Karl Rove: People Don’t Even WANT $1,400 Checks!


Who supports $1,400 checks?

We know exactly who the Republicans are who support the $1,400 checks. It is the “Right Populists.” The people who are opposed to it the strongest are the Never Trump True Cons or Free Marketeers and to a somewhat lesser degree what used to be the old Republican base before Trump.

The GOP is split about 60/40 on economics. This is why I continue to stress that it is close to a tipping point. If more former Democratic and Independent working class voters continue to become Republicans (an entirely plausible and even likely scenario), it could tip the scales. Sure, the Republicans are luring more working class voters with culture war rhetoric, but those voters haven’t changed their minds on economics. What’s more, the affluent, college educated suburban Republican who is a True Con fiscal conservative with modernist and cosmopolitan values are the disaffected wing of the party.

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    • These kinds of rich people can pay millions for medical care to keep them alive. Someone like Rove gets sophisticated tests to detect early signs of heart disease several times a year. Any problems can be corrected by expensive surgeries. Think Dick Cheney. He would have been dead in the 90’s without millions in medical treatment. This kind of extensive medical care is not available to non-wealthy people.

  1. Dear Mr. Rove, one of the things I sincerely regret is living in a country with a government and parties that are complicit with a Corporate-Globalist structure to spend a year burning down the country – from monuments, cities, and the economy, (most especially what’s left of small business) to freedom of movement and a feeling of well-being – all this in order to get one presidential administration out of office.

    I regret that, and, as well, I regret that Republicans, like you, who ought be talking incessantly about this, are, instead, now carrying on about one of the few decent things that has come from the national government since the advent of the former election year.

  2. This is a more honest system than what we had before now. At least now we know that the government takes from us and can buy us off. I like that. I’m all in board for monthly or even weekly payments to the voters. The more the better before the whole system tanks. Ideally, we could cause massive inflation
    where I could pay my house off very quickly. That’s what I’m hoping for. How about yall?

    • How right you are. Big inflation is already baked into the system now and not because of these $1,400 checks either. The Republicans are always shocked, shocked by reckless government spending and concerned about deficits when Democrats are in power. It’s balls out crony capitalist government spending for the benefit of people like Karl Rove and other good, “conservative” scumbags when horrible Republicans are in power though.

      The “conservatives” are the worst hypocrites out of the whole bunch in Washington.

    • Reparations to White people, for the incalculable physical and psychological abuse we have been subjected to over the past more than half-century since the start of WW2, would be good.

  3. Hey Rove, it’s OUR money, you fat, right-wing fag. I’m sure he had no problem spending several trillion $ fighting those wars for Israel, though.

    • “Patrick…

      For sure, Mr. Rove’s perverse sexual pecadillos are, by far, the LEAST disturbing thing about him.

  4. That scum has been a shill for the oligarchs his entire race traitor life. Thinks he’s a neo Mark Hanna siding with the (((Winners))) to lead the stupid White trash away from their interests & to the kosher slaugterhouse.

    But his day has passed. He’s just a soggy old sack o’ dog shit barking lies no one is listening to anymore.

  5. Some tru con was on AM560 yesterday morning moaning about how horrible the obamacare subsidies in the new stimulus bill are. People 60 or over are going to get huge subsidies if they aren’t rich and this guy has a problem with it. Must be an east coast think tank type taking for granted his huge paycheck. As if any working person can now afford health insurance which is MORE than rent for an apartment! Usually housing takes up at least half a paycheck for the average working stiff. Where do they think people get money to afford these scam health insurance plans? (raised in part by a corrupt arrangement for the pharmaceutical companies to prop up the media with endless pointless drug ads) I remember the mid 90s when Health Insurance cost on par with your power or cable bill but now it’s more than housing? This really is a crisis for flyover country and one of the reason fools switched to Biden. Yet his handlers care more about vanity issues for the privileged coastal elites like transvestitism and global warming.

  6. Karl Rove, speak for yourself! The only thing the Republicans have going for them is the Democrats, which is a pretty sad statement about electoral choices in this country. Loathe how the Republicans turn into deficit hawks any time AMERICAN citizens seem to benefit however little from various PORKULUS BILLS but are as quiet as mice when it comes to funding endless wars for Israel and foreign aid to Israel and Wall Street/Bank Bailouts.

    Shut up, Karl, you fat POS.

    At this point, IF I BOTHER AT ALL, I’m just going to vote Democrat right now. They’ll keep pushing their Anti-White rhetoric, but the Republicans have demonstrated that they won’t do anything more than dog-whistle to any sucker who votes for them, but conserve, defend or oppose NOTHING ANTIWHITE whatsoever.

    At least the Democrats will throw some money my way; the Republicans can’t be bothered, so to hell with them.

  7. 1. Stimulus checks are basically a tax cut for the middle class.

    Karl Rove only likes tax cuts which benefit only rich people.

    2. If stimulus checks bankrupt the US government, that would be a very positive development.

      • More than that.
        He’s an heir to the Swanson food fortune.
        I’d like to see the private trusts he has access to.

    • “1. Stimulus checks are basically a tax cut for the middle class.”

      Haha haha, just wait for your next tax bill.
      Plus, the inflation tax you’ll be paying.

      Stimulus cks are just chump change , to placate the simple public.

      Rove is a political clown.

  8. I don’t see how a 500 dollar check matters. If you have a job, don’t hold your breath. They really punish you for working.

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