

  6. It all comes down to usurper kikes & their deathgrip on the institutions created by our forefathers: they used that power to mind-fuck generations of niggers & pale-pelted botches into perpetually bitching tools of destruction.

    They must be ended.

  7. Bill Maher is a walking talking Jewish hypocrite stereotype. He’s totally against racism, except for Jews. He hates nationalism, except he’s a “big supporter of Israel.”

    His is the most politically correct show on TV, which is why they called it “Politically Incorrect” – they are the gatekeepers, the “far edge” you are not allowed to cross.

    20 years ago he and his show were quite effective at setting the bounds of debate – that era is over due to the Internet. Now Bill Maher has a few Youtube videos they try to make “viral” because he said “liberals are going too far! Don’t cancel me for this joke!”

    Who cares? No one listens to him, he doesn’t matter anymore and he was always just a comedian and not a particularly funny one either. He’s no Larry David. He’s a little bit funnier than Sarah Silverman and a little less funny than Amy Schumer.

    • I think even the jews have to be careful what they say about touchy issues like race and Zionism. Tribal unity is important but you know the old saying: Shekels talk, bullshit walks.

  8. Working class “Americans” (not a people, just the inhabitants of the U.S. Empire’s base territory) are indeed silly not to embrace socialism but instead cling to the Masters who keep us in chains.

    Here is an article explaining that the January 6th Capitol Hill “Stop the Steal” demonstration was also an ANTI-Communism demonstration: https://www.qiaocollective.com/en/articles/fascism-imperialism-capitol-hill “(F)lags representing the former South Vietnam, India, Japan, pre-revolution Cuba, and Hong Kong and Tibetan independence, among others, were all spotted in various footage of the chaos (…) the flags from U.S. client states, overthrown monarchies, and anti-communist bastions conveys a different truth: the Capitol ‘insurrection’ marks not the importation of some decontextualized trope of Third World instability, but the return (chickens coming home to roost) of the very tactics the U.S. empire has used to obstruct elections, seed color revolutions, and depose left-leaning political leaders across the world (…) In footage livestreamed just before Trump supporters took the U.S. Capitol building, Jake Angeli the ‘Q Anon shaman’ (…) offered a call for action: ‘“To the people of Venezuela: know you can take your country back too. We are setting the example…you can put an end to communism and globalism. You, too can take back your nation from this evil. You can win your country back!’ (…) (T)hat the interests of far-right insurrectionists and the status quo power elite coalesce around support for anti-communist regime change speaks to imperialism’s thorough monopoly on the spectrum of political possibility in the U.S. landscape. Liberal media has clung to a comical obtuseness about the internationalist identifications of the Trump rioters, refusing to read the appearance of South Vietnamese, Hong Kong independence, and Batistan Cuban flags as a convergence of U.S. imperialism abroad and white supremacy at home. Quartz, for instance, mused that ‘it’s unclear why many of these flags appeared.’ But it is no surprise that the flags of U.S. client states, anti-communist regimes, and pre-revolution puppet states accompanied the sea of MAGA hats and Confederate flags at the Trump riots….”

  9. Maher says the problem is that the U.S. just hasn’t been “getting things done” like China does. Not building ANY high-speed rail lines, not being able to build extremely tall skyscrapers in just 19 days like China does, et cetera. But in fact the real problem is something entirely different.

    • I don’t know if high-speed mag-lev trains are what America needs. They are probably a great idea in China but we have a different culture, one that’s based on love of personal transportation. And have you seen the NYC skyline recently? It looks really futuristic. The old Chrysler, Empire State and PAN-AM buildings no longer dominate the way they used to.

      • China’s population distribution and geography are different from America’s as well, even though both countries are roughly the same size. So a high speed train would help open up access to China’s remote, landlocked western frontier. We have no such areas that need to be accessed.

        • I agree. As I said in my comment above, “the real problem is something else,” NOT what Maher says (“not getting things done like China does”) – the real problem is that the U.S. is the seat of capitalism, and not even a nation, just a big business scheme. As President Coolidge said “The business of America is business.”

          • Piss off commie idiot. That’s one of America’s few remaining bright spots, not it’s “real problem.” It’s a lesson the Chinese learned well. It’s only when they dumped the commie economics swill that they were able to challenge America.

  10. If the heat ever gets too hot for Maher, he can always make an Aliyah to Israel with the rest of his nation wrecking cohorts to escape it.

  11. The great success of recent communist movies and TV series https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1218575.shtml with younger generations in China proves that they are just as enthusiastic about communism as earlier generations were, especially since they have seen it stop and then eradicate the coronavirus in China that the U.S. and other capitalist countries are helpless against: “The success of these patriotic dramas showed young generations’ admiration for the Party, especially after they witnessed China’s tackling of the COVID-19 epidemic (…) Moreover, unlike the previous patriotic Chinese movies that were huge box office hits attracting young audiences with designated cinemas and popular idols as red avatars, today’s popular dramas win praise with their subtle production and vivid storytelling….”

    • @anonymous CCP/PLA troll,

      Fascism would have kept the coronavirus that escaped from your bio weapons lab in Wuhan out of their nations better than China, USSR, North Korea, or Cuba.

      For every non-white pathogen be it political or microbiological, ethnocentric fascism is the cure.

  12. Re: “ethnocentric fascism is the cure”:

    Fascism/state corporatism is not ethno-centricity. It is Elite-centered, not People-centered! Ethno-national socialism is the cure for “ethnocentric” fascism or any other kind of oligarchy.

    Re: “escaped from your bio weapons lab in Wuhan”:

    If it is a bioweapon, not a naturally-evolved disease (I think it is natural) then isn’t it far more likely to have escaped or been deliberately deployed from the U.S. bioweapon program? Appearing in Wuhan in conjunction with the U.S. delegation to the World Military Games in October 2019 (including the very floors of the Wuhan hotel where they were staying) and also present in some U.S. cities (viral RNA present in samples of urban sewage taken in late 2019) leads one to believe that it could even have escaped from Fort Detrick (Maryland) which was closed in 2019 due to unspecified breaches of bio-containment security, in conjunction with outbreaks of strange maladies such as the 2019-2020 chronic coughing disease and the new “vaping pneumonia.”

    If China says they never had SARS CoV-2 in any of their research labs, and the CIA propaganda that is pushed by Fox News says (implies that) they did, I believe China.

  13. “Wokeness” is just middle class white liberals trying to keep themselves at the top of a collapsing US empire. They use political correctness as a weapon to evict their betters from the last remaining good paying jobs. If America is going third world, they want to live inside the walls that still have plumbing and electricity!

    More evidence a browning America is fast going down the shitter. They are forgetting how to make important things:


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