FOX News Is Trying To Win Back The Red Dogs

This appears to be the strategy.

I don’t think it is a bad strategy in light of what Joe is doing. FOX News is trying to appeal to Trumpists with political correctness/wokeness and immigration and Red Dogs with fiscal conservatism. There is enough there for both of these factions to be pissed off with the Biden administration. As I have pointed out, it was the way Obama pushed comprehensive immigration reform and handled the 2014 migrant crisis that set in motion the whole chain of events that led to Trump in the first place.

The political calculation seems to be that the populists won’t hold it against Republican politicians that they unanimously voted against Joe’s COVID relief package. After all, we are getting the $1,400 and the new child tax credit anyway and populists still have a dim view of the Democrats for a host of cultural reasons. Meanwhile, Joe’s new message that he is going to start taxing and spending like LBJ now and that it is a new era in the Democratic Party is the last thing Red Dogs wanted to hear.

I always thought the Never Trumpers had an irrational view of Trump. He spent four years pushing their agenda: appointing libertarian judges, pushing deregulation and spending his political capital on their unpopular priorities of repealing Obamacare and passing the tax cuts. It was a maddening, vexing, demoralizing and disappointing four years for us. In the end, they still voted against him.

Bill Kristol wants to work with Joe Biden now. Have they given any thought about what that means for them beyond virtue signaling about their distaste for Trump?

Note: I think it is hilarious that Joe is raising their taxes. The Red Dogs jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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  1. Re: “This appears to be the strategy (…) I don’t think it is a bad strategy in light of what Joe is doing. FOX News is trying to appeal to Trumpists with political correctness/wokeness and immigration and Red Dogs with fiscal conservatism”:

    You write of Fox News as if it is some anti-establishment force that has a “strategy.” But in reality it is just another imperial propaganda organ pumping out propaganda to its target audience. Faux News has no strategy but it is strategic – strategic for the establishment!

  2. Sean Hannity wants to wage war against CHRISTIAN RUSSIA on behalf of the (((THE JEWS)))

    As Jessie Ventura stated in a YouTube Video:”‘SEAN HANNITY IS A CHICKENHAWK WAR HAWK….”

  3. I’ve never had cable, and don’t care what anybody on fox says. Whatever concensus they manage to form between these two pretend categories of people, most of them are gonna be boomers, who have comprised the bulk of fox’s viewership for years.

    Boomers are a fading but dominant group that needs marginalized before Whites can be free to pursue their interests openly and as such.

    The best way to do that is to stop engaging with boomer media, or drawing attention to it.

    Our issues as an ethnicity originate with the boomers. Focus on what matters to genx and to a lesser extent millenials. I’m about as old as a millenial can get, anybody much younger than me and you are going head to head with the daily stormer for views. Anglin has the nack for clickbait that appeals to kids, and panders directly to them and their kinks.

    Pretty much all media is a waste of time as it is.

    • Normie zoomers don’t go on Wanglin’s site. He is becoming irrelevant anyway. Edgelords under 30 seem to follow Fuentes and the Groyper movement

  4. Fuck those money-worshiping scum. It’s high time for them to be forced to open their Holy Wallets to uplift the precious “African-Americans” & “Latinx” wetbacks they vastly & showily prefer to us Racist White Trash.

    Go, Joe, GO!

    • @Mark Saint…

      Yep, I’ll pass, too.

      With their election night shenanigans, Fox permanently lost this 25 year viewer.

      Like you, I eagerly await Mr. Griffin’s expansion, and meanwhile, in addition to regularly coming here, will favour NTD & RT- for regularly televised national news, and blogs that range from The Blaze and Breitbart to daily video blogs, such as The Duran, Niko House, Max Keiser, Church Militant, Jamarl Thomas, Tim Pool, Michael Lewis, One America Network, Roman Balmakov, The Humanist Report, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Father Spyridon, Complicit Clergy, InfoWars, Chris Plante, Styxenhammer, H.A. Goodman, TFlGlobal, Lifesite News, Jimmy Dore, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Doug Tennapel, The Status Coup, and my favourite, Dr. Steve Turley.

      All the best to you and yours, down yonder way!

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