My Top Five Issues

I’ve spent the last two months analyzing polls.

After taking a long break from politics, my interest in the subject returned with a vengeance when Donald Trump exited the White House. I’ve spent the last two months trying to grasp the contours of the post-Trump political landscape which appears to have shifted in a number of positive ways.

In 2016, I said on this blog that my top five issues were immigration, political correctness, globalization, foreign policy and campaign finance. I said in interviews with the media that I had concerns about Donald Trump when he was a candidate. I was concerned about his tax plan. In the final event, I took the plunge and strongly backed Trump in 2016 and voted for him in both the primary and the general election.

As soon as Trump became president, I began souring on him. It began during the transition when Jared Kushner started to become more prominent. The fact that he named Gary Cohn as his Chief Economic Adviser was a major disappointment. The Alt-Right was thrown under the bus during the transition and Trump embraced Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and agreed to push their agenda on health care and tax cuts. I was extremely critical of these early moves and only became more so over time. Then came the Syria Strike in April 2017 which was the turning point which confirmed that we had just been duped again.

What are my top five issues in 2021?

If I was forced to prioritize my issues, immigration and political correctness/wokeness would still be my top two issues. The first because Trump never found a permanent legislative solution to the problem and resorted to executive orders which were predictably reversed by Biden. The second because the cultural atmosphere of the country has the greatest negative impact on people like me who are outspoken in defense of White people in light of all the malicious attacks from the media. My third biggest concern is Big Tech censorship which has also had the greatest negative impact on people like me who have been hounded off the internet. My fourth greatest priority is still globalization and the way it has gutted our economy and enriched the oligarchy that rules us. My fifth priority is also still campaign finance and the ability of wealthy donors to corrupt our political system with campaign contributions and PACs.

Does any of this mean the GOP is the solution to these problems? This is where I part ways with the populist Right. I was deeply skeptical of Donald Trump in light of previous experience with conservatives who have a track record of exploiting these issues to get elected and turning around and governing on behalf of the interests of wealthy donors. I’m far more educated than the typical working class populist voter who shares these grievances. I consume more political information on a daily basis. I never tuned out of politics and paid attention literally every single day to what was going on in Washington.

If the GOP can convince someone like me that they understand these issues and have a plan to seriously address them and that they are not just trying to pull a fast one on the rubes again, they can convince almost anyone. I’m far from being persuaded though that we are seeing anything but political theater. I want to see real solutions to these problems and the political will to solve them.

Note: It goes without saying that blocking this garbage that Pelosi is about to try to push through the House is the first step. I’m not convinced that the Democrats ought to retain control of Congress in 2022. Then again, I am not convinced that the status quo is all that bad for us either.

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  1. The top issue has to be chipping away at this:

    Who are the Biggest Donors?

    If the root cause isn’t addressed — laissez-faire economics — then we’re wasting time on everything else. Freedom means giving obscenely rich people, many of them our greatest allies, a veto over public opinion while using their own organizations to shape it.

  2. I go back and forth between thinking that things could change and thinking that it’s hopeless, the political class is too far gone, I believe much of America is so screwed up that it’s impossible to logically deal with it.

    At the Grammies they had models simulating lesbian sex on stage, what kind of people think this is fine but object to Mister Potato Head?

    • The ratings for that shitshow must have been miniscule. Winning a Grammy used to mean something. It’s good to know most people aren’t interested in watching that garbage. The hostile aliens who rule over us are soft and effete, they could be easily removed if we had half the chance to organize against them. And they know it.

  3. I go back and forth between thinking that things could be reformed, and believing that it’s hopeless, the political class is too far gone, actually I believe much of American society is so screwed up that there’s no way to fix it.

  4. The second amendment is always my first priority ahead of the first amendment.

    Immigration, censorship/woke culture, corruption/globalism. All five of your points regard the integrity of the first amendment in terms of freedom of speech and free association, implicit in which is the freedom to not associate with who we choose as well as our right to determine the composition/integrity of the body politic (sans brown flood and foreign money)

    The second amendment is the closest thing to a guarantee we have of an ability to ensure the integrity of the first.

    This might sound like fed posting, but its also well understood as the intention of the framers of the bill of rights, in the context in which it was written.

    I’m assuming this is yet one more thing I dont see eye to eye with the dissident right on, as 2A is basically not discussed and never has been. I’ve heard more discussion of holocaust revision and autistic quackery like prussian blue etc.. This to me is a sign that most of the dissident right talking heads aren’t rural working class/ex military (or from historically military families), as the only people that don’t have a gun culture as an aspect of their identity (even blacks and hispanics have a degenerate gun fancy as part of their tribal/gang culture) are urban neets and non-white immigrants from asia.

    This isn’t confidence inspiring, as it more or less ensures that beyond propaganda, there’s no conviction for preservation of our ethnicity to draw on for solidarity when the boot presses our neck. Not surprising the tendency of our “intellectuals” to be duplicitous and fractious. They never intend to end up in a fox hole, so why should they care about the tools of those who inevitably will be.

    Intellectuals have never won a war. I’m concerned that we either are or will be in one very soon. Something has to break. January 6th was a sign of things to come. As was the rioting last year. Charlottesville was a great example of what happens when neets meet the real world.

    • Obviously, I am pro-Second Amendment, but I am not too worried about the issue. Not with a razor thin 50/50 Senate, a 6-3 Republican Supreme Court and it being part of the Bill of Rights. The lift required to overturn the Second Amendment just isn’t happening. Democrats don’t even have the power to raise the minimum wage

      • Rubio and Scott folded after Parkland. Eight more like Collins, Murkowski, etc. and it’s over. Roberts, Kavenaugh, and Barrett are spineless. I’m worried!

        Not to mention the two anti 2A bills just passed the house and now waiting for a senate vote and right on cue….white guy sex addict takes out 8 Asians. How convenient!

    • “The second amendment is always my first priority ahead of the first amendment.”

      I totally agree – The 2nd Amendment dwarfs all other amendments in importance, this owing to it’s implications about the inherent sovereign right of the citizenry to resist systemic tyranny.

  5. Political correctness, more like Semitical correctness, am I rite?

    Plenty of people are sick of left wing BS, however there has been a failure to establish an alternative, non-politically correct set of norms, that people could coalesce around.

    Why? In part because the GOP and their donors also enforce a form of political correctness. It is slightly different from left wing political correctness but ultimately shares many of the same rules. Most notably it places discussion of race and the true nature of the American power structure off limits and it forbids Whites from acting or even speaking in their own self interest.

    It’s highly questionable to assume that “Trumpists” will defeat political correctness by winning elections and empowering the GOP. They already won an election and political correctness only got worse.

    More likely, the Trumpist vs Lib competition will continue on indefinitely, with neither side achieving conclusive victory, meanwhile Trumpists will never be free of political correctness, because they are focused on the libs, instead of on the people who are actually imposing political correctness upon them.

  6. Re: “immigration and political correctness/wokeness would still be my top two issues (…) My third biggest concern is Big Tech censorship which has also had the greatest negative impact on people like me who have been hounded off the internet. My fourth greatest priority is still globalization and the way it has gutted our economy and enriched the oligarchy that rules us. My fifth priority is also still campaign finance and the ability of wealthy donors to corrupt our political system”:

    My top five would be: Replacing private property ownership (beyond very basic personal items) including private business property with communal ownership; ending all private banking and insurance and other forms of usury; dismantling the imperialist hot war, cold war and mass incarceration industry; making food, water, housing, education and health care free for all people; and distributing millions of acres of “factory-farmed” farm land to the care of ordinary people.

    Make that seven top issues: (6) allowing direct democracy to choose representatives on the local level, and (7) one-party meritocracy dedicated to the care of the people on the national level.

    • Are you a communist or socialist? Don’t see you types around here very much. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. I think it’s interesting.

      Stick around. Maybe change from “anonymous” to an actual name.

  7. My issues are more than five:

    1) No more privately funded campaigns. Campaign ads are paid by the public like public service announcements are. This would be made available to any party/person running for office not just the duopoly.

    2) Abolition of internet censorship. Google and Amazon and Facebook and Youtube function as public utilities which cannot be denied to anyone.

    3) Abolition of hate crimes, stiffer penalties for REAL crimes which would include hate hoaxing and false or misleading reporting that incites civil unrest and violence. Hate hoaxers and lying journalists should face stiff penalties, like hard labor in a maximum security prison. Violent murderers would not be executed but be buried alive in super maxes 23 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

    5) Preservation of the second amendment. Everyone has the right to personal defense.

    6) Border security. The Democrats and Never Trumpers allegedly supported it until Trump ran on it in 2016. If stoop labor is that necessary, temporary worker visas for those vetted as non-criminals by Mexican and Latin American governments should be sufficient.

    7) Energy self-sufficiency. Finish the pipe-lines and build an infrastructure that will include charging stations for the electric cars of the future.

    8) Re-open the sanitariums that Reagan shut down. Pick up all the homeless drug addicts and lunatics and incarcerate them there.

    9) Universal healthcare including dental. The private insurance companies could still wet their beaks by operating as benefits managers. Any citizen who already has insurance through their job could simply assign them as their benefit manager. It could be portable if they ended up being unemployed or left their job.

    10) An aggressive push to get as many companies as possible to let their workforce go remote to help promote the Green New Deal; i.e. less traffic on the road, less pollution, etc.

  8. You can tell how rich people have far different priorities than middle class people. The people who have enough money to not have to work are still talking about “universal healthcare”, and they don’t even understand that “the poor” ALREADY get it all free, they don’t pay a copay, nothing.

  9. Introspection is good. Do more of it.

    Too bad the environment isn’t the highest thing for you.

    Here’s mine (besides the less reasonable things that would change like authoritarianism and rejection democracy and institutional control at varying levels to enact these changes and deal with type of government than actual policies that is listed). Each of these could be multiple pages. Just a quick synopsis:

    1) First, divine transcendent purpose to orient us to the stars. Cultural and and social revolution. Everything beneath falls from this. Including statues and architectural that embody this to be built to serve as an inspiration and help encourage rebirth- everything comes from within. The nihilism and hedonism and culture of despair must be eradicated.

    2) Second, environment. For without it, we die. Green corps for those out of work that plant trees and clean up trash, graffiti, etc, construction of statues, architecture, etc (a cleansing). A decent living and a sense of purpose provided by the State. When society is clean it reinvigorates the population spiritually to conceive higher things that are possible (and elevates the Nation). As well as seizure of the car industry to electric cars, etc.

    3) Third, is healthcare. We must create a healthier society. A healthier society must be forged from will, not just a reactionary egalitarian healthcare that socialists want. Which deals on a multiple of levels from migration, genetics (eugenics, etc), all the way to getting rid of fast food and encouraging out door activities and exercise.

    4) Fourth, the abusive minorities and militant white anti-majority pro-minority abusive types need to be crushed. While stupid racists and xenophobes can be problematic, they’re a far-cry from the former, and do not get on my nerves as much as the other faction does.

    5) Fifth, International Capitalism/Globalism and its decaying influence (I could go on but I’ll keep it short) as well as the destruction it wrought. Nationalization of multiple industries. At the very least a semi-command economy. The economy should serve man. Man shouldn’t serve the economy.

    • Guess 1) isn’t a policy. But I don’t know how the other stuff is possible without both societal and individual rebirth.

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