Poll: “Extremism” Is A Wash

My takeaways:

  • The public is equally concerned about rightwing and leftwing extremism
  • Conservative and Moderate Democrats do not like leftwing extremism
  • Liberal Democrats with post-graduate degrees who are the CNN and MSNBC audience are more informed about QAnon than most Republican voters
  • As we have seen previously, the public has a more negative view of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer than the Capitol Siege. In the 2020 election, Trump was more successful in winning over Hillary voters than Biden was successful in winning over Trump voters and this was largely due to the riots which alienated “Latinx” and Asian conservatives

Pew Research Center:

Note: Why are leftwing extremists thriving on Big Tech social media platforms? How do they get away with banning the president of the United States and hundreds of thousands of his supporters because of “extremism”? It is because these platforms are controlled by Democrats, right?

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  1. **Why are leftwing extremists thriving on Big Tech social media platforms? How do they get away with banning the president of the United
    States and hundreds of thousands of his supporters because of “extremism”?**

    Blompf had 4 years to do something about it and what did he do? He redefined MAGA as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple!

  2. He refused to stop the riots and looting and police station takeovers because it would cost them the black vote.

    • I don’t think he had control of the armed forces. He should have drone striked the BLM marches.

  3. ‘Extremism’ is a very deceptive word, the reason being that most people regard those who advocate for, even if in a completely above-board moral and legal manner, things they do not like as ‘Extremists’.

    Case in point, and the most obvious and hackneyed one at that, is that anyone who thinks the U.S. a White Gentile Country (with minorities) is regarded as ‘an Extremist’ by all those who consider it our manifest destiny and moral obligation to be in compliance with Miss Emma Lazarus, and, thus, serve as a neverending hotel for the refugees of the latest country that the U.S. Government has overthrown for profit.

    Oh, yes, and too : those of us, who are the actual descendants of those who founded and built this country, and who are not in favour of constantly adjusting every aspect of our culture to reflect the wishes and needs of the the latest wave of corporate-slave/electoral pawns brought over here, have that epithet, ‘Extremists’, plied to us, as well.

    Indeed, this has to be the only country in the history of Mankind that expects it’s citizenry to be a doormat for every other people and cause other than it’s own.

    So, for me, the word, ‘Extremist’ is something of a sore point.

  4. Pretty insane that People rate left-wing and right-wing extremism equally the same and Islamic and Christian extremism almost equally the same as a major problem. I understand this is probably social desirability bias but the fact is that the numbers are not comparable.

    For example Anders Breivik in his manifesto says he does not believe in Christianity, didn’t stop the media from calling him a Christian fundamentalist see these mainstream media stories, this took like 5 seconds of googling.





    When was the last Christian terror attack? I can’t remember.

  5. Re: “more likely (…) to say they know nothing at all”:

    Many really do know nothing about “QAnon” (I for one have completely ignored it) but nearly ALL inhabitants of the Imperial baseland know nothing at all about Imperialism, the most dangerous, real, violent “extremism” which is much more important than QAnon.

    Vanessa Beeley’s interview with the Yemeni ambassador, last year, concerning Imperialism the most dangerous, real, violent “extremism” that nearly all inhabitants of the imperial baseland know nothing about: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/exclusive-vanessa-beeley-interviews-yemeni-ambassador-damascus

    Vanessa again more recently, with more of the same vital information that the inhabitants of the Imperial baseland are shielded from and ignore and know nothing of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DSvMyRPRc4 (Pardon the appearance on a right-wing CT web blog that does pandemic denial but she has to appear somewhere.)

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