The Trump Bump Is Over

Poor Don Lemon.

He has a new book out about “racism.” No one is watching his show anymore though. Even with all of his competition banned from YouTube, you can’t force people to watch CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.


“Don Lemon, host of CNN’s Tonight with Don Lemon, has become a familiar voice of the day’s news. In his new book, This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism, Lemon weaves little-known moments in American history such as Louisiana’s 1811 German Coast Slave Uprising and its brutal suppression with his own life story, the Baton Rouge-born youngest and only son of a close-knit family family which urged him to push against the constraints on Black life. The book ends with predictions about the American future, a suggested reading list and what to watch homework. …

Why this book—a social commentary about racism—now?

I just didn’t want to write a book that was about Trump, [that] in some way capitalized on what he was doing. Every day in the news I was covering what he was doing and that was enough of a release for me to be able to get it off my chest.

But, there wasn’t enough of a release for the indignities that we saw George Floyd suffer on camera, and what we were finding out about the details of Breonna Taylor, and about what happened in Charlottesville [in 2017]. …”

If memory serves, we went to Charlottesville to support the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments in Lee Park and to oppose the Left’s war on American history.

Charlottesville had nothing to do with “racism.” We’ve been absolutely vindicated by subsequent events as the same insane people who opposed us in Charlottesville spent all of last summer rioting and canceling everything from the Washington Redskins to Aunt Jemima to neutering Mr. Potato Head and toppling statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and dragging them in the dirt.

Everyone in the entire country now understands why we hate the brats. They understand why we went to Charlottesville to defend the Lee and Jackson monuments and to oppose those people. They understand now that there are no limits to censorship and cancel culture – Donald Trump was the president of the United States, presumably the most powerful man on earth, and they canceled him too.

Maybe you didn’t get it before. But now you get it. Now you see why we HATE them. If you are honest with yourself, you probably HATE them too for your own entirely legitimate reasons.

It is not about race.

It is about our total rejection of people who have this mindset. Wokeness is a sick and twisted worldview and the people who are most infected with it are the spoiled and pampered offspring of upper middle class White professionals. Just as the brats hate themselves for being White, we boast of not sharing their religion. White identity is something that should be celebrated as a positive good.

Don Lemon is the real victim here. There is a disparate impact in the hit that he has taken in his ratings since Joe Biden became president. It is because he is black.

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  1. Hunter contradicts himself. You say the woke crowd are the white middle class, but the white middle class lives in the suburbs and are independents and moderates. Antifa’s mostly poor and uneducated people, not middle class professionals.
    You say in other posts the woke crowd are the white upper class neoliberals but isn’t neoliberalism antithetical to wokeness? Make up your mind.

    • Who is the woke crowd?

      1.) It is White upper middle class, college educated professionals who live in wealthy suburbs. Specifically, it gets worse the further you go up the education latter with post-grads being the worst. That’s the CNN and MSNBC audience.

      2.) Is everyone in this demographic woke? Obviously not. Is the problem concentrated in this demographic? Yes.

      3.) Independent and Moderate means a variety of different things. The True Cons think of themselves as moderates for being social liberals. There are a variety of different people in these two categories. Most blacks and Hispanics are moderates or conservatives.

      4.) Antifa are people who are living a bohemian lifestyle. They are overwhelmingly middle class brats in their background. I spent like six months last year exploring the roots of modernism.

      5.) Is neoliberalism antithetical to wokeness? Not even close. Go read Axios. Wokeness is thriving in Corporate America and is imposed from the top down. It is strongly related to class.

  2. “”…Wokeness is a sick and twisted worldview…..”””

    Real science tells us that this is genetical. Those people have different brain structure as they always had. Medieval witch burning happened when Jews, public education, TV and all other popular bad asses were far and away.

    They btw know it too

    Because of that, normal people can never live with those sick people. They never quit like serial killers or pedophiles. Physical separation is needed. They never leave us alone.

    • Also because of the gay mafia. You’ll notice a lot of the high profile woke blacks like Don Lemon or Jonathan Capehart are homos.

  3. Whence comes the term “woke”? There is nothing woke about those immature, obnoxious assholes on the Left.

    I’m currently doing a grand tour of Dixie, HW. Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia… The South has a look and feel about it that is distinct from the North. I almost feel as if I am in a different country, namely the Confederate States of America. It should be separate from the Union, HW! Why aren’t you advocating Southern independence?

  4. I do not know any “woke” people of any race or income status. I do not watch Lemon and I won’t read his book. This is the same as it’s always been.

    This woke thing may be blown a little out of proportion. Gets a lot of attention, but they seem to be a relatively small, wealthy group. They probably vote for republicans for top 1% the tax cuts, but play woke on TV and Twitter. They may even believe what they say.

    We’ve been tired of Trump for almost 4 years now and I voted for him in 2016. I would imagine the left is sick of politics too and all cable shows will drop in ratings.

    Meanwhile, our neighbors have 5 children, 2 in college.

    Their tax refund, which was almost 10K showed up Friday and $9800. will be deposited in their account tomorrow. We are too polite to ask what they plan to do with that 20K. Republicans are trying to save the repeal of the estate tax. I do not care what they say or do at this point.

    Of course they’ve gone back to “border crisis” and whatnot in less than 60 days. It’s the playbook. We saw the same thing before the 2018 midterms. They lost, and then the never ending caravans went poof, apparently. Why did the coverage stop?

    What in the ham sandwich did republicans do for the last 4 years other than pass a tax cut for the rich and kiss Trumps ass? Nah, not falling for it again.

  5. Calling the scum “brats” is bad rhetoric: it conjures up images of naughty li’l scamps getting their hair touseled after pulling harmless pranks. The commies should at the very least be called “punks” – and their goddam heads need something more than touseling.

  6. The only thing Don Lemon knows how to do is whine like an angry child and spit in the face of White Southerners by calling anyone who isn’t ashamed of their Southern heritage “racist.”

  7. Sometimes, I wonder why people watch this stuff. It’s not news, it’s commentary, and it’s incendiary talk. It’s meant to piss off everyone who works hard or has earned anything.
    I really chose to ignore them.

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