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  1. After the surge that gets them into office, most presidents seem to suffer a lapse in the first couple of years afterward.

    That said, I am not sure that Biden ever made it to office on actual voter approval, but, rather, was a GMO-modified product right from the get-go.

  2. The beaners don’t care about their kids, they use ’em like pack animals. But they know the gringos are soft-hearted and soft-headed, so they won’t turn those little monsters away at the border.

  3. I can’t wait to see my comments posted here in 7 to 10 days. Sam Morse’s telegraph was a faster mode of communication.

  4. Did you know Andrew “Kung Pao” Yang is running for mayor of NYC, HW? Needless to say he doesn’t have a chinaman’s chance of winning, it’s basically just a publicity stunt. Bill Buckley did the same thing in 1965.

  5. When can we look forward to a debate between Castizo Nick and HW? I would buy tickets to witness that event!

  6. Civilization collapse is occurring in the US as we write……I watched Tucker last night…the news story about the Grammys…I just read Paul Kersey’s newest post about the Woke US MILITARY….The US Military has become a TORTURE CHAMBER for White members of the US MILITARY……

    No one should have any doubt that they want to put OUR PEOPLE ON PLANTATIONS AS WHITE CHATTEL SLAVES….within the next year someone in the MSM will start dropping hints about this….

    The Russian Military is going to annihilate the US backed Ukrainian Army in a three day killing spree….it will be an awesome terrifying display of what the Russian Military can do….White Americans will take notice….Lots of Iskander missiles…block busters…..

  7. I vote Richard Wolff for POTUS. This guy is like an old time Gospel preacher or Old Testament Prophet thundering a sermon of righteous common sense. I agree with him and his hosts. (Why doesn’t anyone in Washington talk like this? Because they are afraid of their pay-masters?)

    There is a huge double standard in giving tax money to the rich vs the poor. The rich are never asked if they deserve it or need it. It is almost akin to the “divine right of kings.” ( i.e., Bill Gates deserves it and “needs” it because he is Bill Gates. ) This nation is a Plutocracy plain and simple.

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